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Golden Knights

General Information

Mathorn Crumbleton (whereabouts currently unknown)

Historical Information

Formed from
Date founded
TA 9593
Date dissolved
Still active
"Golden Knights are possibly the greatest fighters in Amsnorth. However their training is something of a horrifying experience. They are intimidating and highly obedient. "
―About the Golden Knights

Golden Knights or also known as Golden Cloaks are a legion of highly trained knights issued and commanded by King Harken II Heartan. They are trained to be uttelyr obedient towards their king, and have no tolerance for anything. They are described by many as 'spawn in armour'. This is mainly due to their little emotions. Golden Knights are some of the greatest fighters in the lands, and their impressive skills are said to match an orc in combat. The training of a Golden Knight is said to be very, very horrifying, as Harken II wanted an army of soldiers that would be completelty loyal to him. 

Their brutal training is full of torture and death. 2/10 men survive the training of a Golden Knight, and those who do manage to become one, are honour a knighthood, lordship and given lands as a reward for their skills and success. There are over 10,000 of these soldiers and most of them are located within the captial city, Gran Sarathal. They are always seen protecting and following Harken II Heartan around the city and anywhere else he may go.

The Golden Knights are lead by the Golden Master, who serves as their main instructor. He is responsible for commanding the forces, if Harken II Heartan is unavaliable.


These highly talented soldiers were issued by 'Prince' Harken II Heartan around TA 9593. They were originally planned to serve as generals and commanders in his forces. However after the prince plotted to overthrow his brother and take the throne for himself, these knights then became something larger. Along with his good friend, Ser Mathorn Crumbleton he begun to form a better training style for them, to make sure that none of them will show the same disrespect for him like the last.

In TA 9595, another soldier showed little respect towards Harken, which make the prince grow wary. So to make sure that no other knight acted as such, he made sure their training was brutal and intense, so that once they were ready they would never question his actions.

Attacking Gran SarathalEdit

When Harken II Heartan attacked Gran Sarathal in TA 9599, the Golden Knights entered the city and slaughtered many of Gaston IV Heartan's men. They swept through the city, killing as many soldiers as possible, so they may not rush to protect the king. 

Golden Knight soldier

Golden Knight

During this attack, there were rumours that the knights killed innocent people, and raped over half of the city's population. After the attack was successful and Harken was named king, several cityfolk rose up against the king, claiming for justice after the rape and murder. King Harken II Heartan ignored these rumours, and sent his knights to secure and run the entire city.

New TrainingEdit

These knights became more deadly and feirce over time, as Harken II Heartan, now the King of Amsnorth wanted them to be ever more obedient. So he ordered for a new training program. Instead of training in secret, they were sent to the Great Valour islands where they were trained by highly skilled teachers. 

The knights were trained from the age of 5 years old, and went through several training courses until they were ready to be unleashed. However there were thousands of these soldiers that were found at a later age and beaten and tortured until they were able to fight as obedent soldiers.

Their final task in which was created to make sure they felt no emotion, was to kill a child. Harken used this to ensure that they would not hesitate in a situation that would require full attention. If the knight killed the child, they would be granted their armour and a place within his guard in the captial.


There are several ranks within the order of the Golden Knights, some of which are more similar to the normal guard of any city or village.

  • Pawn: the lowest of the order. They go through all the training courses, and kill their child, but they are not given any higher title until they prove theirselves to the king, or their general. Their rank can be spotted by the type of helmet they wear. Their helmet is small, steel plated with only a small gap to see from.
  • Commander: the second of the order. They are slightly higher than the rest, as they issue orders to the pawns. They are seen protecting the king, and scouting the streets and wilds. They can be noticed from their thick high helmet, which holds several marks and designs.
  • General: the third highest in the order. These ones are the most notiable due to their vast size and large crimson cloaks. Their helmets are large and sqaure like. They are strong and very deadly. They all earned their rank from power and battles.
  • Golden Master

    Golden Master

    Master: the highest of the order. The highets and strongest of them all, the master is a killing machine. Regarded as some of the deadliest and most brutal fighters in history of Amsnorth, these warriors are few in numbers, but are known to be as strong, if not stronger than an Orc  fighter. They are reconigsed by their strong golden/silver steel armour, and full covered helmets and their fluffy crimson furs.

Current StatusEdit

These knights can be seen anywhere around Gran Sarathal but are in few numbers around the lands of Amsnorth, however they can be seen and found.

The commanders are seen wondering around the roads, keeping an eye out on their surroundings and making sure no bandits or goblins get to close to any civilization. 

The masters are not seen much, but there are few occasions when they make an appearance. For example, when the king makes a public speech, they will be standing guard, heavily armed and ready to fight and protect their king at all costs.


  • They feel nothing but obedience to their king
  • The average fighter stands over 6 feet tall
  • It is said they can equal an orc in combat
  • There are only 10 Golden Masters