George II Heartan
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George II Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Grey Man
Date of birth
TA 4948
Date of death
TA 5014 (66 years)

Physical description

6.3 Feet
Hair color
Brown (younger), Grey
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Noble House
"Little people know about George II Heartan, even though he did more for his family than any member before him. His actions eventually lead to the formation of a more educated Monarchy."
―About George II

George II Heartan (TA 4,948 TA 5014) was a Prince of Amsnorth and a battle commander. He was the third child to Areothan II Heartan, brother to Gaston I Heartan , Elizabeath I Heartan, and older brother to Mary I Heartan. George was a very skilled commander, and one of the most skilled swordmasters of his time. He was known as the Grey Man, as he was seen in battle dressed in solid, steel silver armour, and was like a shooting star in combat.

He participated in the Rebellion of Family, when his nephew, Robert II Heartan stepped down as King of Amsnorth, and elected George's great-grandson, William II Heartan to become the new king. George supported William, and battled against his sister, and fellow family. During the Battle of Heartans, George was slain in combat. After his death, his body was buried near the Kings' Mountain, and William II had a statue crafted to honour him in Qhylen

Character and AppearanceEdit

George was a kind man, but also rather stubborn and humourless. He had no sense of jokes, and was very bitter when speaking with anyone he did not hold in respect. However he did have a great fond of his family, and cared much for the suffering. He was known to have little care about gold, but loved war and battle. 

George in his youth was not very handsome, but many people claimed he grew in looks as he aged. He became rather gentle looking, and grew out his long grey hair, to match his title as the Grey Man. He like most Heartans had deep chocolate eyes, and had a dazzling smile. However he smiled very rarely, and some people also claimed he looked like a goat.


Early LifeEdit

George II Heartan is the third child to Areothan II Heartan and Malessia Heartan, and was born in the city Qhylen. Unlike most of his fellow family, who were all born in Gran Sarathal, George was born in the second largest city because his mother was tending to a family affair of her own. When he was born, his father travelled day and night without rest to meet him. However when he did he discovered that his mother had died in childbirth.

Areothan took George back to the capital, where he had him looked at by healers, as he wanted to know if anything was wrong with his newborn baby. But nothing out of the original was found. As he grew George did show an extreme talent for swordplay, often seen beating servants and even more skilled fighters than himself. His father allowed George to train at the age of three, and hired the best swordmasters in Amsnorth. Within only a short few years, George was a very skilled swordmaster himself. 

Prince of AmsnorthEdit

When he turned the age of 40 years old, his father died, and George was demaned to return to the capital to see the coronation of his brother, Gaston I Heartan. However George was unable to, as he was within the Great Valour Islands, tending to bandit and thug crimes within the lands. He did not return home until three weeks later, and when he did, Gaston named him General of the Crown, in order to keep him home. This did not go down well with George, as he wanted to go out on his own, and help the people outside the West

Gaston did allow him to assist those that were not within the Western borders, however he was under strict orders to be back by a certian time. It was said that Gaston wanted him close because his status as a famous fighters would keep him safe. 

For years he served as the General, and for most of those years he spent keeping the peace within the capital. Much to his distase, he had little choice but to do his duty. For his time as General, Gaston eventually named him Duke of the West, making him the second most powerful person within the Western Territories, behind only the King of Amsnorth himself. This did please him greatly, and because of this title, he asked Gaston for permission to set up forts around Greatwood Forest to watch out for wondering thugs, and criminals. 

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 14 George was arranged to marry Joanne Gardner, of House Gardner. Their marrige took place within the Villanna Islands, and was host to over 30,000 people. One year later Joanne gave birth to their first child, Markus II Heartan.

Over the course of 20 years, he had 6 children, and several grandchildren. By the age of 51 he had a great-grandson, William II Heartan, who would eventually go on to become King of Amsnorth, despite being the 9th in line to the throne. However this event was difficult, as the Rebellion of Family soon erupted.

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

After Gaston I Heartan died, his son Robert II Heartan soon became the new King. George was never overly fond of the new king, as he believed he lacked the real skills of ruling. However after only a short rule of under one year, Robert stepped down as king as he could not have any children. Many people were wary on who would take the throne. Elizabeath I Heartan was the second child to Areothan II Heartan and the younger sister to Gaston, making her the next in line, bellow Walter II Heartan . George never trusted his sister, and he believed her to be a cruel woman, who loved power more than anything else.But Robert II twin brother, Walter II Heartan wanted the throne, as he was the rightful heir, but he died at sea before he could make it to Gran Sarathal.

Robert done something no person was expecting and elected William II Heartan as his heir. This was not respected by many as he was no where near the rightful heir. These events eventually lead to a rebellion against William by Elizabeath. When the rebellion took place, George supported his great-grandson and lending him a great deal of soldiers.

While not many battles were fought, George was known to be the major commander in the rebellion. He was responsible for defeating and outsmarting his sister. When the Battle of Heartans came, George lead the attack against Elizabeath, and after a brutal war, he was wounded and eventually died.


George II Heartan was a legend in his own way, as he was regarded as being one of the most skilled fighters of his time. He supported three kings, and was known for assisting them in every way he could. After his death, a statue was built to honour him in Qhylen, and he was buried near the Kings' Mountain .

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


George was a formidable warrior and generally considered one of the greatest swordsmen in his time. He was a master of all nearly all fighting forms. It is said that only an orc of great skills could beat him in single combat. He defeated hundreds of people in his time, and was like a shooting star in the battlefield. He was so fast and strong that he could slice through a normal man as if he were nothing but wind.

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