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Elvin Humanoid
Central Populated
Summer of Priest
All of Amnorth
Western Territories
"Out of the three elves, no one could argue the mysteriousness of these unique beings."
―About the green-elves

Green-Elves are a race of elves that reside mainly within the island of Summer of Priest. They are mysterious to most, and serve as healers across the whole of Amsnorth. They differ greatly from their fellow elves, and a more like humans in appearance but instead with green skin. Green-Elves along with the Nimidorians are the two races who have been in less wars and battles than any other race. 

Master Soliman is the first ever recorded green-elf leader, and the first ever King of the Green-Elves. While he built a legacy of the green-elves, the monarchy of these beings did not last long, as the War of the First ended that, and Soliman's great-great grandchildren regected the title of king and queen.

Over time these elves have made a name for themselves, and they are respected across the lands. They are the best at what they do in healing and alchemy. No other race can match them in this art, which makes them very valuable to leaders. Some of the greatest healers are found among these beings, and they are also the cheapest healers in the world.



Like their fellow kin Wood-Elves and Dark-Elves, these ones were the first mortal race to walk the lands of Amsnorth. These elves however are unlike their kin in terms of prowess, intead they were granted wisdom and high intelligence. When Master Soliman first appeared in the lands, he decided to make his race completely different from the rest, as he believed that all kinds of life should be respected. Because of their hatred for warfare, death of life, they will very rarely enter a war, battle and do not eat meat. Eatting meat in Summer of Priest is forbidden, and doing so will result in being exiled from the island. Only the King or Queen of Amsnorth has the power to eat meat on the island.

War of the FirstEdit

When the first ever war took place, Master Soliman was not very pleased to enter the war, but had little choice. He despite having less numbers than the other two, managed to break both of them. However after a few years of war, the green-elves were eventually defeated as the power of Shalimal increased greatly over time. 

Shalimal broke the green-elves, and burned several of their homes, killing dozens of elves. Solimal died, and his children bent the knee to the new emperor. 


Green-Elves are recongized by their green skin, this can range from a deep shade of green to a bright
Green-elf female

Green-Elf female

emerald. Thier eyes can change from yellow, orange and green. Their ears, while not as long as the wood-elve s are much larger than that of the dark-elves. 

They wear mainly robes and leathers, they are not as luxuary as the wood-elves or dark-elves, but their clothing are created from the most precious of animals. 

They are the tallest of all elves and stand around 5.8 feet tall, however the the tallest elf to have lived was 6,6 feet tall. Their average height is taller than the humans.


Green-Elves are mainly the healers that are seen within cities and villages. They are masters at creating all kinds of things to do with chemistry. 

Each city has its own green-elf healer, but only few villages.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although these elves are not known for skills in battle, they can still be skilled in several of the arts. However despite this, green-elves are largely intelligent, being smarter than any other race with the execption of thedragons


Green-elves do not use blades or any kind of weaponry unless need be. They can use them however, and use mainly longswords and never shields. They are trained to use swords to defend only, and never to attack. Their use of the blade has them balance out their movements, and try and find a way to talk their way out of dangerous situations.


Green-elves are the smartest of all races in this skill, they can use their brillant minds to solve nearly any problem. They are mainly scholars and politicans due to their understanding of their enemy.


Green-elf potion maker

Green-Elf potion maker

Green-elves are masters in this skill, being the only ones to be able to understand chemicals and ingredients of potions and poisons. They serve in villages and cities, using this skill to serve as healers to the people. 

They can also use this skill in combat, by setting up traps and experimenting with lethal substances that can wound and harm large amounts of people. They can also craft poisons, which also make them for dangerous enimes and assasins. 

In the BooksEdit

These elves do not appear much throughout the first installment, Dust and Shadow, but they have a larger role in the future novels. Their keen skills play an important role within major events.