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Gaston IV Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Wisdom King, Gaston the Good, The God's Son
Date of birth
TA 9575
TA 9590 - TA 9597
Date of death
TA 9597 (22 years)

Physical description

6.1 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"Gaston was a great man, a great king. Harken is merely a shadow of the greatness that man had."
―About Gaston IV Heartan

King Gaston Heartan, also known as Gaston IV Heartan, (TA 9575 - TA 9593) was the King of Amsnorth and the head of House Heartan up until his death. He was largely known for his gentle and caring heart, and was often the center of much attention whenever he entered public eye.

His deeds and acomplishes have reached far across the lands of Amsnorth. He was possibly the first king in 100 years to have been able to win the support of the people, and gain a wide range of respect and honour. However he did gain some enemies, but because of his high status and reputation, one would never dare and go up against him. 

Gaston was loved by millions across the lands for his invention of many new laws, such as the reduction of taxes, building of more houses and farms, and the increase of mining. He created thousands of jobs, and had managed to fix the Slums of Gran Sarathal. He also managed to increase the income of the crown, despite lowering its tax income. His increasement of mining caused a great deal of trade across the lands, and with trade he managed to bring in a great deal of gold.

Harken II Heartan grew jealous over Gaston's power and reputation, and decided to take it from him. In an event called, Harken's Rebellion, Harken invaded Gran Sarathal and murdered Gaston IV Heartan along with his wife, Lillian Heartan and their barely newborn daughter, Sinteal II Heartan

His body was placed within the Kings' Mountain, and he is remembered as being as one of the best kings Amsnorth has seen in over 100 years.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Gaston was exceedingly intelligent and excelled at anything he put his mind to. He was considered to be a talented tutor, and often taught at schools and places of education before he was King. Although not a fighter like his younger brother, Gaston was still very skilled with a sword. 

As King, Gaston used tactics and risky decisions to try and make the world a better place. His father Robert V Heartan was a good king, but the people suffered through high taxes and the over growing population was causing a overflowing of people within the walls.

While well-loved by the people, Gaston was said to be quiet, private, stubborn and hard to impress. There were hundreds of people who attempted to gain the king's favour and failed, as he did not like either their appearance, or their attitude. He loved the poor and would spent a great deal of time attending to the needs of the weak, and often handed over bags of gold to families. Gaston was tall and handsome, with the dark chocolate eyes of House Heartan and cropped brown locks in his early years as prince, but grew his hair into a long brown style. His features were more round and soft than most of his house, but despite this he was considered beautiful by many. 

His skin was less pale than other members of his house, and he rarely grew a beard. His appearance was something he was fond of, and would hire many bards to fix his looks. Like most royal members, he loved his clothing, and would spent great deals of gold to acquire the best fabrics. He enjoyed the colours of his house, crimson and gold - and would always wear them.


Early LifeEdit

"I believe that power does not come from those sitting in high places, it comes from the people who make up these great nations. It is to them that we owe our lives to, it is them that make these countries thrive."
―Famous quote from Gaston
Gaston was born to Robert V Heartan and Elsa Heartan. Like most all first born Heartans, Gaston was born to become a ruler and king, and so since the day he was born, his father treated his as if he were nothing more than a student. His younger brother Harken II Heartan shared something similar at the time of his
Young Gaston

Young Gaston

birth, but not as such as Gaston. Robert was known as being a fierce king, but a good one. Robert wanted the same for Gaston and so he hired the best teachers to make him learn better of the world and how to rule. Gaston was always present at every council meetings held by his father, and would be required to take down notes and information on how it all works. 

At an early age Gaston began to read many books, which did not impress his father, who wanted Gaston to be a feared warrior and king. However the gentle boy preferred to use knowledge as his weapon, and read over four hundred books within only a short few years. He did not prefer to fight, and loved to settle affairs with speech. Gaston disliked violence and would avoid it if possible. This did not give him a rough reputation as many wanted, but his wisdom gained recognition and he was considered very intelligent and knowledgeable. When he was 10 many people asked him for information concerning affairs outside with main lands, and towards the islands. Gaston knowing of the things they seek, told them and gained a wide range of allies because of doing so. This did gain Robert V Heartan's approval, and he allowed Gaston to further his education.

Meeting the DwarvesEdit

Gaston IV Heartan: "Your foolish actions will get you both killed!"
Harken II Heartan: "Oh come on Gaston! It is only a little fun, if you had any idea what that was you would understand."
Gaston IV Heartan: "You and your reckless friend were nearly killed because of your stupid intentions to prove yourself!"
— Gaston and Harken arguing after Gaston nearly witnessing them being killed by a bear[src]

When himself and his family went to the Dwavern Kingdom to visit Lord Greme Boulderrock. Gaston spent most of his time in the Great Library, while his younger brother, Harken II Heartan and Gormar Boulderrock, spent a good amount of their time wondering around the Kingdom. One time Harken and Gormar left the Golden Halls and went further down the Kingdom. Gaston curious of their intentions, followed them. For days he watched them hunt across the Oaklands, and became cautious of their sudden friendship. 

