House Durgilion

House Durgilion


Red phoenix encircled by a golden fire, worshipping the axes of Gihóir on a green backfround
Fire in our hearts

Other Information

Military strength
9,000 soldiers, 500 heavy cavalry, 200 spearmen, 2,000 archers
Date of founding
SA 230
Ancestral weapon

House Durgilion is a Great House and the main ruling house of Gihóir. House Durgilion is one of the largest houses in Amsnorth, and holds a massive amount of power. It had one of the largest armies in the Dwavern Kingdom as well as one of the wealthiest. Over the course of history, House Durgilion had remained the main supporter of Kolodyyne, allying with House Grazaxe, until their downfall, and eventually House Boulderrock

The seat of power of House Durgilion is in Dwarfport, the capital city of Gihóir, a country that is located between Pātauna and Pēṇṭalia. House Durgilion is the oldest Great House in the Dwavern Kingdom, and had remained so by always allying themselves with the ruling power. While they have openly support and stand by House Heartan and the Human Royal Government, they are known for their dislike for human governments.

The Lord of the house is Norvak Durgilion, a powerful dwarf figure. The sigil of the house is a red phoenix above a golden fire, while worshipping the Axe of Gihóir, which is the noble house's ancestral weapon.



House Durgilion formed during the Golden Age, roughly the year SA 230. It is unknown if their origin extends prior to this, but the new house begun to take control over lands in Gihóir, creating settlements and establishing their own governments and laws. 


One of the most notable things House Durgilion is known for is its alliances with who ever holds the most power. During their formation, they formed a strong friendship with House Grazaxe, and were their most loyal supporters. When House Grazaxe led a revolution against the Dark-Elf Empire, in a war named War of Gold and Black, House Durgilion handed over most of their armies in the effort, and helped fund a vast majority of all the governments that rose up against the Empire.

However, House Durgilion proved themselves as being cowards, when House Grazaxe were defeated by House Boulderrock during the War of Kings, Rolarc Durgilion instantly allied with Drumnur Boulderrock. They pledged themselves to the new rulers of the Dwavern Kingdom, and even helped wipe out the rest of their former leaders house.

When Jafier Heartan defeated all the other kings, House Durgilion was one of the many houses that had to bend the knee to the new king. Rolarc Durgilion swore an oath to Jafier, and sent over thousands of gold pieces to help repair the damage caused by the war.


House Durgilion has a large army, one of the largest in Amsnorth. Their combined forces, excluding their vassels, is roughly 11,700. Most of their forces make up in common footsoldiers, and they have one of the largest heavy cavarly forces in the world.


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