House Heartan


A Golden Crowned Unicorn on, a Crimson Background
King of all Kings
King of Amsnorth, Queen of Amsnorth, Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess, Knight, Commander, General

Other Information

House Hightowe, House Beark, House Royce, House Merryband, House Gardner, House Undergrow, House Ondir, House Uwnu, House Sinmann, House Ealme, House Maydon, House Ramsworth, House Irnengs
All Gods
Military strength
35,000, 10,000 Golden Knights
Date of founding
SA 3370
Ancestral weapon
"House Heartan is one of the most powerful houses in Amsnorth. They are the seat of power, and have seen their fare share of good and bad kings and queens."
―Unknown source

House Heartan is one of the great houses of Amsnorth, one of the riches, and most powerful. They are the seat and power over all the lands, with the head serving as High King or Queen.

House Heartan serves as the chief house of the Human Royal Government, they rule over all the lands and Islands, including the Dwavern Kingdoms. Their main seat is in the captial city Gran Sarathal. For thousands of years it has been the greatest of all houses across Amsnorth, mainly due to the leader serving as the ruler over all beings. 

The house was founded around SA 3370, and after the War of Kings, which saw the victory of Jafier Heartan over his rivals the house has remained the central hub of government. However it was disbanned when the Dark Lord Azugon launched the Great Purge

The sigil of the house is a golden unicorn, crowned and surrounded by a dark crimson background. The sigil was handmade by Jafier Heartan himself, who had chosen a unicorn to show the kindness of his rouge band of freedom fighters, but later used it for the creation of his own house.



House Heartan started out as nothing more than a small group of freedom fighters, who were attemtping to be rid of the lands of evil. The leader was named Jafier Heartan, a name in which he picked for himself. The leader begun to gain a large amoung of followers as he scouted around to cleanse tainted people, and objects. Eventually he named his group, the Brotherhood of Justice. 

When Jafier heard romours that the King of Markwall had been murdering children and mistreating his people, Jafier called for this men to rally and to launch a war on the King. 

They successfuly defeated King Edmun and claimed the city for themselves. The people were so highly greatful to Jafier, that on one night a group of cityfolk apperared at his door. They all knelt to them and called himn their new king. 

After Jafier accepted the new title, he decided to destory everything that was old to the previous king. He did this by burning everything he owned, and starting anew. The new king personally created the sigil which is now their main banner. He chose the unicorn because he believed that all kings and queen should be pure of heart, just like the unicorn.

During the War of Kings, Jafier defeated each on the his rivals, and claimed Gran Sarathal. When this happened King Jafier took away the titles of the kings he had won against, and made them lords instead, making himself the only house to have a monarch. The wood-elves are the only other race that have their own monarch, but this is because Jafier allowed them to keep their titles after the assistance of King Safdraen.

House Heartan ruled over Amsnorth for over one thousand years before the world was taken over by the courrpted Azugon. Since the day the dark wizard took control over all life, House Heartan plunged into ciaos and were since considered extinct. In fact the children of Nark III Heartan escaped the attack on Gran Sarathal and fled into hiding. For hundreds of years they waited and bred in secrete. It was not until Tharik Heartan rose and begun the Freedom Wars did House Heartan show itself to the world once again, but after they lost the war they were considered again to be extinct. 

Thousands of years past, and after Azugon vanished, Robert I Heartan rose quickly to take back Amsnorth and succedded in the attempt. Ever since that day House Heartan has ruled over all lands, and has been in many wars throughout that course, to keep their titles.

Military StrengthEdit

House Heartan possesses around 45,000 soldiers in total, but their exact numbers in unknown as House Heartan can dozens of other houses under their command. The around total would be over 100,000 strong. They are one of the richest houses, so they can also buy numerious amounts of people to serve under them for a short period, which grants them further power.

They also have a fleed named the Crowns' Golden Ships. It is the second largest fleet in Amsnorth, before the Dwavern Fleet. 


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In the BooksEdit

House Heartan is the main family within the Song of Amsnorth series of books. They are portrayed as neither the good nor bad guys. They are the longest lived monarchs in Amsnorth and have many evil and kind rulers.

Prince Lorell I Heartan is the first member of the house that is seen in the books.