George I Heartan
George 1
Book Series(s)
Songs of Amsnorth
First Book
Last Book
Appeared in
Prince of Amsnorth
Also known as
4,768 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
Alton I Heartan - father
Bilious III Heartan brother
Walter I Heartan - brother
Robert I Heartan - gandfather

George I Heartan (4,768 BPD - 4,720 BPD) was the Prince of Amsnorth around 4,768 BPD. He was the son to one of the greatest human kings, Alton I Heartan, and grandson to Robert I Heartan, the king who ended the Army of Darkness taint from Amsnorth and brought House Heartan back into power.  

George was a respected Prince, however due to his grandfather's extended age and rule as king, George gave up on the idea of taking the throne at an early age and decided to use his skills to help the people. The prince often wondered around the lands, mainly with his group of friends, and tended to the affairs of nobles. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

George was a kind and noble man, much like his father. He looked much like most Heartans. however his hair was a lighter shade of brown, and he covered his face with a full beard.


Early LifeEdit

George was born to Alton I Heartan, his older brother is Bilious III Heartan. Like his brother and father, he was destined for greatest, and showed such things at the age of five when he saved a poor man from being beaten from a group of thugs. He haltered the attack when he commanded his soldiers to take the thugs prisoner.

George was held on high regard even as a young man. His father spent much time with him, as he did not his older brother, so George was almost always under his father's wing. George lernt many things from him, one being how to use a sword like a true Heartan, a skill he eventually used in his later life.


George wondered the lands with his friends, who would all try and find affairs to fix. Many called them the Royal Wonderers, but they dismissed this name. They all ventured into villages and towns to try and find a problem to solve.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


George was a skilled swordmaster, and was very skilled in swordplay. Due to his slender body it is likely that he was very fast, and not so much strong. He was known to help many people with bandits, so it is likely he was great at fighting large numbers.


  • Is the first of the seven names of George

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