Golden Throne2

The Golden Throne

"Many kings and queens have sat on that throne, the corrupted, the great and the kind. It has been crafted within death and greed."
―About the Throne

The Golden Throne of Kings and Queens or as it is commaly known as The Golden Throne, is the seat of power within the races of Amsnorth. Only the King or Queen may sit on the throne. The one that sats upon the throne is regared as the most powerful man in all the lands. The Human Royal Government is the central government that falls under the throne. The person sitting on it has control over much done by the Royal Government. House Heartan is the main government which holds command over the Royal Government, with the head of the house, being the King or Queen of Amsnorth, ruling over it all.

Each lord, duke or noble all fall under the king or queen.  The current king is Harken II Heartan. The Golden Throne was forged before the rule of humans, An ancient dwarf king used the gold from all his enemies to forge the seat of power. Millions of gold peices were used to mend and shift its appearance many times throughout history. Due to is uncomfortable surface, many crimson cushions and pillows have been fixed into its body, to make the sitter less edgey.


War of Kings Edit

The Throne was one of the many reasons the War of Kings begun. The kings and queens of Amsnorth all wanted further power, and fought against each other to win the throne. However the king of Gran Sarathal at that time was named King Dargorn Boulderarm , which made the city the primary target for all kings and queens. When Jafier Heartan defeated Dargorn in open battle, he seized the throne and was proclaimed king. The human then ordered for all kings and queens of his fallen foes to lose their titles, so that there may be only one king or queen. Since that day the Golden Throne has been the seat in which all the lands rulers sit.


The throne is also a court in some ways, whenever the Sept of Amsnorth is unavailable the crown will take the jutice into its own hands. The Throne Room holds meetings and can sentence people to either exile or death. The king may not need to be present during this time, and a Scholar may take his place (without sitting on the throne) and pass the king's judgement.

In the BooksEdit

The throne does not appear much throughout the first and second novel, but plays a large role throughout the books after.  It is described as both haunting and deadly, as many who sit upon it eventually crumble under its despair and suddenly fall into madness.


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