Howard Lukie
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Howard Lukie

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TA 9612
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6.3 Feet
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Brown (child), bald
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Noble House

Howard Lukie is a human male noble, and Lord of Oakfield. He is the son to the Duke of Ürsanthium, Rodrik Lukie. He is the younger brother to the deceased, Rhynei Lukie , who became Queen of Amsnorth. Howard is the father to four children, one being Olly Lukie - one of the outlawed nobles who leads a band of clansmen around the Eastern Territories.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Howard is decribed as a gentleman, with very well manners and a strong sense of humour. However like his father, he is short-tempered, and is very bitter and harsh when ruling his lands. 

Howard stands around 6.3 feet tall, and is built very muscular. At the age of 16 he begun ti lose his hair, and eventually became bald in his twenties. He has brown eyes, and a strong jawline. He has large shoulders, hands and overly large lips, which hide his uneven teeth.


Early LifeEdit

Howard was born to Rodrik and Justalyne Lukie, and during his birth, his father made him the Lord of Oakfield. It was not until Howard's 10th year, was he allowed to make demands and control his lands. This was because his father wanted him trained in the ways of lordship before he was allowed to enjoy the benefits.

During his time as Lord, he has become a rather disliked figure, as he has increased the rent and taxes around the town's farms and lands. However, he spends most of his gold on hiring and training soldiers for protection around Oakfield, which make it a very unlikely place to be attacked by outlaws and bandits.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Howard married Walda Weldon, daughter to Pattarak Weldon. They have four children, Usher Lukie, Samantha Lukie, Olly Lukie, Barry Lukie. The most famous of his children is, Olly Lukie - who is widely known as Oggy the Skullbreaker, the leader of Clan Dunbroke. Howard along with many other lords issued a bounty on Olly, of over 3,000 Golden Dragons.

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Lord of Oakfield
Preceded by
Garath Malwood
Howard Lukie Succeeded by

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