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George VII Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The King of Pride, King Lion, George the Vast
Date of birth
TA 5267
TA 5329 - TA 5399
Date of death
TA 5399 (132 years)

Physical description

6.3 feet
Hair color
Dark brown, Grey (older)
Eye color
Royal House
"George VII was a powerful figure during the dreaded War of the North. He rose to power after the death of his father, and became one of the most notorious Kings in history, for his outstanding battle skills."
―About George VII

George VII Heartan (TA 5267 - TA 5399), also known as George the Vast, was the King of Amsnorth for over 70 years, until his death in 5399. Taking over the title as King from his father, Gaston III Heartan in TA 5329, George VII begun the War for the North, after his illegitimate son, Rickann Eppingham believed he had inherited the right to reign over Seginthul. George met his son in war, and the two year war raged across the Northern Territories, until eventually George VII organized the Slaughter at Marshtown, in which Rickann, his sons, Brith Eppingham  and Nigeal Eppingham, along with forty lords and highborns, were killed.

George is also known for bastarding several children to countless women, all which were born across Amsnorth. George was well aware of his other children's existance, but did not give them any attention, as he only cared about his legal child, Robert III Heartan. Robert's mother, Hylena Heartan, the granddaughter to William V Heartan, the grandson to Harken I Heartan. George spent years training and raising Robert, hoping that one day he will become a ruler just like him. George took Robert away from Hylena at a young age, and allowed him to journey with him across Amsnorth for years, until his 12th birthday, where he had him join the Royal Guard.

As King of Amsnorth, George VII was a fierce ruler, and was not one for allowing those who broke the law to go without serious punishment. He also did not care much for the poor, and did not acknowlage them, and would often look down at them whenever they came across his path. However, George intended to keep the rich richer, and would hand large sums of gold to nobles and lords, in order to keep them on his side. Due to his hate for the Senate, George begun to make allies within great governents, to abolish the Senate's control over the Monarchy. In doing this, the Monarchy will be responsible for many factors, including the exporting of gold, traiding and political matters that the kings and queens were not familar with. All of these George decided to undertake, and through his authority, he disbanned the Senate, and led them himself as the main president of the Human Royal Government.

George gained a huge reputation across Amsnorth, and other Kings and Queens grew to fear him, and George intended to take back all of the lands that his family once owned. However this did not take place, as George was ambused and killed by assassins on his 132 birthday.

More than one thousand years after his death, a spirit of George VII Heartan had possessed one of the dark magic locations, and ruled as the King of the Dead. He was confronted by his decendent, Ernest VI Heartan and was eventually slain and destroyed for good.

Character and AppearanceEdit

George VII Heartan was not considered a kind nor caring man, unlike his father, George possessed none of the same care for the poor and weaker beings, which had gained the previous monarchs such high reputations among
George VII

George VII in his late twenties

the poorer people. George was a tough, stubborn and unthoughtful man, He was considered grim, and very bland, but can also be very charasmatic when required to be. Despite his harsh feelings about those of poor status, George VII was extremely polite, well mannered and well spoken. His voice was calm and gentle, and he would always speak to another with elegant sentences. 

George held himself in high regard, often employing glorious clothings and armours, favouring thick steel above all. He was considered very handsome as a young man, and like most of royal family, his brown eyes were his trademark. He also had dark hair as a child, which begun to grow grey as he reached the age of forty years old, and started to balden towards the back. 

He was an imposing figure and very intimidating in size, standing over 6.3 feet tall. He was very muscular and featured strong shoulders and massive hands and feet. His facial features were rough and scared, with many scars covering his face by the time of his death, scars which he wore proudly. 

Early LifeEdit

Childhood and early studiesEdit

George VII Heartan was born to Gaston III Heartan and Evangeline Heartan in the year TA 5267, during the Goblin Crisis. His father had the newborn George and Evangeline escourted to the Great Valour Islands, until the civil war had ended, but during his time within the ancestral home of the human race, George begun to study by the age of
George studies

George spent years in such places

three. Gaston had hired many of the best teachers in Amsnorth to instruct George in language. One of his teachers, Jorun Ryrar, was the major instructor and father figure of George during his early years. Jorun was a harsh teacher and would often scold and punish George if his manners were not well placed, forcing George to always be poltie and well presented, he was often a swordsmaster to George.

