Technical information

Tomka Supremon
Hand Movement
Raised Hands, or Staff
Forms a cloud of fire
Can burn almost everything, spreading for miles. Can heat up the very air, turning it to toxin
"Thousands of trees, and plants were burned down by Azugon when he unleashed a cloud of fire. It burned everything in its path."
―About the Firestorm

The Firestorm, is an Elemental Spell that can be conjured by only a talented user. The Firestorm is one of the most dangerous and difficult spells, and is classed as being one of the Ten Powerful Spells. It can be cast using the incantation, Tomka Supremon. Firestorm is an Aggressive Spell, and is was not taught to any student during their time at the Academy of Magical Beings. It was outlawed for many years, and was prohibited by everyone, other than the high ranking Wizards or Witches.

Firestorm is cast by raising the hands or stall, and heating up the air, to form clouds of smoke. Once the air begins to heat, the caster, when blasts the hands apart, or slams their staff into the ground, to form a wave of fire that circles around them. Once the fire is conjured, the raise their hands again, to pull the fire into the sky. The Firestorm can become a disaster, and could even cover more than five miles.


Unlike most spells under the Elemental section, Firestorm is not taught to anyone who isn't a master in the magical arts. Even if one hast mastered their skills, they will not be taught within the academy, and must seek the training elsewhere. While their are books to inform Magical Beings of the spell, they are forbidden to pratice it. Due to the immense power the spell has, it can become a disaster very quickly, and cause serious burns to anything in its path.

Hand MovementsEdit

When the caster attempts to cast the spell, he or she raises their hands into the air, and uses their magic to heat up the air, similar to any other firespell, except when they do, they also form smoke clouds in the sky, which they then ignite. Forming sparks and flames in the air, the user then pulls their hands apart, to form waves. If the user is using a Magic Staff, they slam their staff into the ground, to circle themselves in fire then raise it into the air.

While the air is burning, the spell can cause a toxin which falls from the flames, causing anyone to breathe in the air to collapse. The Firestorm can spread from several meters to over five miles. Due to its nature of manipulating the air, it can cause strong winds of fire, which can uproot trees, burn houses and even cause the ground to explode.


It is unkown who created this spell, but it was first seen during the Great Purge, when Azugon used the spell to destory an entire town. Many who witnessed it, said it turned the sky red, and blew the very ground away. It is said than many Wizards and Witches knew the spell during their time, and that Dragons also use this spell. It is unknown however, if they use the same methods.

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