House Asander flag

House Asander


Golden hammer on a red background, above the yellow and black stripes of Pātauna
Hammer harder than your foe

Other Information

Military strength
2,000 footsoldiers, 100 heavy cavalry
Date of founding
{{{Date of founding}}}
SA 450
Ancestral weapon

House Asander is one of the Great Houses of Amsnorth, and the ruling house of Pātauna. It is one of the smallest great houses, but is perhaps one of the most peaceful. House Asander is known for their diplomatic skills rather than their ability to intimidate, which enables them to have great control over their people. House Asander has reigned over Pātauna for thousands of years, and has never been challenged nor threatened in terms of their power.

The sigil is the hammer of House Asander on a red background, above the yellow and black stripes of Pātauna. Their words are "Hammer harder than your foe." Many have come to speculate that these words are aggressive, but it is unknown their true meaning, and no members of the house ever share their meaning.



House Asander was founded in the year SA 450 when the remaning members of a forgotten house fromed into one Great House. While Asander did not always reign over Pātauna, however after the fall of the previous house, Asander decided to take action, and moved in to claim titles and lands over the country.

The transaction was peaceful, and due to the reputations of House Asander, the Dwavern Monarchy was willing to accept them as the new rulers of Pātauna. During many wars, House Asander has not participated in any of the wars, and during the Great Purge, House Asander did not assist the Races of Amsnorth in defeating Azugon, and as a result, their titles and lands were not affected.

Asander has remained netural throughout history, and would always resolve to political affairs to aviod bloodshed, even more so when it involved their own people. While this has received mix responses from people across the Dwavern Kingdom, the house has remained a major power house in politics


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