Gaston shooting

Gaston prepares to shoot a bear, saving his brother and Gormar Boulderrock

Suddenly as he watched them hunt, a huge brown bear appeared out of nowhere and attacked both Harken and Gormar. Gormar was thrown off his feet and suffered a serious scar across his chest, and Harken was chased into a tree. Gaston leaped out quickly, drew his bow and arrow and shot the bear in the head, killing it instantly. Gaston was furious and confronted the boys, Harken who was shocked couldn't speak to him. Gormar Boulderrock lay on the ground with blood pouring from him, and Gaston through his knowledge, managed to seal the gaping gash before he could bleed out. They then pulled the dwarf lord onto his horse and rode back to the Golden Halls

Gaston was lauded for his courage and honoured a trophy by Greme Boulderrock for saving his son. He received a large ancient book as a reward, something Gaston was very grateful for. However during the time there, Gaston begun to suspect something was happening between his father and the Lord of the Golden HallsRobert V Heartan's intentions were at first nothing to Gaston, but as he further studied in affairs, he begun to pray ever more on his father's matters. He was caught many times peeking and intruding on his father's council meetings.

House Heartan and House Boulderrock were under pressure as other noble houses were beginning to lose their gold supply across Amsnorth, because of the increasing goblin invasions around their lands. Gaston overheard the his father speaking of a dark man known as Ezgoth, who had been hunted for over 8,000 years. Robert and Greme spoke about forming an army to find and kill him, and invade the goblin territories located within the Dark Territory.

They remained within the kingdom for a few months, before they headed back to Gran Sarathal

Death of the KingEdit

Not long after they had left to go home, Robert V Heartan started to become ill on the road. His skin became pale, and his eyes started to bleed. Gaston rushed to his side, and tried to use all his skills to help his father, however he had no idea what type of illness this was. 

They hurried their sail back to Gran Sarathal, to get to a healer quickly, but before they could reach shore, Robert V died. This shocked many as Robert was considered great health, despite his old age. Harken II Heartan and Gaston were shocked and seriously wounded by this.

When they returned home, Robert was taken to the best healers, and even they could not find what was wrong with the king. A large host of people arrived to see his funeral, among them was a man naming himself Moreusico. The old man, revealing himself to be a wizard, promised to advise and aid Gaston through his reign as King of Amsnorth.


At the age of 15 Gaston crowned the new King of Amsnorth, with over 4,000 people arriving to see his
Gaston's coronation

Gaston's coronation

coronation. This was the biggest event in almost 50 years, and he was cheered by the people. His council members showed their respect to him, and he was told he would become a great king.

Moreusico, the old man he saw at his father's funeral gave him further advice, and Gaston wanted to make him a member of his council, however the old man rejected. The old wizard offered great advice to him, and over the years as king, Gaston and Moreusico became rather good friends.

Becoming KingEdit

Harken II Heartan: "Your kindness will be your undoing brother. You care too much for these people. Continue, and they will take you for a weak king. A king who gains love through bribe."
Gaston IV Heartan: "Your interest in my well-being is misplaced. It is a king's duty to earn the love of his people, if he does not, then well - look at our grandfather."
Harken II Heartan: "Nark was a psycho, you are the opposite. I care for you brother, and if you keep this up, I promise you, others will take advantage."
— Gaston and Harken, discussing Gaston's kindness.

Ruling as a King of WisdomEdit

Gaston ruled his lands through kindness and wisdom. Often he would send out soldiers and farmers to give supplies to those who needed them. The Slums in Gran Sarathal was named the Lower-Class Quarter at that time, due to Gaston always sending food to the poor. He rebuilt a good portion of the Lower-Class quarter, and even built more houses there. The huge decreased in crime there was proven to be of great use to him, as he managed to use his soldiers for other purposes. 

He was so loved, that a statue was built of him by the people to honour his kindness to them. In over 100 years Gaston was the first King of Amsnorth to be held in high high esteem. Throughout his rule there was peace across the lands, and whenever trouble erupted he attempted to settle it with speech and wisdom. If a confrontation was impossible, he would send out his younger brother to solve the issue.

Harken II Heartan served as a general to him, as Harken knew that Gaston did not like violence, Harken would offer his aid to settle these affairs himself. Gaston understood that some matters required the use of swords, and was honoured and pleased when his younger brother decided to assist on the matters.

Marriage and ChildEdit

When Gaston was 18 years old Rodrik Lukie of House Lukie approached him, informing him that a king requires an heir to take the throne. Gaston understood this, and decided to look for a wife, then he found Lillian, whom he fell in love with almost instantly.

