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Gormar Boulderrock

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Other names
The Lord of the Dwavern Kindgom, Lord of the Dwarves, Lord of Gold
Date of birth
TA 9565
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4.5 Feet
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"You would think I would get tired of obtaining more gold, but at the sight of a piece, I just crave more."
―Gormar on gold

Gormar Boulderrock is a dwarf lord and the Lord of the Golden Halls. He is the head of House Boulderrock and the Lord of the Dwavern Kindgom. Gormar is possibly one of the most powerful men in Amsnorth behind only the King of Amsnorth, Gormar's friend and ally, Harken II Heartan

Born around TA 9565, Gormar was held in high regard as his father was a well respected powerful lord. Gormar has demonstrated great skills at leadership and politics, he is also a very skilled combat commander, and had led many small battles across the Dwavern Kingdom. He is known for his clearance of the Rusty Mountains, a task which took almost three months. He was required to get rid of the goblin and troll infestation that was causing problems for their mining.

When Gormar became lord after his father's death, he changed several rules regarding the dwarf's role within the law. Harken II made them more powerful than they already were by giving them a higher influence. Their friendship formed a bond between the two races, and the dwarves became the second most powerful race, taking the role from the Wood-Elves

Gormar currently rules over all the Dwavern Kingdo , however like each lord of the lands he still falls under the power of the King.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Gormar is stubborn, arrogant, intelligent, witted and very careful. However he is also sometimes kind and caring, depending on the person. He is fond of humans but despises hauket and orcs. He also shows compassion for life and animals, and cares much for the crippled. Gormar built a medical house within the Golden Halls to keep the crippled safe.

Towards his enemies Gormar holds a very feirce reputation, and will go as far to torture and beat them bloody for information. His vile nature while angered is feared, even among more powerful people. His love for gold suppasses all, and he craves more and more of it.

Gormar stands around 4,5 feet, and like most dwarves he is stocky and chubby. He is strongly built, and his face features are less thick and rounded than most of his kin. His hair is a deep black, and has a face full of braided facial hair. He also enjoys the uses of fine clothing to show his superiour position above others.


Early LifeEdit

Gormar was born to Greme Boulderrock and Tara Boulderrock around TA 9565. Being the son to a highly respected lord granted him almost instant fame. As he grew his reputation rose as he was named a warrior by his people. Gormar was an exellent fighter and used these skills to help his people.

Young Gormar

Young Gormar

At the age of 10 he slew a spawn that was spotted around Heroes Pose, being the first person in years to do so. He brought the head of the creature back to his father, where it was hung above the gates to the Golden Halls. More and more spawn begun to appear around the lands, and Gormar lead a small force to route them out, and despite his young age showed great courage and wisdom. He managed to defeat the spawn with the help of green-elf potions. 

The victroy against the spawn caused a celebration within the Dwavern Kingdom and a huge gathering of lords were held to respect him. As the dwarf grew in age his skills increased, however he became more arrogant and started to lust for gold. He sent out many miners and builders across the Rusty Mountains to find spots that would be rich in gold and gems. This caused the lives of many dwarves and brought some controversy to him.

Befriending a PrinceEdit

When news approched the Golden Halls that King Robert V Heartan was coming to visit, Gormar and the rest of the city prepared for his arrival. Greme Boulderrock always told his son to be cautious of kings and queens from the Heartan bloodline. Gormar knew the history that the dwarves and humans have had for thousands of years. He knew all about the War of Kings, and how the great Jafier Heartan murdered their ancestor, Drumnur Boulderrock for betraying him, and removed the titles and kings and queens from them.

When the king's host arrived at the city, Gormar and his father waited at the castle stairs for them. Gormar watched as the huge army approched, flying the Banner of House Heartan. Gormar knew how powerful these men were, and whatever thoughts he had for them he was required to keep them hidden. However when Robert V arrived, he had with him two sons. Gaston IV Heartan and Harken II Heartan

Gormar was instantly taken by the personallity of Harken, and they two bonded rather quickly. Harken shared his lust for battle and they often wondered the kingdom for sport. They hunted and tracked together, and even killed a group of goblins near the village of Willow-Song. However after their hunt, they were both attacked by a huge bear, and Gormar suffered a serious wound to his chest. Gaston IV however was watching and slew the bear with a bow and arrow. The Prince confronted them, and assisted Harken in getting him to safetly.

