Gaston III Heartan
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Gaston III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Gaston the Brave
Date of birth
TA 5237
TA 5298 - TA 5328
Date of death
TA 5328 (91 years)

Physical description

6.2 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Royal House
[George VII Heartan]]
"Gaston was a great king, known for his fierce bravery. There have been few kings with his kind of courage. "
―About Gaston III

Gaston III Heartan (TA 5237 - TA 5328) was the King of Amsnorth after the death of his mother, Elizabeath II Heartan. Gaston was the first offspring of a monarch born without claim to all the Kingdoms of Amsnorth. He is also the first king in House Heartan to rule only over the Main Lands and the Summer of Priest

Gaston spent most of his reign as king fighting the event named Goblin Crisis. A Seven year civil war that took place across the Main Lands. During this civil war, Gaston demonstrated vast courage and gained a legendary reputation for his combat skills. He was described by many of his loyal knights as being the greatest fighter eyes could see. During the Battle of Rocks, Gaston slew Y'oppki the great Goblin Lord in single combat. He then presented the head to the goblin ranks which caused their surrender.

Throughout his reign as king, Gaston did a fine job, although not as great as his mother. He prefered to let his council do most of the ruling, and chose to participate in anything considering warfare. He eventually died at the age of 91 years old, and buried like his ancestors in the Kings' Mountain.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Gaston was a tough and brutal man, with sheer courage and bravery. He was also very cunning, and could sometimes be wise. Little else is known about Gaston other than his love for battle and warfare.

Gaston was very tall, standing close to 6.2 feet, and was built rather averagely. However he did possess all muscle, even in his later years. He had brown hair and brown eyes.

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