"They spoke in a tongue that she did not recognise. It sounded almost like nonsense, like children trying to have a conversation."
Isabella Mthendale on her first encounter with the language in the Shard Mountains

Giberion, also known as Ratta or Kalamfrig, is the main language for the Goblins, Trolls and Ogres. It came into existance thousands of years ago, it is unknown who invented this tongue, but it eventually spread throughout Amsnorth.

It is the second most common language in Amsnorth, behind Rochillion.


It is unclear where the language came from, but it was adopted first by the Trolls, who later taught it to the newer race, the goblins. It eventually became their major language and was spoken by all members.


Giberion Rochillion
Alwun Stand
Brithan Free
Asheen Ocean
Alanar Rake
Quitil Kill
Akatar Bend
Shmid Rules
Viekk  Mame
Thhei  Over

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