Golden Keep
Golden Keep
Lord Jorthar Grumslo
Places of note
The Golden Barracks
Training Grounds
Date of founding
Golden Age
10,000 years
House Grumslo

Golden Keep is a giant fort that is located in the northeast of the Dwavern Kingdom. It is the largest fort in all Amsnorth and holds over 100 dwavern soldiers. It was built during the Golden Age and was the first fort to have been created, which gave it its name. 

It has since been under control by House Grumslo, but it is not their seat of power. It oversees the Black Sea, and warns the Lord of the Golden Halls if any intruders approach the island. 


During the Golden Age, the fort was built to guard the sea near the Black Sea. It was crafted under a bright sunshine, and was given the name Golden Keep due to this and its era of birth. 

It has been controled by House Grumslo since that day, but is ruled by House Boulderrock, after its last owner, House Boulderarm was destroyed in the War of Kings.


The fort is guarded by over 100 dwavern men who are some of the best trained soldiers in the kingdom. They are masters of all arts of combat, from melee to ranged. Also the fort holds several catipults and fire-lances which can pick of enemy ships from the sea with great ease. 

Within the barracks and underground tunnels, holds many traps which can kill those who do not understand them. This makes trying to climb up the castle unawares almost impossible. 


The main hub of the fort is the Underkeep, which holds the main source of power within the fort. It holds a Grand Healer, who sends out ravens if an enemy is spotted.

Golden BarracksEdit

This is where the soldiers are trained. In here holds many training pits, which forces complete effort from its soldiers. This is also where the soldiers keep their weapons, ranging from Ancient Steel, to iron, bronze and silver swords, bows and axes.

Training GroundsEdit

This area of the fort is located at the main gate, and covers the whole of the courtyard. Here many of the soldiers train. This is heavily protected making for those seeking to break in impossible to pass through the 100 men watching and training.