While his mother attended to affairs elsewhere, George was often left in the care of Jorun Ryrar, and would scout around the Great Valour Islands in the intrests of studies. George would always be fascinated in his father, and the mantle of King of Amsnorth. Despite never meeting his father, Jorun held Gaston III Heartan in high regard, considering him to be a legendary warrior. By the time he reached five years old, George had gathered every single news about his father, and spend days studying the history of House Heartan

Once the Goblin Crisis was over, Gaston III Heartan had sent word to the Great Valour Islands that he was intending to arrive. George VII was very excited to meet his father, and the man he had spent so many years idolising. Once he met his father, he informed him of everything he knew about him, however his father paid little attention to him, which wounded the young prince. During the days there, Gaston spoke little to his son, only speaking to him with the intentions of orders or commands. Jorun Ryrar informed the young prince, that his father was only war hardened, that eventually he would come to love his son. This proved to be untrue, when Gaston had Jorun and his wife, Evangeline Heartan killed for adultry. Gaston believed that the relationship between his wife and his son's teacher was threatening, and put an end to it. A stunned George was then sent off to the Eastern Territories, where he would remain for a further ten years.

Path to RuthfullnessEdit

Beginning to despise his father, not only for killing his mother, but his dear friend and instructor, George was sent to
Teen George VII

Teenage George VII

the Eastern Territories, to spend time with countless lords, dukes and highborns, never staying in the same location for more than several months. During his childhood years, George begun to grow stubborn and started to loath the poorer beings, and often treated them unkindly. As his hate for his father increased, George started to become a little unhinged. By the time he reached eleven years of age, he killed several of his new teachers, and had wiped out nearly every poor population that was present in his residing location.

When George reached the age of seventeen, his father had sent him orders to lead a small band of soldiers throughout the Eastern Territories, to help calm down the increasing threat of a possible independent movement by many human highborns. George was eager to take on such a task, not to prove anything, but because he knew most of these lords from his time staying with them. Upon hearing about their intrest in breaking from the Human Royal Government, George gathered them to discuss the possibility of joining them, out of hate for his father. All of the lords agreed, due to the friendship that they all held for George. Upon a meeting and a feast, George had each member posioned and killed during their meeting, and had each of their familes killed for treason. This horrific act agined George an instant reputation, and even more so, when George personally moved his soldiers in to find any others conspiring against the monarchy

The news of his success reached his father, Gaston III Heartan, who requested that George VII arrive at Gran Sarathal. When he arrived at the capital, his father demanded an answer to his actions, to which George answered that he only done what was needed. This sparked a new relationship between father and son, and Gaston made George, Master of War Affairs.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

At the age of twenty-three, Gaston III Heartan decided it was right for George to marry, to contiune the line of House Heartan. He informed his son, that it was imperative for him to secure a male heir. As it was not uncommon for a female to take over the major title, it was more customed for a male to secure the throne before any other siblings of a different gender. 

Gaston chose Hylena Heartan, a distant relative of George VII as his future wife. They were both wed before he
George VII and his family

A painting image of George and all of his children (despite them never meeting)

reached the age of twenty-four. It was soon after, that George discovered that his ability to have children was weak, and relied on spells and potions to help him in bed to create a child. However after years of trying, it was said that he was unable to make children. This sent George in an almost depression that he could not father any children, so begun to blame it on his wife.

George found other women elsewhere, and fathered a son, known as Michael Drownhill, who became Lord of Yuzali, by the time he reached five years old. George fathered him for a short period of time, but without the acknowlagement of his father, as this could have led to a problesome path towards his title as king. Throughout the years, George also fathered several other children, to different women, but his most notiable was his affair with Lady Reani Eppingham, the wife to Lord Cakkaric Eppingham. Their child, which George named Rickann Eppingham, took on Cakkaric's house name, as George did not want the news to reach the capital. 

George carrying Rickann

George carrying the child, Rickann

They contiuned their affair for several years more, it was not untill they were caught in the act was the news revealed. The affair reached Gaston III Heartan, who forbade George was seeing both Reani Eppingham, and their child. A distraught Cakkaric Epipingham, demanded revenge for his dishonour, and through this, Reani was hanged. George was allowed no privaliges when seeing his child, so indead, Cakkaric was ordered by Gaston III to raise the boy as his own.

Several years later, shortly before the death of Gaston III Heartan, Hylena Heartan bore their first child, which George named, Robert III Heartan. This made George a very happy person, but very cautious. He blamed their years of trying on Hylena, often saying she was not capable of having any children. Hylena was often mocked for this, and George had begun to suspect that the child not not his. He hired many different scientists and scholars from across Amsnorth, to conduct experiments on the infant child, to see if he was indeed his son. After months, it was informed that Robert III was indeed the biological son of George VII.

King of AmsnorthEdit


When Gaston III Heartan begun to live a very long life, George VII started to have very intresting thoughts about ending his father's reign, so he could take over. This plan was not set in motion until George reached the age of 62 years of age, making him one of the oldest of his family to take the Throne in hundreds of years. While George did not personally kill his father, he played a role in his death, making him very ill during his later years. 

When Gaston III eventually died, many members of the Senate demanded answers, claiming that Gaston was
George VII king

King George VII dressed in his armour

indeed in great health, despite his age. George, now the main contender for the Throne, said these claims were false, that Gaston was dying for years. This sparked a year old debate among highborns and nobles, as the reputation of George began to unsurface. 

