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Harken II Heartan

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Other names
The Tyrant King, Kinslayer, Harken the Brave, King of Gold, The Bandit Slayer
Date of birth
TA 9577
TA 9593 - current
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6.6 Feet
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Eye color
Chocolate Eyes
Royal House
None, still ruling
"Harken is one of the most ruthless kings to ever have sat on the throne. None, and nothing of the world would remain if his reign continues to see the deaths of innocents."
―Unknown source

King Harken II Heartan is the current King of Amsnorth and the head of the powerful noble house, House Heartan. Due to being the High King, Harken is possibly the most powerful man in Amsnorth. He is the ruler of the Human Royal Government and the father to Kevan I Heartan, Melanie I Heartan and Lorell I Heartan.

Harken is the second eldest to Robert V Heartan, younger brother to his predessor Gaston IV Heartan. At a young age Harken grew rather jealous of his older brother, and sought to overthrow him, by plotting a way to either kill or exile him.

Over the years Harken changed much, as a youth he was considered honourable and kind, but as he grew older he became corrupted and cruel, often caring little about the people who loved him. Many believe this was because fear and power had driven him mad, as it did his grandfather, Nark IX Heartan.

As his rebellion succeded, Harken became the new King of Amsnorth, and during this time he attempted to make himself as loved as his older brother. But he had little effect on the people, so he begun to care less and less about them, to the point where he sent his council members to settle affairs from the public. Harken currently rules across Amsnorth, is not deeply hated, but he does not have much respect from his people. However many believe that he is one of the best kings they have had in a long time, but many also doubt that.

Character and Appearance Edit

Harken Heartan is a intelligent, cunning, politicaly astute, brutal, ruthless, controlling and parinod man. The King has dedicated most of his life trying to gain power, and managed to do so by murdering his own brother. He is also highly efficent in battles, being able to understand an ememy easy, and can settle matters with just one glare from his feirce eyes. 

His intelligence allowed him to gain a large amount of allies before he overthrew his brother, as he used his cunning mind to turn and twist them against Gaston IV Heartan. Harken is also a very skilled swordmaster, and teacher, and this showed when he created his own order of knights known as Golden Knights. Harken has many weakness, being that he loves gold, and along with his good friend, Gormar Boulderrock, he invaded several islands from pirates to steal and built gold mines.

Harken is very tall, standing around 6.6 feet in height. He is very powerful in appearance, and his body is of pure muscle, something he is very fond of himself. He has deepn chocolate eyes, a gentle expression, and thick features. He is considered a very handsome man, and enjoys his luxury clothings, donning mainly House Heartan colours of crimson and gold. Harken looks much like a lion, has a full head of long brown hair, and a full face of facial hairs. 


Early LifeEdit

Harken was born to Robert V Heartan and Elsa Heartan, and the younger brother to Gaston IV Heartan. Harken was always a rather jealous young boy, and would often try and bully Gaston because of his loving personallity. However Harken did show much care and protective behaviour towards his brother, as shown when he beat a squire for
Young Harken II

Teen Harken II

pushing Gaston down the stairs. The squire was later hanged, under the orders of Harken, who was only four at the time. Gaston was not too proud of this action, but he did thank Harken.

When he was in his early years, Harken decided to hire a heavily trained swordmaster called, Kye'Von Hustle, to train him in the arts of combat. His father, Robert and his mother were not proud of the fact their young boy was training in swordplay, but did not argue against it. Harken was trained by the master for several years, suffering a brutal process of training. He endured the pain and fuled it into power and rage, as he was taught. 

Slaying Thorson Van TussleEdit

Thorson Van Tussle: "Beaten by a boy and an old man. Do me one honour kid, don't tell anyone about this"
Harken II Heartan: "No, I would rather take off your head and present it to my father. Then I will spread the rumour that the great Thorson Van Tussle was slain by a boy prince."
Thorson Van Tussle: "Ha-ha-ha. I respect you kid, you have balls. More than I can say about your father."
— Harken and Thorson before his death

When Harken was six years old his father was informed that a renowed criminal and bounty hunter, Thorson Van Tussle had escaped Prisoners Bay. Robert V Heartan ordered several of his soldiers to hunt the man down, but Harken wanted to assist them. The King refused the Prince, so Harken asked his teacher if they could hunt Thorson down. Kye'Von Hustle accepted this and they both left Gran Sarathal to track the Bounty Hunter down.

