Golden Halls
Golden Halls
Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Kolodyyne
Population 900,000
Rulers Gormar Boulderrock
Military 25,000 footsoldiers, 300 catapults, 5,000 archers
Institutions Golden Castle
Places of note The Great Mine, The Underground Keep, Shrine of the God of Life, The Treasury House, Bleak Inn
Date of founding
Age 24,000 years
Other Information
Summary Capital city of the Dwavern Kingdom, and one of the largest cities
Other names Sǔnguàio, Chéngokon
Inhabitants Dwarves, Humans. Elves
Spoken Languages Rochillion, Dwarfik
Lifespan FA 1000 -
"Owned by the dwarves, the richest place on Amsnorth is full of greedy folk, who would happily stab you in the back for the coin in your pocket."
―About the city

Golden Halls is the capital city located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the main home of the dwarves and is the riches city in all Amsnorth. Its Golden Castle is made from solid gold, around three hundred million gold stones were metled to create it. It is ruled by House Boulderrock, once House Grazaxe, and have dominated the kingdom for over 9,000 years. 

The city is one of the oldest in Amsnorth, along with Gran Sarathal and Markwall.


After the destruction of Orzinhall, the dwarves seeked a new place to call home. They settled above the ground which was unusal for dwarves at this period of time. The builder of the city is unknown, but it is said that every dwarf alive at that point helped build the giant city. 

Throughout time the city has been avoiding the affairs of elves and humans within the main lands of Amsnorth. However the dwarves were highly greedy and sought to expand their lands. So they begun to create an army large enough to challenge the other races. 

Golden Halls canal

A large canal within the city

The dwarves launched an attack on Gran Sarathal, an ancient city which their kin had assisted in creating hundreds of years prior. They succeded in taking over the city. The dwarves wanted the other races to know that they had greater power and authority over them all, so crafted a golden throne made up from all the gold from fallen foes. This enabled their control over all the other races, as well as the dragons as they also possesed Ancient Steel.

When Jafier Heartan rose up against the kings of Amsnorth, King Dargorn Boulderarm attacked the human and allied himself with his fellow kin in the Golden Halls, King Jortharm Grazaxe. 

They were both defeated by the human as he demonstration unbeatable power. The dwarves were they disbanned from the Golden Throne and were outcasted back to the Dwavern Kingdom, until hundreds of years later when they assisted King Tharik Heartan in the Freedom Wars.

Landmarks within the cityEdit

The Great MineEdit

Mining is the main work of the dwarves as they are masters at digging and working in underground tunnels. The Great Mine is the largest in Amsnorth and holds billions upon billions of gold, silver, bronze, rubies, emerals, sapphires, gems and diamonds. The mine is heavily guarded by a steel door as thick as a house, guarded by golems and highly skilled guards. It is the most secure place in all the lands, and almost impossible to attack.

Great Mine

Great Mine

Thousands of dwarves work within the mine, spending most of their lives mining from the rock. Children however are not allowed into the mines, but at the age of sixteen, one can gain a job within the mine and recieve a large amount of gold in the process, which makes it a highly sought job. However only dwarves are allowed to work in it, and are all searched and inspected by soldiers and golems to ensure no person has stolen from the mine.

The Underground KeepEdit

A secondary city built under the Golden Halls. This area is mainly for the dwarves who wish to live as their ancestors did, underground. The Keep is still ruled by the lord, but it does have its own laws and authority. Only dwavres are allowed to live within the keep, which has caused much trouble with the other races. 

Underground keep

Underground Keep

The appearance of the Keep is mainly rocky and grey, with several pools crafted by hand to set a more natural look around it. Despite being buried hundreds of meters bellow the surface, the oxegen level is very stable and dwarves can breathe with little difficulty. 

Shrine of the God of LifeEdit

The dwarves worship the god Chanduka, the god of all animals and life itself. A large shine was built in both the Underground Keep and within the city itself. It gains much attention from across Amsnorth

Like most shrines and temples around the lands, it is highly populated by green-elves. They lead and keep the shrine in order.

The Treasury HouseEdit


The Treasury House

A place where only the lord can gain access to, is the large vault of the city. Inside holds billions of gold and other minerals and things of great price. 

Like the Mine it is heavily protected, but not by any mortal or living thing. Golems and Yargos protect the vault, always keeping aware of any theives. 

Built underground, bellow the Lord's own bedchamber within the Golden Castle, the vault is very difficult to reach. It is bellow many feet of rock and steel, shielded by Dwavern Steel. 

The lord can gain access to the vault by identifying himself to the protectors. These protectors also are immune to magical enchantments, so if a magical being were to impersonate another, the protectors would know instantly.

Bleak InnEdit

The most famous inn in Amsnorth is located within the centeral area of the city. It is both large and beautiful,
Bleak Inn

Bleak Inn

crafted and built by the best builders. It attracts great attention from people and races from all over Amsnorth, and has even had a few hauket within its walls.

The original inn was named the Golden Inn, but Gormar Boulderrock beleived it to be too basic and the same as every other thing in the city. The name Bleak Inn was taken from Beak Hills, a place where Gormar met his wife, Jynornis Boulderrock.

Noble ResidentsEdit

  • Lord Gormar Boulderrock
  • Lady Jynornis Boulderrock
  • Lord Dromkom Boulderrock
  • Commander Gerdus Blackor
  • Veryn Jagur
  • Jamie Hightower
  • Merry Yundi
  • Bellie Gack
  • Edward Jamerson

In the BooksEdit

The city is not mentioned much throughout the novels, however it is seen in the second novel of Tales of Amsnorth, Fire and Steel. But the city is only seen from afar. In the third novel, Rise of a Legend, the city is seen in close, with several main characters visiting the city. 

Also in the War of Kings, the city plays a major part in the story.


The city is located in the Dwavern Kingdom, at the far north of the island. It is roughly twenty miles from the Dwavern Mountains and two thousand miles from its smallest village, Willo-song.

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