Only a week after meeting each other, Gaston fell in love with her and ordered a wedding. They got married a few days after that, and the Royal Wedding attracted tens of thousands. Nobles, lords and ladies from across the lands, from each race attended.

At the age of 22, Lillian Heartan gave birth to a girl, which they named after Gaston's ancestor, Sinteal I Heartan. Sinteal II Heartan was the first, first born female to be born to a king in over 200 years. Because of which of the affairs concerning the realms, Gaston could not spend much time with her during her first few weeks, and had his servant, Jon Mthendale take care of her when he could not.


When Gaston sensed that something was not right about his brother, he sent word the the old powerful wizard Moreusico. When the old man arrived at the city, they spoke about Harken and sent spies to try and investigate him. When they brought back the truth, that in fact Harken was plotting against his brother, Gaston attempted to counter, but he did not know that many of his friends were also betraying him.

Gaston's ambush

Gaston surrounded by assassins

Gaston rushed into action, to try and reason with his brother if possibly. He travelled to the Dwavern Kingdom to speak with the now Lord of the Golden Halls, Gormar Boulderrock, and asked for his alliance in the matter. However Gaston did not know that Gormar was in terms with Harken II Heartan and was refused the alliance. This shocked Gaston, and he was forced to leave the same day, as Gormar did not want to make an enemy out of his former friend and ally. Gaston both furious and stunned, left anyway, not wanting to cause strain between the two governemts. Before he left to head back to Gran Sarathal, Gaston sent a raven to Moreusico, begging for his aid, giving him his location.

Assult on Gran SarathalEdit

Gaston IV Heartan: "Why, why are you doing this? "
Harken II Heartan: "Because you don't deserve this. My whole life I have lived in your shadow, your foolish rule! No longer will Amsnorth suffer from your actions, no longer will Amnsorth be tainted by your weakness!"
Gaston IV Heartan: "You are a fool if you think the people will accept you after this treachery. Father did not raise you to be a monster!"
— Gaston and Harken before Gaston's death[src]

On his way back to his ship, Gaston was attacked on the road, with over 20 of his men being killed. Gaston found himself being surrounded, and took several arrows to the back and legs, before cutting down several of them. He noticed then that some of the men were dwarves as well as humans. He then knew that his brother was in alliance with Gormar. Before Gaston could be slain, he was saved by Moreusico who arrived just in time to save his life.

He rushed back to the capital, fearing that his brother may have invaded it. He had not, however Moreusico discovered that there were spies and traitors among him, as only a few people knew he was travelling. Gaston ordered the council into a meeting, and had Moreusico sense which ones were betraying him. Gaston who was filled by rage for the death of some of his most loyal soldiers, has these men hanged the next day.

While he slept the same night the city was attacked, and Gaston was alerted that his brother was taking the city. The king sent out soldiers to try and stop him, but Harken has massed an army of knights donned in gold. His soldiers were quickly defeated. 

Gaston spoke with Moreusico to try and help his daughter escape, but their actions were stopped by the interference from Harken. Gaston fought against his brother, but was defeated. Lillian tried to run to their child, but Harken cut her down, and she died instantly. The rage in Gaston caused him to slash him down the head, causing a scar. Harken then beheaded him.

Gaston was laid to rest along with his father in the Kings' Mountain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

" do not like swords, they are messy and ugly. A tongue can be as sharp as any blade, and they are less messy and less ugly"
―Gaston on swordplay. The quote later became a world-wide saying

Gaston was not a fighter like his brother, but he was trained within the art. Rather than fight, he was known for his strong words and high wisdom. His charisma was great as well as his amount of will. Several times he has faced and defeated several temptations for more power.


Gaston was well trained in the skill, but rarely did he ever touch one. Unlike his brother who loved to fight,

Gaston, despite not liking swords, was very skilled with one

Gaston often watched him train and take notes. But he was a known fighter and dullest, he was very skilled in defensive combat, mainly using tatics to tire his eneimes. Even though he did not adapt to the useage of swords or any weapon, there were many times when Gaston showed his great skills in the art, an example when he was attacked in the Dwavern Kingdom and he managed to slay several assasins while dozens of arrows were in him.


Gaston was very skilled with a bow and arrow, and prefered it over a sword. He was seen using one many times, and has killed many animals. His shooting was discribed by Harken II Heartan as being almost always perfect.


Gaston was very smart, and managed to find a soloution to most of his problems. When a bandit group attacked on his his villiages, Gaston went there himself. The King had planned several tricks if things were south, and used his intelligence to both trap them and help them.


His greatest skill was his ability to speak. His words held such great power, that he was often compared to the elf Melenki. Gaston was very cunning, and used this to help rule his kingdoms.


  • Gaston's name comes from Gaston, a character from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
  • Was one of the best kings of his time
  • Is the first king in over 200 years to have a daughter as a first born

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