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House Boulderrock


Black bull running past an orange sun on a white background
Stronger we Rise

Other Information

Military strength
15,000 soldiers, 6,000 ships
Date of founding
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SA 200
Ancestral weapon
"One of the greatest and riches houses in history, House Boulerrock thrives off their supplies of gems and gold."
―About the house

House Boulerrock is one of the Great Houses of Amsnorth, and is also the richest house in all the lands, as well as having the largest fleet, second largest army and largest trade. Their seat of power is within the Golden Halls, located in the Dwavern Kingdom, approx 800 miles from Seatown across the Black Sea.

House Boulderrock is the chief house in the Dwavern Kingdom, and is the head of the Dwavern Domain, the ruling government within that area. They command a large amount of vassel houses, however can only command them all when under the Domain. They do fall under the King of Amsnorth, but they have their own independent union. 

Before the events of the War of Kings, House Boulerrock was not a Great House, but rather a vassel to House Heartan. It was not up until Drumnur Boulderrock managed the break House Grazaxe (The ruling house of the Dwavern Kingdom at that time), and took control over Golden Halls, proclaiming himself King of the Dwarves.

However Drumnur was defeated by Jafier Heartan and Safdraen, and his title as king was taken from him. House Boulerrock still remains the Lords of the Dwarves, but are forbidden to claim to be kings and queens and must fall under the command of the High King or Queen.

The sigil of the house is a black charging bull bellow a bright golden/orange sun.



House Boulderrock started out roughly SA 200, and remained a vassel for House Undertongue. It was not until Jafier Heartan invaded Markwall to end Edmund Undertongue's evil rule, did House Boulerrock move up a status.

Drumnur Boulderrock became a good friend to Jafier, and was one of his selected council members. During the War of Kings, Drumnur was sent to the Dwavern Kingdom to serve as a spy to King Joratham Grazaxe and feed information back to Jafier.

Drumnur played the dwarf king, and managed to gain the support of a large amount of followers. When Joratham set sail across the Black Sea, Drumnur had his agents disable the ship they sailed on, and sank the ship drowning Joratham and his entire army. 

The dwarf managed to board a small boat and travel back to the Golden Halls, where he seated himself upon the throne and claimed himself as the new king. Due to his contacts, he seized the throne without any problems, and the people even bent the knee to him. 

However after the new reached Jafier that Drumnur had betrayed him, Jafier made him his new target. Knowing Jafier and his forces, Drumnur knew he could not defeat him in open battle, so required the support of his fellow dwavern king, King Dargorn Boulderarm of Gran Sarathal. He managed to make an alliance with the fellow dwarf, and they engaged Jafier and Safdraen in open battle. However Jafier revealed to have immense power, and used magic to summon waves of blizzards, storms and powerful winds that nearly obliterated all the dwarves. Drumnur perished, along with Dargorn.

Jafier did allow Drumnur's son, Kirharo Boulderrock to keep the Golden Halls, but forbade him from ever claiming the title of king, as well as his offspring. House Boulderarm however was destroyed and fell into extinction.

House Boulerrock still remains the Lords of the Dwarves, and have been the largest manufacturer of gems, gold, metals and rare meats. Their trade is Amsnorth's largest, and have also used this to command the largest fleet. 


House Boulderrock has the second largest army in Amsnorth, behind only House Heartan. Their forces are made up mainly of heavy soldiers, while their archers are minimum. They have a large usage of catapults, and command the greatest fleet in all the lands. 


Current MembersEdit

  • Gormar Boulderrock, Lord of the Dwarves
    • Jynornis Boulderrock, his wife and Lady of the Dwarves
    • Dromkom Boulderrock, his only son
  • {Igudhan Boulderrock}, father to Gormar.
  • Nomeg Boulderrock, younger brother to Gormar
    • Karstagg Boulderrock, son to Nomeg
    • Guolog Boulderrock, second son to Nomeg
  • Baela Boulderrock, sister to Gormar
    • Aryaamo Boulderrock, daughter to Baela
  • Heculoa Boulderrock, younger brother to Igudhan
    • Jyklos Boulderrock, son to Heculoa
    • Irinwe Boulderrock, daughter to Heculoa
  • Huna Boulderrock, second younger brother to Igudhan
    • Ozozur Boulderrock, son to Huna

Ancient and Older MembersEdit

  • {Dunher Boulerrock}, first member of House Boulderrock.
    • {Athring Boulderrock}, first son to Dunher
      • {Engewe Boulderrock}, son to Athring
    • {Celegriath Boulderrock}, second son to Dunher
      • {Edhelbor Boulderrock}, son to Celegriath
    • {Gelebor Boulderrock}, third son to Dunher
      • {Nirilor Boulderrock}, son to Gelebor
      • {Sidanyis Boulderrock}, second son to Gelebor
      • {Vyrthur Boulderrock}, third son to Gelebor
  • {Mirtil Boulderrock}, son to Engewe
    • {Angoth Boulderrock}, son to Mirtil
    • {Mishanthax Boulderrock}, second son to Mirtil
    • {Kailen Boulderrock} third son to Mirtil
  • {Anaxes Boulderrock}, son to Angoth
    • {Medrike Boulderrock}, son to Anaxes
    • {Taybitha Boulderrock}, daughter to Anaxes
  • {Drumnur Boulderrock}, son to Medrike
    • {Kirharo Boulderrock}, son to Drumnur
  • {Aldburk Boulderrock}, son to Kirharo
  • Dozens of memebers

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