Lord Timscar Horothgar
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The Grey Manor
Places of note
Cloud-Sore Inn
Date of founding
Golden Age
10,000 years

Greyfield is a large village located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It consists of around 8,000 villagers and is one of the newest villages in the kingdom. It is located forty miles from the Dwarf River, two hundred from Golden Halls, and one thousand miles from Steeltown


The village was founded in the Golden Age, around two thousand years after the first dwarves rose up from underground. It was built over a large quarry and has since been a remote village. However it has grown in size and houses over 10,000 people, consiting of elves, dwarves and humans

Its houses were built from the nearby forest, and are also crafted with stone and tar. Unlike the other villages this village does not hold strong structures, but it is well protected by the large quarry that circles around it.

Places of NoteEdit

The Grey ManorEdit

The largest house and the seat of House Horothgar, the Grey Manor is one of the main houses of the Dwavern Kingdom. Inside are many rooms and platforms, which hold every member of the house. 

The house was built by fully trained craftsmen, and is strong in structure. It overlooks the entire village and holds many of the house's banners fluttering above their doors and windows.

Cloud-Sore InnEdit

The main attraction of the village, is the local inn. It is a small place that holds many locals and travellers that seek to cross the Dwarf River. Unlike the other inn in the kingdom, this one is not owned by an innkeeper, but by the lord of the house. Which causes most of its earnings going into House Horothgar's bank.


The village is located two hundred miles from Golden Halls, the capital of the kingdom. It is surrounded by rocks and small cliffsides. It is well hidden to those who do not know how to find it.

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