Golden Sea

Structural Information

West of the Dwavern Kingdom
Max. Length
54,000 miles
Surface Area
Max. Depth
Known Creatures

The Golden Sea marginal sea located west of the Dwavern Kingdom. It connects to the Black and Magic Seas. The max depth of the sea is unkown, but it is rich in oils and natural gases. The coastal zones are rich in fish that visit the Golden Sea from the Black Sea or from the Frozen Ocean, for spawning. The warm current ensures relatively stable and high water temperatures, so that unlike the other seas, the Golden Sea is ice-free throughout the year.


The Golden Sea is located to the west of the Dwavern Kingdom, and covers the entire western regions of the kingdom, right down to the south and half way up the eastern shores. It ends roughly next to Wizardear, where it forms into the Magic Sea.


Peaceful Golden Sea

Golden Sea at night

The high heats levels affects the climate in the Golden Sea, and the regional climate can significantly deviate from average. There is also a difference of about 15 °C between the sea and the coastline. Temperatures rose between from the Creation Period to the Golden Age, and in this time, devastating storms blew in from the sea and into the Dwavern Kingdom.

In contrast to the Black Sea and Magic Sea, the Golden Sea is ice-free year round, owing to its warm currents. The convection between the relatively warm water and cold air in the colder seasons plays an important role in the Dwavern climate.

Flora and FaunaEdit


The Dwavern coastal waters are the most important spawning ground of the herring populations. The sea is rich with thousands of fish not found in any other waters, mainly because of its high tempatures. 

Mammals and BirdsEdit

The Golden Sea is home to some of the rarest mammals in Amsnorth, such as Noth Yimsy. Its warm waters also bring in dangerous predators, such as large whales. Birds fly around the sea, finding themselves breeding on small islands.

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