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Glisterward is an ancient and powerful staff created by Jafier Heartan. It is often regarded as being the greatest and most powerful staff in Amsnorth, and is known to give its user imense power, even if they have no knowelage of magic.

The staff was crafted during the War of Kings, and has served Jafier Heartan through many occasions. Its main trademark is its spiritual energy, which it can fire if one does not possess magical talents.

Ever since the death of Nark I Heartan, the staff has been lost. There have been thousands of people, including Azugon, that have hunted it down, all eager to possess its massive power.


The staff was created around the time of the War of Kings. Jafier Heartan decided to built the staff, believing he would be able to harvest and control magic with greater balance. He built the weapon with dragonbone, gold crystals, and formed them with a portion of his magical essence.