House Grazaxe

House Grazaxe


13 golden stars above a crown, and a forge with an axe, on a blue background
Seize the chance
King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Lord, Lady, Knight, General, Commander, Governor, Duke
Golden Halls (formerly}

Other Information

Military strength
Date of founding
FA 0
25,000 years old
Tormond Grazaxe
Ancestral weapon
"Once a powerful force to be reckoned with, House Grazaxe was the House Boulderrock before the War of Kings. They were wealthy, strong, and obedient. However their greedy kings and queens were responsible for their eventual destruction."
―About the house

House Grazaxe was a Great House and the Kings and Queens of the Dwavern Kingdom. They were a very powerful house and were the rulers of the entire Dwavern Kingdom. Their seat was within the Golden Halls, where they ruled for thousands of years. House Grazaxe was one of the longest serving noble houses of all time, ruling for 14,885 years, a record breaking time.

It has been rumoured to have been the first dwarf noble family, and were responsible for the foundation of the dwarf race. It is said that due to their status, the dwarves decided to elect them their righful kings and queens, however many people have claimed that the house was a monarchy long before the Dwarf Rising.

Many of the monarchs that ruled the house were known to be greedy, and rather cruel. The ones that did any good were considered legends in their time, but the greedy nature still tainted each member, mainly because of their almost unlimited supply of gold. Their greed made them power hungry, which would lead to their final member, Jortharm Grazaxe to launch a war along with his distant cousin, Dargorn Boulderarm. They would eventually be defeated in the War of Kings, due to the efforts of Drumnur Boulderrock, who used his influence to seize the throne after Jortharm's death. Since Jortharm drowned at sea, Drumnur destroyed every member of his house, and formed the now current rulers of the Dwavern Kingdom, House Boulderrock.

Their sigil was 13 golden stars, above a forge with a resting axe hovering above. A blue background surrounded the cress of the house. It was the first ever flag to have been created by a mortal hand. Their words were Seize the Chance, which would eventually become a very common word for soldiers in the time for battle across all races.



There have been many claims throughout history that House Grazaxe was a noble house long before the dwarves rose above the ground, however it is unclear, as before FA 0, there was no written text to prove these claims.

Through the KingdomEdit

What is known is that Tormond Grazaxe lead a group of dwarves across the Dwavern Kingdom, where they begun to settle throughout the kingdom. Many of his friends would forge and found the countries that now take up all of the lands. Because of his high influence, Tormond was crowned the first ever King of the Dwavern Kingdom. it is unclear if he was a king before hand.


House Grazaxe thrived off its status, using the kingdom's wealth to build a great deal of towns and villages spread across Kolodyyne. Tormond Grazaxe ordered the building of many larger civilizations, it is unclear if he ordered the creaton of the Golden Halls, but once the city was complete he moved into it.

When an strange figure appeared to them, with different skin colours and looks, the dwarves were very careful and cautious. These beings were eventually discovered as the Dark-Elves, who had managed to set sail across the Black Sea. Shalimal sent to invade them to take over their lands, however instead of causing a war of these unknown beings, he sent in his most skilled ambassadors to learn more about these beings. Over the course of a few years, they had managed to learn a great deal of these strange being's language and cultures, and formed a small trading company.

War of KingsEdit

The most major event to have taken place was the War of Kings, which saw House Grazaxe participate in their first large war in hundreds of years. Jortharm Grazaxe did not at first enter the war, as he did not want to invole himself in the affairs of the elves and humans, but after his cousin Dargorn Boulderarm was crushed in a defeat, Jortharm took up arms against Jafier Heartan.

However unknowing to Jortharm, Jafier had sent in one of his trusted alies, Drumnur Boulderrock to infiltrate to king's council and gain hus trust. He succeeded and Jortharm's arogance made him blind to Drumnur's true intentions. Drumnur mamaged to turn many of his own nobles against him, but he was instead planning to both betray Jafier as well as Jortharm. While Jortharm travelled across the seas to assist Dargorn in battle, Drumnur along with several hundred assassins and sellswords sabotaged their ships, causing them to sink at sea, killing nearly all soldiers. Drumnur Boulderrock managed to steal aboard a ship, and sailed back to the Dwavern Kingdom. He entered the capital, and used his newly founded allies to destroy all members of House Grazaxe, wiping it out.

Military StrengthEdit

House Grazaxe had one of the largest armies in Amsnorth, perhaps at the time greater than the Dark-Elf Empire, but this has not been proven. They had a very skilled and powerful footsoldier force, who were always dressed in the finest steel armours.



  • {Tormond Grazaxe}, first recorded King of the Dwavern Kingdom, and perhaps the first king that was not an elf.
    • His eldest son and successor, {Jordus Grazaxe}.
      • First child to Jordus. {Thomor Grazaxe}, and successor to the throne.
      • Second child to Jordus, {Gralkam Grazaxe}
      • Third child to Jordus, {Jenryn Grazaxe}.
    • Second child, {Regmus Grazaxe}.
      • Only child to Regmus, {Bonnlyn Grazaxe}
    • Third child, {Malgos Grazaxe}
  • Child to Thomor, and successor to the throne, {Hormand Grazaxe}.
    • Eldest to Hormand, {Belan Grazaxe}, successor to the throne.
    • Second son to Hormand, {Hjolyth Grazaxe}.
  • Successor to Belan, {Thalnyl Grazaxe}.
    • Daughter to Thalnyl, {Gwinowyn Grazaxe}, and first Queen of the Dwavern Kingdom
    • Second child to Thalnyl, {Druri Grazaxe}.
    • Third child and second son, {Bulgrim Grazaxe}.
  • Son to Gwinowyn and successor, {Chalzad Grazaxe}.
    • Son to Chalzad {Herak Grazaxe}.
    • Daughter to Herak and successor, {Balola Grazaxe}, became queen through treachory.
      • Son to Balola, and successor, {Simtri Grazaxe}.
      • Son and second oldest to Balola, {Storlin Grazaxe}.
      • Daughter to Balola, {Bround Grazaxe}.
      • Fourth child to Balola, {Kilgrim Grazaxe}.
    • Son to Simtri and successor, {Dwinaim Grazaxe}.
      • Son of Dwinaim, {Grio Grazaxe}, and successor to the throne.
      • Second son of Dwinaim, {Ovrund Grazaxe}.
    • Daughter to Simtri, {Nalona Grazaxe}.
  • Daughter of Grio and successor, {Gimola Grazaxe}.
  • Unknown amount of members.
  • {Munond Grazaxe}
    • Son to Munond Grazaxe, {Gorbar Grazaxe}, and successor to the throne.
      • Son to Munond and successor, {Jortharm Grazaxe}
    • Second son to Mundon, {Moraim Grazaxe}
      • Daughter to Moraim, {Ragana Grazaxe}
      • Second daughter to Moraim, {Muntila Grazaxe}
      • Son to Moraim, {Thorni Grazaxe}
    • Third son to Mundon, {Chalmin Grazaxe}.

In the BooksEdit

House Grazaxe was the major house in a War of Kings novels.

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