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Rowric Wolfbane
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House Wolfbane is one of the Great Houses of Amsnorth. It was one the vassel of House Lukie, but after War of Flowers, they were made into one of the great houses by the King of Amsnorth, Robert I Heartan. Due to their part in the eradication of the Army of Darkness, House Wolfbane gained the city Markwall after they claimed it from the darkness' forces, and have ruled it ever since.

While their house does not have the greatest reputation, they are still held in high regard as they are very high on resources, and are one of the leading trade empires in Amsnorth, being the center of oil, wood, furs and cattle. 

Their sigil is a slaughter pig on a brown background.



House Wolfbane started out nothing more than a vassels to House Lukie, and were responsible for moving furs and wood from Qhylen to the Golden Halls. Also if ever a small battle arised, they were the front runners in the battle, and often soldiers. They were remarkable when in battle, as they worked together and could adapt to any enviroment they were placed in.

When Robert I Heartan rose up to claim back Amsnorth after Azugon's mysterious disapearance, House Wolfbane were one of the first to join him. It is said that their leader, Kale Wolfbane approched the king for their help, so they would be the first ones rewarded after the war was won. 

After the War of Flowers was succesful, Kale was infact the first one to be rewared. When asked what he desired, he asked to have Markwall and be granted power and named a Great House. They were granted this, and they moved their soldiers into the city. 

Over the course of time, they have been known for their quick temper, and have gained a bad reputation mainly because they were known to kill people who offended them in some way. This gained the attention of Queen Motreen Heartan, who sent spies to investigate the matter. After the reports were sent back that Wolfbane was infact killing civilians, Motreen went to the city herself and hanged Lord Terrmil Wolfbane in front of the city. She did this to warn the others, and threatened his son, Marcmal Wolfbane that if he were to act the same, she will hang him too.

The current ruler is Farik Wolfbane, who is known as a tyrant. He is cruel and very evil towards others, and even killed his own wife Louisa Wolfbane.


House Wolfbane does not have a huge army, but they are very, very skilled in their small numbers. They are known to work together and can equal a number 2x their own when they put their mind to it. Their numbers when combined, reaches 7,000.


Current MembersEdit

  • Farik Wolfbane, Lord of Markwall.
    • His wife {Lousia Wolfbane}, murdered by Farik for being unloyal.
  • {Korquin Wolfbane}, father to Farik
  • Theabdi Wolfbane, brother to Farik and heir to the House
    • Elinor Wolfbane, daughter to Theabdi
    • Jovathe Wolfbane, son to Theabdi

Ancient and Older MembersEdit

  • {Rowric Wolfbane}, the first known member of House Wolfbane.
    • {Quikkenn Wolfbane}, son to Rowric
    • {Conjuris Wolfbane}, second son to Rowric
  • {Rubawin Wolfbane}, son to Quikkenn
    • {Verotess Wolfbane}, daughter to Rubawin
    • [Sarmag Wolfbane}, second daughter to Rubawin
    • {Londdev Wolfbane}, son to Rubawin and third child
  • Countless members

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