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Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
Two axes above an anvil, on a green and red checker background
Type of Government
Great House

Historical information

FA 600 -
712,497 Km2
17 million per year
"The lands of Gihóir are full of wonder and mystery. One of the largest dwarf countries in Amsnorth, Gihóir is rich with history. "
―About Gihóir

Gihóir, officially the Country of Gihóir, is a federal republic in the Dwavern Kingdom. The country is situated in Southern-Central regions of the Kingdom, and is bordered by Pātauna to the west, Pēṇṭalia to the east, Kolodyyne to the north, and the Dark Territory to the south. Gihóir is a landlocked country, spanning an area of 712,497 Km2, making it the second largest country in the Dwavern Kingdom. The Hóir population of approximately16,400,000 people is concentrated mostly in the southern regions of the country, where the largest city resides, Dwarfport, one of the world's leading economical cities.

The establishment of the Old Gihóir Confederacy dates to the late medieval period, resulting from a series of military successes against Pēṇṭalia and Albaia. Hóir independence from the Dark-Elf Empire was formally recognised in the rest of Amsnorth after the War of Flowers. The country has remained in good terms with Kolodyyne since the formation of the Dwavern Monarchy, and even after its downfall. Gihóir is regarded as being Kolodyyne's greatest ally country.

Gihóir is one of the most developed countries in Amsnorth with the highest wealth per adult, for any other dwarf established country, other than Kolodyyne. Gihóir ranks at or near the top globally in several metrics of national performance, including civil liberties, quality of life, economic competitiveness, and racial development. Nearly every race in Amsnorth is accepted into the country, as long as they follow the strict laws that govern over the country.


The name Gihóir comes from the ancient Dwarfik name for thorn, and the country was named due to its massive supply of thistle. The name was first taken, when many travellers would complain at the local taverns and inns, cursing the words, "Bloody thorns!" The name was adopted soon afterwards.


Early HistoryEdit

The oldest traces of dwarf existence in Gihóir date back about (FA) 24,600 years ago, only one hundred years after
Ancient dwarf settlement

Ancient dwarf settlement

the dwarves begun to surface. The oldest known farming settlements in Gihóir, which were found at Undertown, have been dated to around FA 600.

The earliest known cultural tribes of the area were members of the Lyun culture. Lyun culture developed and flourished during the late Creation Period from around FA 650, possibly under some influence from the Kolodyyne and Dark-Elf civilisations.

When the Dark-Elf Empire's reign begun to fail in the Dwavern Kingdom, Gihóir was the first to side with Kolodyyne
Dwarf politicain

Dwarf politics was their key role in the War of Flowers

to help aid them in the War of Flowers. Gihóir, under the command of Lord Nyme Durgilion , sent more than 2,000 soldiers to fight in the war, along with some of the first ever built catapults and warfare tools, such as the warhammer. At the Battle of Akatona, the Gihóir faced a stunning defeat by the Dark-Elf Empire, which forced them to retreat back into the country. While recovering from their defeat, Gihóir suffered incredible raids from bandits and clansmen, who raided their villages and burned down many of their farms. Most of their supplies such as food, water, weapons and resources were reduced due to the high demands of Kolodyyne.

Many civilians stared to death, and were forced to migrate across the Black Sea and into the Main Lands. With most of their population gone, the Gihóir government was forced to keep away from battle, and focus mainly on politics. They managed to establish their own Confederacy, which allowed them to have a great voice in the Senate. They became more established in politics than actuall warfare, and got a footing in keep peace within their country.

After the War of Flowers ended, Gihóir was rewarded for their assistance, and granted increased powers and lands. Gihóir gained control over Sçotinis and Albaia, and started to import slavery, focus mainly on using Dark-Elves and Humans.

Old Gihóir ConfederacyEdit

The Old Gihóir Confederacy was an alliance among the valley communities of central Dwavern Kingdom and their
Dwarf council2

Gihóir had power in settling tough situations

countries in the Main Lands. The Confederacy facilitated management of common interests and ensured peace on the important mountain trade routes. Their vast improvement on the trading industry helped shape the furture of transporting supplies through mountain passes and across the seas. 