Walk into Dark TerritoryEdit

Harken was very outgoing Gormar noticed, and he enjoyed risks. The prince brought before him a plan to sneak into the Dark Territory to scout around. Much to the resistance of Gornar, Harken eventually convinced him, and they both headed out alone.

They rode for weeks down to the edge of the Dwavern Kingdom, where they finally came to the enterance to the Dark Territory. Gormar knew the stories that came from there, and did not want to go. But he also did not want to seem like a coward in front of the Prince, so went anyway.

Both children ventured deep into the territory, where they scouted around the Dead Forest. They found
Gormar fighting

Gormar fighting with a bow and arrow

ancient stones, weapons and dark symbols that were freightening. Gormar insisted that they head back, but Harken rushed forth, deeper into the forest. Gormar rushed after him, but then they were both attacked by ogres and goblins. Gormar and Harken had to fight the best they could to break free, but there was so many of them. Gormar was shot in the leg by an arrow, and thought for an instant that Harken would leave him for dead when he rushed off into the trees. However the Prince set the woods on fire, causing the goblins and ogres to flee.

Harken came back for Gormar and they rode back to the city. However on the way they were followed by large sums of dark creatures, lead by a mysterious cloaked figure. Dozens of goblins, spawn and many more stalked them. Gormar and Harken tried their best to keep themselves alive, but the arrow in his knee caused him to grow ill on the road.

They were both cornered, and Harken fought them off while Gormar attempted to climb a mountain. But as he did hia father along with King Robert arrived, killing the enemies and chasing the rest of them off. A furious Greme beat Gormar for his reckless behaviour and dragged him back to Golden Halls. Since then Gormar has held the highest respect for Harken, and considers him one of his greatest friends.


When it was time for the king and the princes to head home, Gormar asked his father if Harken could remain and serve as a squire. Greme was not very happy with the idea, but suggested it to Robert V. Gormar oversaw the meeting by hiding up inside the roof. Robert bitterly refused the idea, and Greme did not press it further.

Gormar was present when they were set off back to Gran Sarathal. He bid Harken II Heartan farewell and promised to come and see him when his father would allow it. The prince responded by handing him over a small dagger with the Heartan unicorn engraved in the hilt. The dagger made from dragonsteel was one of the most powerful knives ever created. Harken then informed him that it can set trees on fire and kill any creature.

Gormar hugged his great friend and they departured.

Clearance of the Rusty MountainsEdit


Around TA 9585 rumours started to appear that goblins, trolls, ogres, werewolves and vampires were appearing around the Rusty Mountains. Greme Boulderrock ignored these rumours and dismissed anyone who mentioned then. However Gormar refused to ignore them, and gathered an army of 500 men to ride down to find a way to defeat them.

They rode into several towns and villages on the way, asking for any information that may lead them to the growing infestation. When they eventually found out where a nearby camp was, they did not attack, but rather waited and followed them. Spies tracked them down, and found their location within the Rusty Mountains.

First AttackEdit

Gormar and his force smashed into the mountains, charging through them like butter. Their skills overmatched them and they pressed the creatures back into their caves. When this as done, they set the trees on fire, causing branches and bark to cover the caves. Gormar then ordered for the potions of the green-elves to be tossed in, burning and killing those trapped inside.

They moved across the mountains, only resting few hours a day. They managed to clear hundreds of camps, and reached high peaks to look for more. Gormar was shocked by the sheer size of the mountains, and it took them days to walk several miles east. When another camp approched, Gormar noticed that this one was different, as darkness surrounded it. Gormar sent in his spies for a closer look, but when they entered the darkness they were swallowed. 

Battling a ShadowEdit

"To kill a shadow, you just simply shine a little light on it."
―Gormar before fighting Ezgoth

Gormar had to work his way around the darkness, but it seemed to increase with every hour. He had a plan, and used the potions to explode the mountains and rock around them, causing a seriour rockslide. This startled them within the camp, and the dwarves charged in.

They smashed against this enemy, battling for hours before a cloaked man appeared. He knocked Gormar to the ground and destroyed his axe, making him armless. threatening to kill him, the man known as Ezgoth set his men on fire. Out of rage, Gormar used the dagger given to him by Harken II Heartan and charged at him, shoving it deep into his chest. But before the dagger could work, the necromancer burst into smoke and flew off.

