Greatwood Forest

"A magical place full of wonders and adventures. Greatwood Forest is a place where the wood-elves make their home, due to its massive scope and mysteries."
―About the forest

The Greatwood Forest is a giant woodland realm that is south of Gran Sarathal. It is the largest forest in all Amsnorth, and takes up around half of the Western Territories. It is the home to Greatwood City, which is the main woodland realm for the wood-elves and Queen Nymeria

The forest has been home to the wood-elves since the beginning of their appearance. Ancient kings have relocated their cities across the entire distance of the forest. The forest is also home to many of Amsnorth's beasts, including magical creatures such as the unicorn. 

For thousands of years the forest has played a major role in much of the lands history. It has been attacked hundreds of times as it is the main origin of the wood-elves, and the capitaln city of the woodland realms. Azugon during the Great Purge made sure the forest was under his control before he sought to take Gran Sarathal


Greatwood was one of the first forests created by the magical race of Leavons. The forets was constructed to form a woodland realm for the wood-elves and a place to keep all magical creatures, such as: fairies, grasstrotts and more. 

King Andriel, the very first Wood-Elf king to have been recorded, was the one responsible for the creation of most of the forest's beauty and famous structures. However the king was greedy and sought to control more lands, something his rivials Shalimal and Master Soliman both set out to do also. 

Andriel was defeated by Shalimal who had declaired himself Emperor, and formed his own faction known as the Dark-Elf Empire. This enraged Andriel and he had his own soldiers use Greatwood as their main source of resource. They used the woods to craft the very first bows and arrows, using the forest's strong and rare woods.

After the War of the First, Andriel was defeated and Shalimal took control over most of Amsnorth. Andriel's first born son Menelras, became the new king, but was forced to swear allegence to Shalimal to keep his titles. 

Over the course of time, the forest became home to hundreds of elf kings, most of whom have each played a major part in some affair. The wood-elves were known to use the forest and play with its instruments to toy with enemies. Due to its massive mysteries, the forest was sought out by many people over time, some of which have not returned. 

The forest has been attacked multiple times throughout the course of history. It was the main hub for the elves during the War of Kings. During this period when King Saaelas of the dark-elves launched an attack on the wood-elves. The latter were defeated and the dark-elf king took control over Greatwood, which wounded the wood-elf forces greatly. However after King Safdraen allied himself with Jafier Heartan he managed to take back his homeland from the clutches of the dark-elf king.

During the Great Purge, Azugon sent forth legions of goblins, ogres and spawn to capture Greatwood,
Greatwood on fire

Greatwood on fire

knowing it was one of the greatest defences for the elves and humans. It took the dark lord almost two months to capture it, making it the longest period in the entire war. The elves managed to put up such a fight, that Azugon was left with no other choice than to transform into a dragon and set the entire forest on fire. 

However due to the immense power the forest possessed, the flames that Azugon set were drenched. The leavons later used their magical talents to recreate the forest back to its original image.

After Azugon vanished, the forest was reclaimed by Melenki, who restored it back to its former beauty, and made it once again the home to the Wood-Elf Monarchy. After Melenki died, his daughter, Queen Nymeria built a new city within the forest, naming it the Greatwood City, which for nearly 1,500 year has become the greatest city the forest had seen.


Greatwood is considered one of the beauties of Amsnorth, its vast lands and trees, its giant colourful flowers, beautiful landscapes and creatures makes it for a place of tourism. Its forest ground holds an emerale green path of grass, which is said to have 'not a spot of dirt on it'. It is claimed that the forest's magical creatures clean everything. There are many rivers flowing through the centre of the forest which is the colour of sapphires, and streams with colourful fish.

Many of the trees are larger there than anywhere else in the lands, with some reaching the height of one hundred feet in length. Their leaves hold many colours such as pink, yellow, blue and orange. Many of the barks are homes to small creatures, and trail off into wonderous underground caves and tunnels. 

Greatwood CityEdit

The forest is home to Greatwood City, the central place for the wood-elves and their main city. It is a large place with many houses that reside mainly within the trees. The city is protected by a large magical barrier that was conjured by the queen, Nymeria

Greatwood city

Greatwood City

The city has played a large part throughout the course of history, which has seen many attacks and recreations. The current city that was created and crafted by the current queen, has stood for nearly 1,500 years, making it the longest lived woodland city. 

Nymeria is the queen of Greatwood City, as well as the other cities around the woodlands, such as Greenwood, Pinewood and Oakwood. She is also the ruler of all forests around Amsnorth, as they all hold some shelter and village for her people. But Greatwood City is considered the highest of all realms.

Greatwood GorgeEdit

The central pit of the forest is the Gorge. This place takes up around a quarter of the forest, and is home to many creatures. it is rumoured that this place is home to a unicorn, but these have not been proven. Much of Greatwood's magical creatures live within the gorge, as it is protected by large deadly trees and vines, which makes it nearly impossible to pass through. However there are ways into the Gorge, which are known only to a selected few, such as Queen Nymeria

Greatwood RiverEdit

The large river that flows through the forest, and the city is the longest in Amsnorth. It reaches for around three hundred miles, and trails through the Western Territories, and ends at the Shardlake near the village of Seatown

Greatwood river

Greatwood River

The river is home to many of Amsnorth's creatures and fish. It is one of the main supplies of the wood-elf food source, making it a highly protected area within Greatwood territories. It has been attacked many times by bandits and thugs. The only person allowed to have access to the river is King Harken Heartan, who is in ally terms with Queen Nymeria.

Also located within the river are many stones known as Enchana stun. These stones are magical stones that are said to harvets the power and magic of the sun, as well as the life from the forest itself. These stones are protected by many of the forest's Yargos, making it one of the most protected places in Amsnorth. Nymeria crafted her ancient bow within these stones, which gave it devistating abilities, by alllowing arrows to multiply. The bow currently belongs to her daughter, Lymeria.

In the BooksEdit

Greatwood plays a major part in the first novel, Dust and Shadow. Isabella Mthendale travels here with Wayal, seeking to gain access to the Gorge and gain a quick path through the West. At the beginning of the novel, when Isabella is hunting with her dragon Purple-eye , the forest is seen, but from only the distant view. Isabella travels throughout the forest until she is found and captured by Mymera and taken to the city to see Nymeria.