Jygar Foxwood was one of the many who backed George's claims to the throne, and one year later, George was crowned as Amsnorth's new king. On his first command as King, George had each person who did not back his claim, killed for treason. 

Early ReignEdit

"As your new reigning King, my orders are simple. You obey my commands, or pay the price. I demand absolute obedience, loyalty, and respect."
―George VII addressing his people for the first time as King of Amsnorth

George ruled as a rather imposing King, often feared by those who considered lesser than he, which was a great deal. His grandmother's friend, and the King of Wizardear, Sadryn the Valiant. decided not to send trading supplies to George unless he was able to meet his fee. This enraged George, and he also cut off many trading supples to the Dark-Elves. A rivary sparked between the two royal familes, and a possible war was proposed, but this was soon settled by the Human Royal Government, as they could no afford to go to war.

George did not pay much attention to his people, often choosing to ignore them whenever they pleaded to him for gold. The poor were the main sufferers of this, and many children died of hunger in the short few years of George's reign. A rebellion rose against him in many poor residents throughout the Western Territories, so in order to contain them, George sent out many of his solders, and a law, which would end in the death of anyone who opposed him.

One of the few people that George VII respected, were the Wood-Elves. George admired them, and held a strong relationship with King Melenki. The friendship they possessed was great, and due to cutting off the trading with the Dark-Elves of Wizardear, he handed them over to Melenki. George VII also had a massive respect for the barbaric race known as Orcs.

When the Orcs begun to migrate across many of the plains around the Main Lands, many lords and highborns demanded protection against them, but George refused. Many times he ventured out of Gran Sarathal to find a wondering orc clan. He found many, and formed a short-tempered relationship with Ki-Ponga. As a fee for allowing the orcs to stay within human populated lands, Ki-Ponga was demanded to create strong steel weapons and armour for George VII and his soldiers. The orc clan leader agreed to this, and was the creator of the Royal Guard's main armoury, which would last thousands of years after.

Abolishment of the SenateEdit

See also: Abolishment of the Human Senate

In the year TA 5350 George began to suspect that the Senate was responsible for the troubles he faced within the
The Senate building

The Senate building, where many politicians reside

Human Royal Government, so decided it was time for them to be finally dismantled. Due to have such power within the Main Lands, George managed to gain a great deal of respect by many lords and highborns. 

Proposing the idea that the Senate had fullfilled its usefulness within the governments spreading across Amsnorth, George gathered many votes to completely destroy the Senate, for it to be ruled by House Heartan. The Human Royal Government will not only be controlled by House Heartan, but many Great Houses across Amsnorth, with human lords and ladies will also have a great role within the new govermental operation. This would enable them to have further powers and riches, so the opportunity to gain such things was a great deal to many. The Senate was destroyed several years later, with many of its members killed or dismantled. The Senate Building located within Gran Sarathal was then replaced and used as the central operations of politics within House Heartan and the Human Royal Government.

War for the NorthEdit


George VII had reigned a rather peacefull rule, with few affairs that caused him minor battles, but nothing too extream. However, this changed as George VII recevied news that Seginthul was declairing a possible indepedence.
One of the village attacks

One of the village remains after an attack

George did not treat this news as a serious threat, and ignroed the matter. It was not until many of the highborn nobles from different houses started to stop paying tax. 

The Human Royal Government got involved in the yeat TA 5379, and sent out taxers to claim the well ovedue income tax. But these men were unable to obtain them, and were sent home empty handed. The Seginthul people claimed that they will only pay tax to their own King, who named himself Rickann Eppingham. The name sparked a memory within George, and he instantly understood why the man believed that it was in his right to inherit the country's lands. 

George sent word to Rickann, saying he was arriving to discuss terms. Once their meet was over, a furious George VII said that if Rickann was deciding to go independent, without the approval of the Human Royal Government , then his actions will lead to war. It was with this that the War for the North began.

Raging battlesEdit

While the war itself did not feature a great deal of battles, however there were many attacks on small villages in the
Battle of the Royal Fake

Cairen leading his men into battle

outskirts of Royalandüs. These towns and villages were assulted, and were declaired a part of Seginthul, and forced to bend the knee to their new king. These towns and villages would not stay in the hands of Rickann Eppingham for long, as George almost instantly sent out many soldiers to reclaim them back. 