They tracked the man down across the Western Territories, and eventually throughout the North. They spent days hunting the man. Harken watched as his master, Kye'Von used his great skills to track the man's steps and footprints in the muck. 

When they found Thorson, he was within Kingallow. Harken and Kye'Von waited with patience while the watched the
Fighting Thorson

Battling against Thorson

man from afar, trying to find the right time to attack him. While Kingallow was an ancient human town, it had strict rules about fighting within its streets. Harken managed to lure Thorson out of the town, by paying a whore to lure him from the local inn. Much to the praise of Kye'Von, they attacked Thorson.

Harken watched as Kye'Von and Thorson fought, and moved around them to flank. Once Thorson showed a small sign of weakness, Harken threw a knife which dug deep into his leg. Kye'Von then slashed off his hand and kicked him to the ground. As Thorson lay defeated, he praised Harken for his skills and asked to be respected for the known criminal he was. However, Harken eager to please his father and the people, beheaded him and took his head back to Gran Sarathal. 

King Robert V Heartan was disgusted and shocked by this, and ordered Kye'Von Hustle to be cast from the city for his part. Harken was angry over this, and wanted to be respected for it, so used Thorson's head and informed the people of his death. Harken got the respect he wanted, and his name and the events spread across the lands within days.

Dwavern KingdomEdit

Gormar BoulderrockEdit

At the age of eight his father took him and his older brother to the Dwavern Kingdom. There Harken befriended the dwarf lord. It was at this visit Harken begun to further his swordplay, being taught under the dwavern commanders. As Harken grew older, he did not bother himself with politics or anything that required speech, while his older brother did. Harken was always one to go out and explore and fight. Every matter that he fixed was delt with a blow from his sword. 

During his time in the Kingdom, he befriended the young dwarf lord, Gormar Boulderrock. The two grew close mainly because of their love for battle and gold. They spent many months wondering around the Golden Halls, trying to pick fights, and assisting the tax collectors take gold from the citizens. Many times Harken and Gormar would steal some of the gold, and visit the nearby tavern. It was hard for them to get any ale, so they paid a drunken fool to buy it for them. This caught the attention of their fathers, and they were dragged back to the castle, both of them drunk. Harken had admitted paying a whore to come back with him, but Robert V Heartan had her sent away.

Gormar and Harken started to form a small group, along with other young noble boys. They roamed across the Golden Halls, and ventured further south of the city, despite their father's law in not doing so. They encountered a small girl on the road, and Harken watched as Gormar and the dwarf nobles raped her. Harken also joined in after they had finished, and then paid the girl gold for her troubles. 

The group made their way further down the Kingdom, past many of the villages and towns. After the other group members decided to go back home, Gormar had an idea to hunt some goblins around the lower half of the kingdom. Harken thought the idea great, so they both rushed down towards Willow-Song, where goblins lived nearby in the woods. While they hunted, Gormar was suddenly knocked to the ground by a huge brown bear. Harken screamed and tried to hit the bear with his sword, but eas knocked down also. Gormar trying to save Harken slashed at its legs, but was scratched across the chest, wounding him deeply. The bear turned for Harken, but was suddenly killed when several arrows hit its head. Gaston IV Heartan rushed out of the trees holding a bow, and roared at Harken and Gormar Boulderrock for their reckless behaviour. Gaston and Harken then carried Gormar onto his horse and rode back to the Golden Halls where they had him sent to the healers.

Prince of AmsnorthEdit

When his father died, Gaston took over his place as King. At first Harken did not seem much bothered by it, as he still went out and explored, but eventually as his brother begun to have more people love him. Harken was in his
Prince Harken II

Harken II as prince

youth eager to please and gain the love of as much people as he can. It was at this moment Harken began to plot against his brother.

During sometime after, Harken grew fond of Rhynei Lukie, the daughter of Lord Rodrik Lukie of Qhylen. After several months of meeting, they got married. Rhynei gave birth to their first son Kevan, when Harken was but fourteen years of age.

