Hauket male and female

"They are cunning, native and very mysterious."
―About the hauket

Hauket are a race of wolflike humaniods that reside within Amsnorth's plains. They are a native race and keep mainly to theirselves within reservations around highly populated areas of wildlife. 

While they are considered outcasts, they are not hunted like the orcs, but are preyed upon by bandits and other thugs. 

They are a short lived race, with the average lifespan being only 70 years of age. They are one of the youngest lived race of all, behind only the goblin, troll and ogre. 


The hauket are described as being wolflike, with pointy features and very hairy bodies. They are seen with catlike eyes, that enable them to see in the dark. They are covered in tattoos and paintings, which show their tribe and family.

They wear mainly furs and hide, crafting them from their food's skins. They are known for their coloured feathers, and cover their clothing with them. 


Little is known about this mysterious race. But 14,000 BPD, the hauket were at war with the humans for a time. This was due to the humans wanting more power, and saw the race as enemies. 

The hauket fought with them for several years, before they were driven back into the wilds. However they held their own against them, as hauket are recognized by their exellent skills in strategy.

Freedom WarsEdit

When King Tharik Heartan rose up against Azugon, the hauket were one of the first of the races to be persuded by the king. Although the agreed to help him, their cost was that they wished to hunty freely within the lands of Amsnorth, without being hunted like animals. Tharik granted this, and they were given a reservation at the north side of the West.

The hauket were one of the main reasons they managed to cut through the goblin ranks. Their brillant mind over battles had them perdict every move from the foes. However when Azugon entered the battle himself, their forces were forced into a retreat. 

They fled into the hills and wilds to escape Azugon, but they were soon hunted by spawn led by the deadly necromancer named Ezgoth. Many of the hauket chiefs managed to thrawt the attacks delivered at them, and moved their people further into unknown territory.

It was not untill Azugon's dissapearance did the hauket come back out of hiding.

Current StatusEdit

They currently still live within the wilds of Amsnorth, forever hunting freely without being hunted. Their lands are their own, and many who pass through are left unharmed, but if they dwel too close to their camp, they will attack without warning.

Hauket do not live within the cities, they are often with their people.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The hauket skills are very balanced. They use both the sword and bow, and balance speed with skill and power. While they do not fully rely on strength, they are taugth with it and how to fight against it.


Hauket soldiers are very skilled with the sword, but not as talented as the humans. They use skill and balance their strength and power with the blade, with speed and agility. 

Many soldiers are trained from an early age how to use the sword, which makes them highly efficant by the time they reach adulthood.


Hauket are skilled with the use of the longbow, with it being their primary use of weaponry. While on horseback, they are considered some of the best soldiers. 


The best skill is their understanding of an enemy. This is something all hauket are born with, and use it through their lives to envade dangerous threats. The hauket used this thousands of years ago when Azugon hunted them down, their best minds were put together to come up with a plan to avoid the Dark Lord.

In the BooksEdit

The hauket do not appear until the second novel, Fire and Steel. Although they can be seen from afar in the first book, Dust and Shadow. 

The hauket play a large role within the next novels.


  • They are inspired by Native Americans
  • They speak very slowly with a deep tone
  • They moan while about to charge into combat
  • They have an alpha as their leader