Male Giant

Giants are a race of massive beings that stalk the wilds of Amsnorth. They are the tallest people in all the lands with the average size of 22 feet.

Like the hauket and orc, the giants live within the wilds and form groups of people they call a tribe. Within the tribe they have their own orders and rules, with the leader being known as the chief.

Giants are seen throughout the lands, although it is unlikey to see them in the Dwavern Kingdom as the dwarves are not too fond of them. They travel in groups and are always seen herding mammoths, which serve as food, protection and travel.


Giants along with the other races came to be from the beliefs that the Mystic Dragon created them. Their first sightings around the lands came 25,000 BPD

Little is known of their origins, but they first dwelled within the mountains, where they lived with the Mountain People (Know the orcs). They did not have much trouble with each other as the giants protected them as they gathered food and supplies.

At some point in history the giants immagrated to the other places, and eventually formed into the people they are known now. 


Giants are the tallest of all races, but not the largest. They can reach the height of 22 feet, but there have
Giant chief

Giant chief

been cases when few have reached larger. Their skin colour is mainly grey to a light mucky green. They are always covered in furs and hair, and have their weak points covered by thick steel or iron. They look much like humans, aside that their features are more complex and broad.

Their eyes are very small in comparrason to the rest of their body. The females are almost identical to the males as they are also covered with hair, they can only be spotted as they are always cradling a young giant.

Great PurgeEdit

When Azugon launched an attack on Amsnorth the giants were affected greatly by this. Dozens of them were killed by goblins and ogres, which casued them to flee into the mountains. However after a few decades the giants grew angry at the death of their kin and begun to attack goblin camps. This caused Azugon to send his loyal servant Ezgoth to deal with them.

Azugon underestimated the giants greaty and never saw them as a threat, up until a group of 50 giants riding mammoths attacked one of his forts and wiped out the entire garrison there. This threw him into action and considered them a dangerous threat. 

When Azugon decided to take them on himself, the giants retreated back into hiding, but did come out regularly to attack goblins and other creatures associated with the Dark Lord.


Giants are native people and live within tribes around the wilderness of Amsnorth. It is unknown if they have a god, but when a looter has found an abandoned giant campsite, they have found designs that follow Athanasia, the God of Eternal life.

Current StatusEdit

Giants currently stalk the wilds of Amsnorth, they are generally friendly towards wondering travellers, but if they are provoked they can be highly dangerous. They do not meddle in the affairs of others, and will never assist any member of another race if they see them in peril.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Giants are very strong people mainly due to their size and mass. They wield clubs which are horned with spikes, and sometimes covered in tiny metal shards. This enables them to lock onto their prey when hunting and drag them down.

In battle giants are considered the toughest to take down due to their size, and they can kill many people quickly with only one swipe of their club.


Giants are not skilled in swordplay in any way, but they have greater strength that any other member of the races. They can crush a human with one bash of their weapons and can knock dozens to the ground with a slash, Even though they are not skilled in swordplay, if seen in battle they are taken out first as they are seen as being the toughest and most dangerous.

Atop a MammothEdit

When riding into battle, they are seen atop a Mammoth. This makes them even more dangerous as a

Mammoths are used as both mounts and as warmammoths

mammoth has very thick skin, and can withstand countless arrows. Giants club their enemies atop the mammoth's backs and this makes them also very hard to kill due to being difficult to reach.

In the BooksEdit

Giants appear in almost all of the book, but they are not a major part of the story. They are seen first in Dust and Shadow as Isabella Mthendale encounters one on her way to Phylon.


  • They are taller than the dragons
  • They are stronger than any other race, with the exception of the dragon
  • They cannot use any kind of magic
  • Their mammoths also serve as food, protection and pets