Being the Prince of Amsnorth, and a widely known fighter, Harken enjoyed the praise of the people, and even along with several close nobles started to talk that he would become a better king than Gaston. While his brother ruled the kingdoms, Harken was often sent out onto missions, to route and kill bandits and criminals around the Western Territories

While Harken was on a visit to Prisoners' Bay, he recived news that Rhynei had given birth to another child, a girl named Melanie. Harken left the prisoner, and ordered his servents to take his place in planning a new expansion on the prison. He rode for several days, and arrived at Gran Sarathal. When he arrived he decided to take some time off to help his wife raise his children. While the children grew, Harken became very hostle towards his son, Kevan I Heartan. He wanted his son to become like him, a fighter, but Kevan did not like swords, but prefered books. Harken then hired his old master, Kye'Von Hustle to train him, but Kevan never attended the sessions. 

Eager to get a fighter as a child, he had his daughter Melanie trained by Kye'Von. He allowed his former master to train her in the brutal ways he faced as a child, and many times trained her himself. Gaston IV Heartan did not like the idea of having his niece training in such ways, so spoke with Harken about stopping it, but Harken refused, warning his brother to keep his nose out of his buisness.

Plotting against his BrotherEdit

Gaining AlliesEdit

As Harken grew more and more jealous of Gaston, he started to gain loyal friends within Gaston's council, and used them to bring information about Gaston's personal life. Harken sent word to the Dwavern Kingdom asking for his friend Gormar Boulderrock's aid in defeating his brother. While Gormar was eager to help, being the new Lord of the Golden Halls, he informed the price, that he could not supply his soldiers, as if he was seen as helping Harken, it would be treason. Harken understood this, but accepted the gold Gormar sent to him.

Harken started by having Gaston's reputation ruined, as he knew if Gaston was not liked the people would not rise
Harken II adult

Prince Harken as an adult

against him when Harken overthrew him. This was difficult to acheive, as Gaston was loved by millions. Whenever a meeting was help to discuss publix affairs, Harken paid the poor a great deal of gold to protest against Gaston. Hundreds of poor people gathered around the Noble Quarter and protested, claiming that Gaston did not care about them. 

Harken then used the gold from Gormar, and gave it to the people, gaining their instant support. People soon started to spread rumours that Harken would become the better king, and quickly posters were placed around the city, wanting Harken to take Gaston's place. Gaston upon hearing about this, summond Harken to the palace, where he questioned his brother about the events erupting around the city. Harken acted oblivious to the events and claimed he had no idea what was going on.

One of Gaston's council memebers, Olin Byion, informed Harken that Gaston's wife was expecting a child. This made Harken question his actions at first, but after months and months, it only fuled his rage and hatred even more against his brother as he was no longer next in line for the throne. When his brother's daughter Sinteal II Heartan was born, Harken visited her while she was resting in her basket. Harken held a knife at the baby's neck, and was about to slit her throat when he was caught by one of the maids. He killed the maid and fled the scene. 

When he gained more and more friends that had once been loyal to Gaston, Harken persuaded the lords of Phylon and Markwall to stand by his side when his brother falls. He along with his good friend Mathorn Crumbleton started to have ideas of forming a group of highly skilled fighters. 

Forming the Golden KnightsEdit

Harken and Mathorn travelled across Amsnorth, searching for the best fighters. It was difficult for them to find people who were highly skilled, but not well known. By sailing across seas, visiting inn, taverns and ruins, they believed the only people they could find that were unknown would be bandits.

Mathorn Crumbleton thought of the idea of travelling towards Pirates Cove, where many criminals gathered to trade. Harken knew that this would be a very dangerous quest, so disguised himself as a thief to gain the trust of the criminals. Royalty was hated within Pirates Cove, and Harken knew that if they discovered who he was, they would hang him, or take him prisoner for a ransom. 

Harken II disgused as a pirate

Harken disguised as a pirate

When he arrived at the island, he remained there for several months, acting like a criminal, and performing damgerous acts. It was soon after that a bounty was placed on his head, and soon Gaston IV Heartan sent assassins to deal with him, (not knowing who he really was). Harken gained the respect of hundreds of people, and they asked him to travel with them across the seas to the East, where they can serve as sellswords. Harken agreed, and they spent a further one year at sail. 

It was shortly after Gaston and Rhynei Heartan sent out a reward to find Harken, claiming him to be missing. Harken upon hearing about this, wrote a letter, and sent a raven back to the capital, lying that he was on a mission int he Dwavern Kingdom, and asking his friend Gormar Boulderrock to support his lie if ever Gaston sent him a raven. Only a few weeks later did the reward be taken down, and Harken was left along for a time.

