Great Fissure

Great Fissure

Great Fissure is a huge gaping gorge that is located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is believed that the Fissure is where the first dwarves left their ancient underground city of Orzinhall. After the city was destroyed, it caused the ground above to crack, and the dwarves left to prevent extinction. The Fissure is located within the Plain Lands, and travels for around 40 miles in length. There is a huge bridge which moves across the Fissure, to allow quick access to the Ancient Castle.


The Great Fissure was first created when a mysterious destruction caused the ground to break away and crumble. This caused the dwarves to evacuate their cities underground, and flee to save their lives. They used the Fissure to climb out of the ground, and eventually the two grounds parted, seperating the dwarves. 

Ever since the day it appeared, it has been a landmark, and attracts a large group of people. Many people have attempted to climb down to see the ancient dwavern cities, however thousands of died in attempt. The gorge travels down around 30 miles, and it makes it impossible to reach. However there have been rumours in the past, that dragons have been seen flying out of the Fissure.


It is located within the Plain Lands roughly a few hundred miles from the Golden Halls. It is 20 miles west of the Ancient Castle.