Gaston I Heartan
Image of Gaston

Gaston I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Reaver, The Charmer
Date of birth
TA 4,943
TA 4,988 - TA 5,013
Date of death
TA 5013 (70 years)

Physical description

6.0 Feet
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House

Gaston I Heartan (TA 4,943 - TA 5013) also known as The Reaver and The Charmer was the King of Amsnorth after the death of his father, Areothan II Heartan. Gaston became king at the age of 45, making him one of the youngest kings since the days before the Great Purge

Gaston was considerably a greater monarch than the two rulers before him, but still lacked the greatness of Bilious III Heartan, Alton I Heartan and Robert I Heartan. Gaston did manage to claim down the riots that soared through the lands at the time, but despite his ruling, he was not loved by all.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Gaston I Heartan was very charming, and was nicknamed the Charmer, he could seduce even the tighest of people, and use his dazzling good looks to influence many people to his cause, much like his grandmother Ellinor Heartan

Gaston was very handsome, and many people fell prey to his looks. Hundreds of girls presented their selves to him, in hope that they would capture him. He had the short cropped brown hair, and dark brown eyes, with smooth skin, rounded features, and bright white teeth. 


Early LifeEdit

Gaston was born to Areothan II Heartan and Mercy Heartan, and was instantly hated by the people, mainly because of his grandmother, Ellinor Heartan. Gaston was not like his family, mainly because he did not share the same brutal personallity. 

At a young age, Gaston took studies in archery, and after a time he was so efficent in using the bow, people named him the Reaver. When he was 5 years old, he travelled to Qhylen, where he squired under the lord for several months, before returning home. 

Prince of AmsnorthEdit

When he was a teen, Gaston I Heartan made a name for himself when he became a skilled archer, and often assisted the elves in hunting. The Reaver people named him, because he was quick on the draw and would kill anyone before they had time to react. 

Unlike the other members of the royal family, Gaston I was respected by the Dark-Elves, this was mainly due to his nickname Reaver. Gaston travelled to Garreneari and spent some time there, the elves used him for his skills with the bow and arrow, and became a bounty hunter of sorts. 

While he was within Wizardear, his father Areothan II Heartan asked him to try and influence the royal family's position while he stayed there. Gaston did as his father said, but slowly did so, as the dark-elves have never been on good terms with the humans.

It is unknown if he ever managed to gain the friendship of the elves, but it is implied as dark-elves were granted entry into Gran Sarathal, and other cities around Amsnorth

King of AmsnorthEdit

When he was 45 years old, Gaston's father Areothan II fell from atop the High Tower. This granted Gaston the title of King, and he was crowned only a few months later after he returned from Wizardear. Gaston promised his people that he would try and make things better, but the people did not accept him.

However Gaston did make more of an impression than the kings and queens before him, as he lacked the same cruel and greedy nature. But he did contain the quick temper, and would react to treason and other offensive matters with the execution. 

Children and Marriage Edit

Gaston married at the age of 30 as it was demanded of him to sire an heir to the throne. He had two sons, twins Robert II Heartan and Walter II Heartan. This made things very difficult as the two were males and both in direct line for the throne. 

As the children grew older. Gaston tried to pick which one she thought wold make the better king than the other, and eventually picked Robert II Heartan. This put strain on Walter II as he believed that his father did care more for Robert than himself.


Gaston died at he age of 70 years old, making his sons Robert and Walter 39 years old. He passed on his crown to Robert along with all the king possessions, but he allowed Walter to have Dragonheart, so the prince had more power. 



Gaston was a legendary archer, and was said to be one of the greatest archers in history. His skills were known across the lands, and he was named the Reaver, because he could shoot several people within seconds of drawing an arrow.

See alsoEdit

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