Many of the battles took place within the Northern Territories, with the most popular battle being Battle of the Royal Fake. Rickann Eppingham met George's forces in battle, lead by General Cairen Assac. This was the first time that George VII had been defeated in battle, and his army almost obliterated, with the straglers forced to surrender themsleves and fall into the ranks of Rickann. General Cairen bent the knee to Rickann and fed him information about George's plans for attack. This allowed Rickann to perdict nearly ever battle since, and won each of them, and with these victories, came more and more highborns handing over support to the new King of Seginthul

Slaughter at MarshtownEdit

George VII soon noticed that the war was not going in his favour, and the Human Royal Government as well as many of his royal houses were beginning to suspect and question his rulingship. Understanding that he had to win this war, George decided to move things to the next level. Even with the great number of soldiers at his back,
George VII standing after the massacre

George standing over the fallen bodies of his foes

George was not capable of defeating Rickann Eppingham in open battle, as General Cairen Assac understood how George's mind worked as well as the soldiers.

During the final weeks of the war, George managed to get in contact with one of Rickann's highborn lords, Lord Igar Watton. He met with the lord and bribed him a massive amount of gold pieces if he arranged and suggested for Rickann to take over Marshtown, which was under the control of House Heartan.

Igar Watton accpeted the large bribe, and managed to persuade Rickann to invade the village. While they were celebrating in their victory, Igar brought the soldiers a massive amount of barrels, filled with ale and gin, as well as a great number of whores. Whilst they were accupied, George sent in undercover soldiers, dressed as Rickann's men, and slowly slaughtered everyone under the command of Rickann Eppingham. Each man was killed, as well as Rickann's own sons, Brith Eppingham and Nigeal Eppingham. Rickann was kept alive after the assult and brought before George who later named him 'son' before beheading him.

The news of George's victory spread across Amsnorth quickly, and many highborns and nobles all surrendered themselves to George, demanding and begging for forgiveness. While George did indeed forgive them, he punished them greatly. He raised the tax on their farms, towns and lands and demanded a free trading route as well soldiers to fill up the ones fallen in battle. These terms were met, but with little choice, and George exused them for their crimes, but forbade House Eppingham from ever gaining authority over any lands greater than ten thousands acers.

Later LifeEdit

Plotting to take it all backEdit

For the rest of his reign as king, George did not have any further problems with the neighbouring countries, and all was well within the kingdoms. However this changed as George begun to turn his eye towards the kingdoms that were once under the control of House Heartan. He started this by becoming more invested in the affairs within the Dwavern Kingdom as well as Wizardear, often wanting every detail about their affairs and plans. This did spark a great deal of worry among both King Sadryn the Valiant and King Yhafar Boulderrock, who both arrange a meeting between the three kings.

While sitting down, they all discussed a possible alliance in which each kingdom would share their resources and form a friendship. While Sadryn and Yhafar were both willing to this, George was not. He believed that both the Dwavern Kingdom and Wizardear belonged to him by right of law, and demanded that they turn their titles and lands over to him. This was taken as mockery by both kings, and they left their meeting and refused all contacts with House Heartan.


In the year TA 5399 George had just finished a meeting with the Human Royal Government, which many believed
George VII betrayed

George VII being betrayed and killed

was the go ahead with starting an all out war between the humans, dwarves and elves. While venturing back to the Royal Palace, George and his men were ambushed in the Slumbs. Most of his men were killed, and George was forced away from his men, and pushed into a corner. He was shot several times with arrows, but still managed to cut a few of them down, before he finally fell. 

He was left in the street to die, and was not found until almost one day later. George was brought back to the palace, where he was cleaned and buried within the Kings' Mountain. Throughout the legacy of his reign, he was considered a good king, but portayals of him have changed over the years after his death, with many calling him a tyrant and power hungry, while others calling him a powerful ruler.

King of the DeadEdit

More than one thousand years after his death, one of his many sites of mining was plunged by scavengers. It was
George VII as King of the Dead

King of the Dead

then that many believed that after his death, George VII managed to put his soul into that of a dark object, which allowed him to live on as the King of the Dead. It is unknown if this is true or not, but the appearance of this dead being matched George to almost perfection. The undead man even held a copy of Dragonheart as well as George's robes and crown.

The news of this reached Gran Sarathal, and the decendent of George VII, Ernest VI Heartan ventured out to meet the rumours. Along with several men, the new king plunged through the site of George and found the King of Dead. With the reak Dragonheart he slew the undead being in single combat, destroying him for good. 

Once he was dead Ernest had George's tomb broken and found that indeed his bones were not within their resting place. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

George was a very imposing man, and very powerful, however he was not as great as a swordsmaster as many people have painted him as. While he was no stranger to the blade, he was not greatly skilled and lacked precision and paitence, often lashing out without thinking. 

Even though he was not master of the blade, he was very intelligent and a fantastic battle commander. He was winning the War for the North, up until he was betrayed by his loyal General. Cairen Assac knew George that well that he managed to perdict his moves and thoughts, allowing them to thrawt all of his attacks. Even though he was losing the war, he managed to plan out an attack that would win him the war for good.

George was also very endurable, being shot several times with arrows and still managing to fight. He was also very fast and great on horseback as well as being a very skilled writter.

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