House Rochandur

House Rochandur


Crimson bear with black stripes on a gold background
Harder we push

Other Information

Military strength
3,000 soldiers, 200 archers
Date of founding
FA 6865
Ancestral weapon

House Rochandur is a Great House and the leading house of Pēṇṭalia. It is one of the smallest of the great houses, and the smallest of the Dwavern Kingdom. House Rochandur are known to be hardy warriors, and have participated in many wars and battles throughout the course of history. Some of the most famous memebers of the house, were ancient and respected battle commanders. Very rarely do any members of the house make a great political career, but serve as one of the best commanders.

The sigil of the house is a red and black bear on a golden background.



It is unknown where the origins of this house comes from, but many believe that House Rochandur was one of the original dwavern houses to have merged from underground. This has not been offically proven, but their ancestral artefacts have dated before the Yyanga Period, which is when their Great House begun their climb to power.

The house mirgated into Pēṇṭalia, where they settled and begun to create farms and villages. Most of the dwarves that followed House Rochandur eventually became their vassels. The first known member of the house, Umber Rochandur, led his people throughout Pēṇṭalia, where they started to mine the River Mountains. The resourse obtained from the mountains, helped forge the house's economy.


Throughout the course of history, House Rochandur has become a world known for producing legendary warriors, warriors who have helped shape Amsnorth. One of the most popular, Branruid Rochandur, best known for his efforts in the War of Kings, was responsible for the success of the dwarves across the Main Lands, and was highly respected.


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