New LordEdit

In TA 9586 Gormar's father Greme Boulderrock died from natural causes, and Gormar had to rush back to Golden Halls to be named the new Lord of the Golden Halls. However on the way there were many people protesting against his titles, and many demanded that he give it to one of his other relatives. This was mainly because people enjoyed his position as a commander, and would have to give all of that up to rule over House Boulderrock, but Gormar refused. He wanted the title of lord for years and having control over the entire Dwavern Kingdom was an excitment for him.

Gormar as lord

Gormar as a new lord

Gormar's lordship was made by Gaston IV Heartan who was resently crowned king. Gormar was never very fond of Gaston as he believed that he was 'too' soft to be king. Gaston's brother, Harken II Heartan also attended the lordship ceromony. This was the first time the two friends had seen each other in years, and Harken revealed to Gormar his plan to overthrow his brother. Knowing that if Gormar did not inform Gaston of this would be treason, he bribed his friend to increase his power and the power of the dwarves. Harken accepted this and promised to make them a stronger race and government.

While Gormar plotted with Harken against Gaston, he also attempted to bring his kingdom back into full status. He had lands cleared of animals, where small towns and mines were to be built to mine for more gold, silver, bronze, copper and other metals. 

His ruling as a lord was well respected by others, and this increased the immigration of other races, which Gormar was highly opposing. This brought much criticim from his people as more immigrants started to cause problems within villages. This came to the attention of King Gaston IV Heartan and the king visited the Dwavern Kingdom to provide his aid. The king offered to build him new houses to house the new residents, but Gormar refused, he wanted these people out of his kingdom. Gaston responded by informing him that the kingdom does not belong to him. 

An angered Gormar assisted Harken II Heartan further in overthrowing his brother by sending dwarves and gold to fund and increase his brutally trained army, the Golden Knights. With the knights numbers increasing, Harken was finally ready to attack Gran Sarathal and claim the throne. Gormar was not present in the war, as he would be seen as a traitor by the people, he remained behind the scenes. The dwarf lord sent ravens to Gran Sarathal, getting many dward nobles within the city to turn against anyone who supported Gaston IV. 

When Harken II won the battle against his brother, Gormar immediately headed for the capital. He was present for the coronation of Harken, but was also present when people formed riots to take Harken down. Many people called both of them traitors and murders for killing innocent people. The Golden Knights killed more people under the order of Harken and the king promised to kill more who would stand up against his rule. The people eventually back down, and Harken made a full statement in front of thousands that the dwarves would replace the wood-elves as the second most powerful race.

Current StatusEdit

Gormar Boulderrock is currently still the Lord of the Golden Halls and is regarded as one of the most powerful men alive, and due to his work within the Dwavern Kingdom he is now the richest man alive. He possesses the largest bank, largest mining, largest gold treasury and greatest fleet. 

Gormar has a mixed reputation, but is loved by a huge selection of people. he is admired by his kin as he has done great things to make their lives better within the kingdom, but many others call him a tyrant like Harken II Heartan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gormar Boulderrock is a great warrior and very strong. Like most dwarves he is outstanding at fighting, and uses his small size as his greatest advantage. He wields an axe and is seen as being very fast yet skilled with it. It is rare a person who uses an axe is able to use it gracefully due to its size, but Gormar is one of the few who do.


Gormar is very skilled in swordplay, but prefers an axe. He still owns swords and will use them in combat as a second weapon, keeping them strapped to his belt. Gormar is very fast for a dwarf, and can move with great agility despite being armoured in heavy armour.

He has killed many creatures and races alike, and was one of the yountest, if not youngest person to kill a spawn. The dwarf managed to defeat the creature despite his weapon being useless against it. He eventually managed to cut it up and burn its remains. 


Gormar is very sneaky and highly educated. Like most people born into noble status, they are required to learn so that one day they can claim a title such a lord. Gormar was one of these people, and managed to make time for reading when he was on his travells. He is known for the expansion of the library of the Golden Halls.

He also uses his intelligence to find ways to defeat his enemies, even more so when he became lord. An example when he plotted against Gaston IV Heartan from behind the scenes. 

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