His disguise was starting to fail, so he moved quickly. He paid several people large sums of gold to hold meetings for several pirate captains. Hiring sellswords to protect him, Harken informed them who he really was. But instead of causing a riot, the pirate captains did not order their men to kill him, but intead asked him why he was doing this. Harken then informed them of his plans, and that the men who agreed to join him would be made knights, and would recieve a great deal of gold. The pirates quickly agreed, and Harken supplied them with what he promised.

Taking the ThroneEdit

When Harken was finally ready to overthrow his brother, he sent several hired assassins to murder Gaston while he and his family sleeps. However this action was thrawt by the wizard Moreusico, who was staying at Gran Sarathal at the time. The assasins were killed by the wizard and Gaston was alerted. 

Harken along with his now formed Golden Knights charged into the city, using the secret tunnels to breach the city.
Harken II during Rebellion

Harken during the rebellion

The prince orderd his knights to take the city, brining the nobles loyal to Gaston to death. It took several hours before Gaston finally ordered the surrender, but Harken did not play to his lies, and smashed into the castle. 

Harken went in persuit of his brother himself, slaying several soldiers in the process. When he found his brother and Lillian Heartan he killed them both, despite Gaston's attempt to beg him for mercy. When Moreusico found him the wizard burned the entire left side of his body with magic. Harken, withering in pain called Moreusico a tratior and blaimed him for the murder of the king and queen. Moreusico was then chased out of the city by the soldiers. 

When Harken looked for Sinteal II Heartan, he could not find her. Moments later while he sat on the Golden Throne, the body of his neice was brought to him covered in blood. The girl had been cut in half and burned. Harken both delighted and disgusted, had Sinteal respected and buried while his brother was tossed into the sea. Harken also killed the ones who had cut her down.

The LieEdit

Much of the kingdoms of Amsnorth were in an uproar. Lords, ladies, dukes and other highborns demanded an answer of Harken's murderous betryal. However Harken summond them all to Gran Sarathal, where he informed them that Moreusico had planned the whole thing. Knowing that most of them did not believe them, he had them all slaughtered while at the meeting, having assassins all hidden around the room. 

With the highborns dead, Harken gave all the lands, castles, and villages to some of the loyal pirates, and nobles that were on his side during the rebellion.


It was finally time for Harken to be crowned the new King of Amsnorth, now with no one to protest against his claim.
Harken II before coronation

Harken II waiting for his coronation

His wife, Rhynei Heartan did not regect against this, even though she had no idea of the actions he had just performed, neither did any of his children.

Harken sent Gormar Boulderrock a raven, informing of the success of the rebellion, and asked for the lord to come to the capital to see his coronation. The dwarf arrived at the city only a short few weeks later, and Harken was preparing for his new position. Harken felt great, he had succeed in destroying his borther, and did it without putting anything on his own head. 

The Holy One arrived at the palace, and was the one waiting to declair Harken as the new King of Amsnorth. Thousands of people arrived to see him crowned, with many of them being the poor he once bribed into helping him. They cheered for him, while some, seeing through him, did not. Harken made his first ruel in favour of the people, and decided to open up a new training program for those seeking to have a good supply of gold, by joining the Golden Knights, under the command of Mathorn Crumbleton

While he kept the secret of the new training to himself, he paid the new comers handsomly, and with the large amount of gold, he knew they would not regect the positon. Harken was then crowned the next day, and he had finally gained the power he wanted.

King of AmsnorthEdit

Finding the BrotherhoodEdit

As the new king Harken thrived, he spent most of his time trying to gain the favour of the people. He increased jobs, supplied the poor with food and gold, built new farms and increased the amount of soldiers around Gran Sarathal. He was praised, and respected by the people. However not all loved him, as the group of sellswords known as the Brotherhood of Justice started to inform the people of Harken's betrayal. 

Harken was raged by this, and sent out his Golden Knights to find them and kill the brotherhood. However people like that held a huge amount of respect, and Harken knew that trying to bring down the band that his ancestor Jafier Heartan had created.

Harken hired his former master, Kye'Von Hustle to become the new Lord Commander and sent him out with Mathorn Crumbleton to hunt the brotherhood down. When news reached Harken that they were being led by a former knight of his father, Ser Tantos Clevon, Harken decided to eradicate the brotherhood himself. Tantos was a known fighter and respected, and Harken knew that slaying him would prove his power over the others. 

