House Lukie

House Lukie


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Family is power

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FA 12,000
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"Family honour is what keeps this house going. It is our bond, our blood that makes us thrive, and it is because of that we hold power."
―Ancient saying of the House

House Lukie is one of the great houses of Amsnorth. It is second only to House Heartan, for military strength, and third for riches, behind House Boulderrock, and House Heartan. Their seat of power is within the second largest city in Amsnorth, Qhylen

It is sworn under the Human Royal Government, and is bound to House Heartan through the marriage of King Harken II Heartan and Queen Rhynei Lukie. It has survied for over 11,000 years, and is considered one of the most powerful houses, and owns a huge amount of land and trade, mainly due to its trade route with the Dwavern Kingdom

Before the War of Kings, House Lukie was a minor house and was not looked upon by the superiours. However Jafier Heartan gained the support of the house and its soldiers, resources and gold. To reward the house, after Jafier gained victory, he gave them Qhylen and power. As the years past, Lukie became a known name and their power grew. Within a few hundred years it was among the greatest houses. 



House Lukie started out from a small noble family bound to House Ashstone. The house was small and not looked upon with great perserve, even though it was one of the main hubs for transportation and trade. The first member of the family, and the founder, Gannon Lukie was responsible for coodrinating meats and metals across the main lands. 

Around SA 15,400 House Heartan was formed and begun to make a name for itself around Amsnorth. House Lukie did not regard the house, as they were bond to House Undertongue, however when Jafier Heartan took over Markwall and destroyed House Ashstone, House Lukie was forced to swear allegiance to Jafier. 

House Lukie used their skills to trade with other houses across Amsnorth, as Jafier required them to do so. During this, many of their ships and transportation were destroyed by the Dark-Elf soldiers. This put strain on the two houses as they clashed with each other concerning the lives of the soldiers.

When Jafier won the war, he promoted the house and awarded them the city Qhylen for their support. This shocked the house, and they eventually restablished their trade and managed to bring in large amounts of gold. 

Through time, they eventually became a power house, and their military strength suppased that of the dwarves and elves. They became even more powerful after Lord Rodrik Lukie marriged his first born child and daughter, Rhynei Lukie to Harken II Heartan, sealing the two houses together. Harken became King of Amsnorth shortly after their marrige, which made Lukie a royal house.

Military StrengthEdit

House Lukie was not as great as they are now, but as time passed their numbers grew greatly. They hold around 30,000 soldiers in total when using the soldiers from their lands. Their soldiers are some of the best in all the lands, as they are trained to perfect all kinds of weapons. They own a huge amount of archers, some of which are trained since infancy to be the perfect hunting machine. Most of their archers spent time with the wood-elves to further increase their study and training.

They also command a large force of heavy machines. They have created more catapults than any other house or army, and have over 10,000 heavy horse. They also own a huge fleet, third only behind House Boulderrock and House Heartan.


House Lukie is a very rich house, and owns a large amount of land. Due to being within the Northern Territories, the house currently owns around 40% of the hole area. It gains an intake of around 70% of the income from other lessern houses and through tax. 


Current MembersEdit

Ancient and Older MembersEdit

In the BooksEdit

House Lukie is not featured in the first two novels, but is a main house in the novels afterwards.

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