Name Goblins
Dominions Rusty Mountains, Main Lands
Languages Giberion
Height 5-6 feet
Skin Color Green, Brown, Black
Hair Color Black, Red, Blonde, Brown, Orange
Lifespan 75 years
Distinctions Ugly, stocky, blotchy, spotty, clumsy, barbaric
"The most vile of all races. They are both weak and stupid. They are large in numbers, but their cowardness has them bend the knee to anyone with high power."
―About the goblins

Goblins are a race of deformed beings that live all around Amsnorth. They are very weak minded and are considered one of the most dangerous of all races. Like the Orc, goblins are believed to have not been created by the great god, the Mystic Dragon. Many say that they are in fact the offspring of dark magic, and their master and creator is Deyanira, the dark goddess. 

Goblins have been the works of many attacks and raids around Amsnorth, stealing, murder and other vile things. This has made them outcasts and one of the most hunted beings in all the lands. They have also sided with evil on many occass


Goblins are described as being similar to the humans and elves, but with deformed features. They stand around 5,4 - 5,8 feet tall, and slightly hunch over slightly. They skin can range from a dark white, to a blochy green and brown. They have long nails and teeth, and pointy ears and nose. Their eyes can change from yellow to green, brown, black and blue.Goblins are always seen wearing iron armour and torn leathers. The females are slightly different, while most don stolen silks and cotton from animals they have killed throughout history.


Many believe, along with the goblins themselves, that they are the offspring of the dark goddess, Deyanira. This has been claimed by many across time, which has caused much trouble for the race. 

It is unknown what exact date they were first spotted within the lands of Amsnorth, but it is thought to be around 15,000 years since their first appearance. Since their appearance they have proven to be much nuisance and have participated in many wars and battles.

War of KingsEdit

Goblins did not play much of a role in the great War of Kings, but they did prove to be a problem for several of King Jafier Heartan's soldiers as they scouted along the lands of Amsnorth

Great PurgeEdit

"The goblins were the first to bend the knee, due to their vulnerability to the strong."
The Prologue

The first time the goblins had fully participated in a war was when Azugon launched his first war on Amsnorth. They were the first to bend the knee to the dark lord due to their weakness in mind and mental prowess.

The Goblins raided most of the villages around the lands, killing innocent people and putting several farms, houses, animals and people to the torch. They were responsible for the death of over 100,000 people alone, before the actuall war even started.

When Azugon attacked Gran Sarathal, they goblins were the main forces sent to take over the city. They eventually did, and secured their place within the cities and villages.

Freedom WarsEdit

When King Tharik Heartan unleashed a rebellion against Azugon, the goblins were once again called upon to settle the affair. However they were quickly defeated by them, which made Azugon think twice about his actions, and began to train skilled goblins.

As the war raged, the goblins fought in many battles, and nearly on every turn were defeated. This enraged Azugon as the war was close on his door.

When Tharik and a host of several races arrived at Gran Sarathal, the goblins were the first to be sent out to meet with them head on. They fought against their foes well, until the spawn were ready to take over. But this did not have the impact that was thought. Tharik and several of his soldiers had their weapons enchanted which enabled them to cut through the spawn with ease.

Azugon eventually entered the battle, and the rebels lost, and the goblins once again caused havok across the lands.

After the DisappearanceEdit

When Azugon mysteriously disappeared, the humans and elves all formed up once more to drive the goblins and spawn from the lands. Due to the lack of their leader, the goblins lost and suffered great loses until they were forced to flee into the mountains and woodlands.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Goblins are an average race of talented fighters. Even thought they are easy to overpower, even for a stableboy, they can be highly dangerous in large numbers. Like the other races, goblins use team effort to try and confuse and overpower their opponents. 


Goblins are merely weak in swordplay, their skills are sloppy and not very strong. However they can be very quick and leap and hop around to try and land a strike on their target. If the defender is great at swordplay, the goblins would quickly be defeated due to their lack of mind and understanding of battle and combat.


Goblins are slightly skilled with bows, as they are trained to use them at an early age so they can hunt for food. They use them in battles, but not often as they prefer to save their arrows for hunting, but when they do they can prove to be an even more problem. 


Their main strength comes from them large numbers and hords. Goblins are weak individually, but once they form up into large groups they can be extremely dangerous. It is because of this they are considered one of the most dangerous beings in Amsnorth. They can easily overpower small numbers if they are within hords.

Goblin LeaderEdit

Very rarely seen, these goblins are stronger in every way compared to their kin. They stand around 6 feet in height and are larger built. Goblin Leaders are also very intelligent, and can speak common tongue if need be. 

Goblin leader

Goblin Leader

They were first trained by Azugon to make the weak minded goblins slightly more efficent in battle. This did have the impact he thought, as Goblin Leaders eventually became feared during a time. Their strength and speed can equal a talented swordsman at close combat, and they aggressive fighting style and intelliegence can have them overpower many foes at once.


Goblin Leaders can used swordplay better than all their goblin counterparts, and even most humans and elves. They are fast and strong, and can use a sword with grace and balance, thus making them one of the most dangerous people in all Amsnorth. Despite this, they share their fellow kins weak mind, and their aggresive rage can lead to many mistakes and they can be defeated if they stagger or lose control.

Current StatusEdit

Goblins no longer haunt the cities, but they are seen around their borders and can raid small villages and towns. Their main targets are always farms, as they steal for food and equipment.

Goblins mainly stick to the mountains, but they come down for food, and when they do they are always hunted by human soldiers, and chased back into their hideouts.