Once he found the knight he engaged in a battle with him, and after a brutal battle, Harken was wounded but managed to force him off balance, before shoving his sword through his back. After the death of Tantos the brotherhood fled, and were not seen again since.

Lorell I HeartanEdit

When Rhynei Heartan informed Harken that she was expecting another child, Harken was pleased. He was dissapointed with the two other children he had, and believed that this new one would help him gain the heir he wanted.

Lorell I Heartan was born 9 months later, and once Harken looked upon his son, he loved him instantly. He knew that this boy would become the man he wanted him to be, so forgot about his other children. However as he child was born, Rhynei died shortly after. This threw Harken into a state of rage, and he soon blaimed Lorell for this, and was very distant from him during his early years. Many maids raised him, while Harken grieved. It was not until Lorell was four years old, did Harken decided to come into his life. He trained him in swordplay, but it was violent, and would beat him bloody if he failed at anything. Even though he both hates and loves Lorell, he still sees him as being his true heir, and respects him more than his other children. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

""I am greater than any human with a sword! No person can stand against my wraith!" "
―King Harken just before fighting Ser Tantos Clevon

Trained by the dwarves, Harken was taught to use brute force rather than speed, but Harken was also very quick with a blade. Considered by many to be one of the best swordsmen in Amsnorth, and the most skilled battle coordinator of the past fifty years. Harken is known for killing one of the deadlest men, Ser Tantos Clevon


Due to his large size, Harken was a master at using his strength. His powerful blows were said to even stagger an orc. Despite his large size, Harken was extremly fast. Weilding a longsword named Dragonheart, which was his ancestor Jafier's blade, Harken was almost unstoppable to beat in close combat. He fought in several battles and shirmishes throughout his life, and only once has he sustained a wound.

As Harken grew older his skills did fade, but he was still very skilled. 


Harken was very strong for a human, and is very quick with his fists. Being trainned by several elves, Harken was very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His techniques consisted of: flipping, kicking, hard punshes and the use of his head. Harken was seen during one of his lashes when he bashed a man's face in with several thrusts of his head. 


Harken was very charismatic, being able to persaude people fairly easily. He used this to bribe many lords and nobles when he overthrew his brother. 

Due to being very handsome in his youth, he could charm anyone he pleased, even his brother's own wife. Harken used words to gain himself power and goals, often speaking in a wise and settled tone.

Battle StrategistEdit

Harken was known as being one of the best strategists in Amsnorth in hundreds of years, even better than the highly intelligent hauket. He could plan a battle within moments, and have his men dispatched within only an hour later. Never has he lost a battle on the field, using his mind to think and quickly respond whenever he saw a new strategy in his enemy's forces.



Harken had a very good relationship with his father, but believed his mother did not care for him as much. Robert would often invite Harken out to hunt, or wonder around the West for something exicting. This caused for Harken to grow very close to his father. When his father died, Harken was wounded by it, and it was said that he never recovered from it. Penny never spoke much to him after his dead, which caused Harken to grow distant from her. It was not until one year later when his mother confronted him telling him she loved him more than he thinks. She died hours later.

Gaston IV HeartanEdit

Harken was highly jealous of his brother, even at a young age, although this did not deeper until he reached his midteens. When they were boys that used to train with each other, in which Harken always won. This gave him satisfaction, as this was the only thing he could best his brother in. He was jealous because more people loved him. Due to his brother having a higher charisma than himself, he was often arguing with him over disputes. When Harken killed his brother he did not shed a tear, this showed how much he actually hated his brother.

Gormar BoulderrockEdit

One of his best friends, Harken respects Gormar as if he was a brother. He spent years with him as a boy, and even more as an adult. He assisted him in taking the throne and still reamins to this day as his most loyal friend.

Sinteal II HeartanEdit

He did not see his niece much, but when he did he was always emotionally captured by her. This may have been because she looked similar to his mother. When he first heard of her conception, Harken aruged on his actions in slaying is brother, but then instantly changed his thoughts when he realised that he was pushed further down the line of inheritance. 

When Harken stepped into her room at night, he was intending to kill her while she slept. However he was caught which caused him to flee the scene. It is unknown if he would have actually carried out the task in murdering the child.

Trivia Edit

  • Harken's character is inspired by Richard III of England
  • Harken's physical appearance was inspired by a fictional character called Edmun Dragonsbane
  • His height is based from the height of the author's brother, who is 6.6 feet.

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