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Western Territories
Oalson Thash
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Around 20,000 BPD
Gowyr Thash
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"A family of dwarves that puts gold before, family, honour and its people. They are greedy, cruel and arrogant, and care little about anything other than their treasury."
―About the house

House Thash is one of the great houses of Amsnorth, and the rulers of Phylon, the third largest city in all the lands. They are the seat of power for most of the entire west area of the Western Territories, making them one of the largest ruling land owners.

House Thash falls under the command of the King of Amsnorth, which belongs to House Heartan. Thash also are ruled by the Lord of the Golden Halls, House Boulderrrock. However House Thash is an independent house, and their own their own government, and pass their own rules. Their main seat is in Phylon, and the leader of the house is named Lord or Lady.

The house was founded around 20,000 years ago, and is among the oldest houses of all time. They are one of the first to rise up from the dwavern ancient cities that lay underground, and assisted greatly in brining the dwarves to their full power status. House Thash also participated in many of the major wars, such as the Great Purge, Freedom Wars, War of Kings and much more.

The sigil is a black knighted dwarf on a golden background. 



The House was founded by the first ever memeber Gowyr Thash, who was one of the first dwarves to have raised up from underground after the ancient dwavern cities were destoryed. Gowyr was responsible for large amounts of construction around the Dwavern Kingdom

When time passed, Thash became one of the first houses, and had an increasingly popular reputation across all of Amsnorth. When The Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire became a problem, the Dwavern Domain engaged the Dark-Elf Empire in a war, and House Thash was their main source of gold and weaponary during the full 50 years the war lasted.

When the War of Kings arrived, Thash sent out their armies under the command of King Jortharm Grazaxe, and engaged in a huge war that lasted for some time. Thash and House Grazaxe were the front battle leaders, and managed to hold off House Heartan on many occasions, however after Jafier Heartan attacked their forces on the road, Thash was defeated and sent into an almost destoryed status.

As time passed, Thash remained weakened after the War of Kings, and were exiled by Jafier Heartan due to their part in the war. When Azugon launched the Great Purge, Thash tried to rebound the assult, but were defeated again and fled into hiding. It was not untill the Freedom Wars, did Thash manage to bring their status back into power. They sided with Robert I Heartan, with the price that they would gain control and power as they once did. They lost the war however, but after the War of Flowers, House Thash was given Phylon as a prize, and was pardoned for their past events.


They were a power house back in their prime, but as time passed their numbers decreased. However they still hold one of th largets armies in Amsnorth, rising a full 25,000 strong soldiers, most of which are fully trained in heavy armour and large weapons. Their forces are described as being a force to be reckoned with if faced in battle.


Current MembersEdit

  • Lord Oalson Thash, lord of Phylon
    • His wife, {Morgan Thash}, slain in ambush
    • His only son, {Galson Thash}, killed by Isabella Mthendale
  • {Gunderthag Thash}, father to Oalson
  • Orinol Thash, younger brother to Oalson
    • Anurraame Thash, son to Orinol
    • Umarily Thash, daughter to Orinol
  • Rikarnd Thash, younger brother to Oalson
    • Malyon Thash, daughter to Rikarnd
    • Haluu Thash, daughter to Rikarnd

Ancient and Older MembersEdit

  • {Gowyr Thash}, first of House Thash, and one of the founding dwarves
    • His eldest son, {Anumaril} 
    • Second child, {Calinden}
    • First daughter {Celethelei} 
    • Third son, {Filestison} 
    • Fourth son {Gordhaur}
    • Fifth son{Haromir} 
    • Sixth son {Nilichi}
    • Seventh son {Tjurhane} 
  • Dozens of members
  • {Vivec Thash}, first lord during the War of Kings
    • {Balreth}, first son to Vivec
      • {Almexia Thash}, daughter to Balreth
      • {Siloreth Thash}, son to Balreth
    • {Hedyn}, second son to Vicec
      • {Dagoth Thash}, son to Hedyn
    • {Mavos}, third son to Vivec
    • {Sadal}, fourth son to Vivec
  • Many more members
  • {Dyloron Thash}, member during the Freedom Wars
    • {Jansa Thash}, daughter to Dyloron
      • {Ulfri Thash}, son to Jansa

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