Fireball Spell


Technical information

Bowla Tomka
Hand Movement
Cup hands, and pull apart (Rarely one hand)
Conjures a ball of fire
Aggressive Spells, the Fireball is a powerful attack spell that can be difficult to master

The Fireball spell, or conjured using the enchantment incantation name, Bowla Tomka, is a powerful Aggressive Spell, that is under the Elemental Spells category. It can be taught to a Mage, but is considered an advanced spell. Unlike most elemental spells, the Fireball can range from being a little spark to a gigantic ball of flames. 

The Fireball is usually cast by cupping the hands, and using magic to rub the air molecules together, to form a small ball of fire. Using two hands is more common, as keeping the fire into a ball can be difficult with one hand. Only very talented Magical Beings are able to use just one hand. The Fireball can increase in size, depending on how long the caster charges the spell, and depending on the users skills.


The Elements is the first stage in which a Magical Being has a to master in their Mage training. While they can perform and study how to conjure a Fireball spell, they rarely can perfect it, due to the high risk of losing control. The
Preparing a Fireball Spell

A Wizard preparing the Fireball Spell

Fireball can be one of the most powerful Fire spell conjured, if cast by a powerful user. It is considered to be an advanced spell, so mainly Sorcerers train in its use. However it will not be mastered until the rank of Wizard.

Hand MovementEdit

When the caster is about to use the spell, he or she utters the word (Bowla Tomka) quietly, and places their hands roughly five inches apart. They use their magic to rub the air molecules together, to form a small spark between their hands. Then they twist their hands, to make it larger. However the larger the ball grows, the more dangerous and uncontrolled the spell becomes. 

Once unleashed, the fireball can cause something from a small burst of fire, to ignite a firepit, to exploding at a distance. The fireball can be devastating is cast with such force. However the fireball can become unstable, and could harm the caster if not cast in a safe manner. Because of the intensity of the spell, drops of fire could land on the users clothing, or drop onto flameable subtances.


Like most spells, the Fireball was created by Jafier Heartan. It is unknown when he discovered that he was able to manipulate the air to create fire, but he passed down his teachings to his students, who all improved and discovered new traits about the spell.

The name when casting, Bowla Tomka, is taken from the Elvin words, Heath Fire. The use of the name, is to enable to caster to conjure the ball of fire effectively, and something to help concentrate. While the caster does not have to utter the word, it is recommended, because if not, it can become destructive.

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