Adult Griffon

Griffons are magical creatures that are believed to be mythical. They are large beasts that appear to be half lion half eagle. 

They are rarely seen throughout Amsnorth, which had caused controversial talks that they even exist.

A fully grown adult griffon can reach the length of 40 feet, making them the second largets creature, under the Mammoth.


Not much is known about the griffon, but many say that the first griffon came to be when a eagle mated with a lion. This tale has been said many times, but it has not been proven, and is highly unlikely.

They were first spotted around 10,000 BPD, when the dwarves of the Dwavern Kingdom managed to capture and kill one. It bones were then taken to the Golden Halls where they hang above the lord's seat.


The griffon is half lion half eagle, so the lower half of its bodt takes the form of a lion. It is furry with a brown/cream shade. Its tail is also that of a lion, along with the two bottom legs. The upper half is that of a eagle, with bright white feathers and a large yellow beak. Its wings are that of an eagle, but are the colours of a lion.

Their claws are also like the eagle, and they curve slightly into a very deadly sharp twist, which enables them to rip flesh from bone.


The griffons are said to live within large mountins, mainly those that are far away from population. Mountains such as the Shard Mountains and Green Mountains are the primary residents of these great creatures, as they are large and well concealed from the outside world.

Many stories have told that griffons are drawn to the sight of gold, which makes them the protectors of treasure. This however is not fully clear as not griffon has been spotted within the Golden Halls, a city made fully out of gold.


Griffons are considered one of the strongest of all creatures, and can even hold its own against a dragon, which are the most powerful creatures in all Amsnorth. They are very fast and also highly powerful, but their main power comes from their ability to use certian magic.

Claws and BeaksEdit

Griffons use their main source of fighting when they both hunt, or to protect theirselves from dangerous preditors.

Their claws are very sharp and can slice through strong steel and iron. Their beaks are said to be able to crush gold and rock.


Griffons are the only creatures in Amsnorth, along with the unicorn, that can use magic. Their main spells are able to summon and cast wind from their large wings, forming large hurricanes. They can also use a small amount of lightning by swirling it through their wings.

In StoriesEdit

In the book titled Our God, Our Creator, griffons are mentioned to be greedy creatues that protect and guard gold and other legend treasures. One of which are the Jewels of Úndar. This has casued for much probelms concerning the griffons as during this period thousands of people attempted to hunt them down.