Greatwood City
Wood city
Greatwood Forest
Western Territories
4,000 (approx.)
Mystic Dragon
White Castle
Places of note
Shrine of the Mystic Dragon
Beauty of the Forest
Ancient Path
Date of founding
Age of Kings
1,000 years
"It was massive, the trees where the biggest she had seen, they were about as thick as a house. There were large houses that were built alongside them and more where up in the actual trees, they were built on top of enormous branches, and going from tree to tree were several hundred large wooden bridges. Going up the tree trunks were mushrooms, but they curved and spun up the trunks like spirals. The houses were wooden and white, there were elves standing outside them watching her as she walked by. There were other trees where doors were on the trunks of them, the doors were thick and there was a small hole in the exact centre that was lit up."
Isabella's thoughts on the city

Greatwood City is a vast woodland realm that resides within Greatwood Forest. It is the largest of the three other woodland cities, and is the home to elvish authority. The city has been created many times throughout history, but has never been as stable and strong as it is in under the rule of Queen Nymeria

The city is protected by a large magical barrier which surrounds the city's main enterance. This enables serious protection against both magical and non-magical foes. 

Landmarks Within the CityEdit

White CastleEdit

The castle within the city is the home to Nymeria and her daughters. It is a large castle covered in weeds, vines and flowers. Inside is a glass-like look with crystal floor and walls, with many different colours of tiles,
Queen's castle
paintings, plants and flowers. 

The castle was built from an old building from the Great Purge, when Nymeria's father, Melenki ruled the woodland realms. The castle is older than the city itself. 

Like the rest of the city, the castle is protected by a magical barrier created by Nymeria herself. It makes sure that the city cannot suffer from magical attacks from any creature or race of magic origin. The only race that is able to perform any type of magic in the city are Leavons, who are the guardians of the woodland realms. 

Shrine of the Mystic DragonEdit

The shrine was built by Nymeria and several of her friends. Due to being a worshiper of the Mystic Dragon, Nymeria thought it prudent to built a shrine to communicate with him. Even though this does not work all the
Shrine of the mystic dragon


time, it has been known to work few times.

Inside the shrine holds many scales from fallen dragons. Nymeria collected each one of them, by buying them for a hefty price. Inside the shrine is all brozen and gold, with streams of rivers and ponds lying around the view. There are many rooms that lead off into many directions. Like most shrines and temples around Amsnorth it is protected by scholars. 

The pool that sits at the far side of the shrine has been enchanted with pure water. This allows that one that drinks from it to gain hallucinations and dream of the Mystic Dragon.

Beauty of the ForestEdit

"Ahead a large pond, around the blue water was flowers, vines and weeds that curled into what looked like tangled rope. Around the pond were hundreds of small animals and other plants and rocks. Inside the pond were tiny little creatures that swam around, occasionally leaping out of the water, as if they were trying to get a look at the tall things near its home. The trees that circled around the extraordinary place were outstanding. There were not like the trees that Isabella had seen before, these were all sorts of colours: ranging from orange, to pink, to a blossom red. The grass that lay on the ground was the greenest of the green, with small white and yellow flowers peeking from the soil."
- Isabella's thoughts on the pond.

The main source of magic within the city is named the Beauty of the Forest. It is a beautiful pond full of

Beauty of the forest

Pond with a unicorn

magical creatures and plants that live within the forest's life. It is home to many of the world's purest creatures, including the unicorn. 

The pond is believed to be the main power that fuels the barrier at the enterance, which causes many magic from the outside world to be useless. Also it is a place where one that wishes to replenish their sins and become holey again, but at a cost of a short life.

Ancient PathEdit

A path built by Melenki to honour the fallen kings and queens of the elves.This place holds many statues of the past monarchs, including that of the darke-elves. 

Over the years each king and queen have brought a new touch to the path, adding more features and having stonemasers craft more statues of the previous ruler. 

Nymeria had her father's statue placed within the path, along with her grandparents. Even though she never met any of them, she still held them in high regard and did not let many people within the path.

Nobles ResidentsEdit


"Nothing is more beautiful."
About the city
"A place of pure light and heart."
About the city

In the BooksEdit

Greatwood City makes its first appearance in Dust and Shadow. It is a place where Isabella Mthendale visits during her travel to the Shard Mountains. It is also the place where she trains how to fight.


The city is located within Greatwood Forest which is south of Gran Sarathal and east to Phylon. It is located not far from the Gorge and River. It takes around three days to travel from Greatwood River to the city.