The Old Gihóir Confederacy had acquired a reputation of invincibility during these earlier times, but expansion of the confederation suffered a setback in the outbreak of the War of Kings. After the dwarves were defeated by the humans, under the leadership of Jafier Heartan, Gihóir suffered a massived decline in their economy, as Jafier demanded the dwarves pay for all their destruction across the Main Lands . They also lost hold over, Sçotinis and Albaia, which again, declined their income and power. The confederacy was abolished, and Gihóir was forced to join with the Dwavern Domain in order to keep their power and country aflow. They then became an established Federal Government


Gihóir encompasses a great diversity of landscapes and climates on a large area of 712,497 Km2. The population is about 16.4 million, making it the second most populated place in the Dwavern Kingdom. The more forest southern
Gihóir regiond

Gihóir has beautiful landscapes

half of the country is far more sparsely populated than the northern half.

The majority of the population resides within Dwarfport, which is one of the largest cities in Amsnorth, housing over 350,000 beings of all races. Gihóir has hundreds of miles of forests and plains, which still remain uncharted and unsettled. They remain a source of woodwork, mining and crafting. Some areas are restricted to allow for wildlife to roam free of being forced from their territories.


The climate in Gihóir is very average, and can range from being very hot in the west, to very cold in the south-east regions. Atop some of the tall mountains, there can be thick glaciers, which blow off blizzards during the years colder seasons.


Dwarf noble

Dwarf nobles can be imposing as well as diplomatic

Politics is where Gihóir thrives, and relies on their skills in diplomacy. They have a strong voice in the Senate, and are well respected within both the Dwavern Domain and the Human Royal Government. The country is ruled by the Lord of Gihóir, who is considered to be one of the most powerful and influencal figures in Amsnorth.

Like most governments, Gihóir is independent from everyone else, but still falls under the command of their superior rulers. There are hundreds of politicains that help govern the country, each of which have their own lands and titles. 


Like every country in the world, Gihóir has several noble houses, each of with contribute to the country's overall wealth. While each of these houses still fall under the control over the Great House, House Durgilion, they still hold serious power when compared to commoners.

Each lord and lady must attend a War Council every year, there they discuss matters of the people, and affairs from the outside world. Like most houses, every noble house can't command another, nor demand anything from them, but can make trades and offers to their sister houses. It is in these meetings many infighting happens, as many dwarves crave power and gold above all other races.


Gihóir has a very strong military, consisting of around 15,000 footsoldiers, as well as archers, heavy warfare tools, and strong fortifications. Every soldier is issued with their own personal arsenal, and they must keep them well kept, or be faced with a serious penalty. Unlike most armies across Amsnorth , soldiers within Gihóir are not required to sleep within a barracks when on duty, but can sleep at home.

Because of the country's peaceful history, it does not usually participate in any war, but under command, the military is still required to keep intact and keep the population safe. Which involved keeping the roads secure and free from bandits and fierce dangerous animals.

Racial ImpactEdit

Gihóir is the only country in the world to fully accept all Races of Amsnorth, and have forceful laws to ensure than every race treats the other with respect while in the country. Under the Racial Act of the Third Age, any being who racially insults another may face jail time, or even deportation from the county. Any violence against another race can result in death. Many disrespected races such as Goblins and Trolls are accepted into towns and cities, and are given the same treatment as others, when this will never be found elsewhere, making Gihóir the only country in the world to house goblins.


Gihóir is a very wealthy country, relying on their trade for their major income. They have one of the largest trade industries in Amsnorth, and their supplies are taken through mountains, which prevents them from being attacked. Every supply crate which is transported through mountains, are rarely touched by goblin raiders, and instead are often paid to help escort them to the oceans.


Like every dwarf owned country, Gihóir used the GDW

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