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Roughly 9,000 BPD
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"The ruling government of Amsnorth has seen its share of corruption and greed, but it still remains to this day the most powerful government in history. Created by Jafier Heartan along with House Heartan, this government was created to rule. "
―Description of the government

The Human Royal Government formerly known as Human Sovereignty, is the ruling government of Amsnorth, and the powerhouse of the lands. The government was fashioned from the ancient Human Sovereignty, which was around roughly 23,000 BPD. After the events of the War of Kings, Jafier Heartan founded the government, using his own house, House Heartan as the main royal seat of leadership. While the other houses fall under the command of the king or queen of House Heartan, there are many lords and ladys that hold control over their own armies and laws. 

The Royal Government has ruled for nearly 9,000 years, but was disbanned around 7,990 BPD, when Azugon took control over the world during the Great Purge. After the dissappearance of Azugon, King Robert I Heartan brought the organisation to its full glory, and to that day it has remained the greatest government to date. 

Before the Royal Government, it was known as the Human Sovereignty, this was at the time when the Human race was beginning to make its mark on the world, and become a main race. However during this period around 23,000 years ago, the humans were not powerful in terms of armies, but instead played their role through trade and skills in the arts of intelligence. But after the devastating events that led up to the war known as War of Gold and Black, the humans demostrated their power by nearly obliterating the Dark-Elf Empire, which at that time were the ruling government. This influenced the other governments to team up with the humans and bring the Dark-Elves down. But after the sucess of the war, the humans were betrayed by the dwarves, and were forced back to their homelands.

As the years passed the government and the human race increased so fast that they had to migrate across the seas to make homes elsewhere, until eventually they set up villages across Amsnorth. It wasnt until this happened the humans were granted the city Markwall, and were able to elect their own king. This was the very first time the human race was respected by the other races, and accepted as being one of the important beings.

It was not up until the War of Kings did the humans under the command of Jafier Heartan take full control over the lands, and become the full rulers of Amsnorth. Since that war there have been many kings and queens that have all done good and bad things for the realm, however the effect that Jafier set before all still lingers and he is still named the greatest king in history.

Despite being the largest government, the Royal Government does not consider itself an empire, therefore does not elect an emperor or empress.



The Government was formed through an ancient government known as the Human Sovereignty, which at that time was not considered a great powerhouse. However even though they were not taken seriously, the Dark-Elf Empire was interested in them for their intelligence and skills in certian arts. The humans were used by the elves to provide transport to gain access across the seas, and to fashion steel and iron armours from the metals found in their homelands.

After the Empire waged war many times, the leaders of the Human Sovereignty chose not to intervein in the actions of the other races, so instead kept to their selves. However many times did both sides attempt to convince the humans to join their cause, but they were never successful.

The humans migrated across the seas as their population grew increasinly fast. This was mainly due to the

Humans were no more than small colonies across the lands

quick pregnancy a human faces compared to that of the other races. Within 200 years their population went from 3,000 to 450,000, and by the time they had migrated to every lands in Amsnorth. They set up all kinds of colonies, and help the races build and create many villages across the lands, some of which still stand to this day. 

Humans around 16,000 BPD were populated greater than every other race, with the exception of the dwarves. Their numbers had reached over 2.3 million, and had the largest army in Amsnorth, reaching far beyond 50,000 strong. When several castles were attacked by the Dark-Elf Empire, under the order of Emperor Shashev, did the humans rally their forces to bring the empire down.

After the successful war, the humans were betrayed by the dwarves, under the command of Lord Drakulous Boulderarm, who then took control over power in Amsnorth. The humans however did not take this seriously, as they only wanted to bring down the Empire for their murder of their people, so returned home. 

The human government remained the same for several hundred years, when the King of Gran Sarathal allowed the humans to migrate across their lands, and build villages to assit with the growing population of all the races. Because of their aid, the humans were granted the large city Markwall, and were now allowed to elect their own king. 

War of KingsEdit

The Human Sovereignty was the main reason the War of Kings took place, as the current ruler of Markwall, King Edmune Undertongue began to tortue his own people. This was ignored by the dwarves, and the suffering grew more worse as the years passed. 

Jafier Heartan a man who was known to kill cruel and evil people heard about these events, and decided to take the matters into his own hands. With the Brotherhood of Justice at his backs, he charged at the city and eventually took it over, and successfully defeated the king.

Victorious Jafier

Jafier standing victorious over the War

After these events, the Jafier was promoted to king by the people of Markwall, who were truely greatful for his protection. Jafier took the titles, which then drew the attention of the other kings and lords across the other races. However the dwarves allowed Jafier to keep the titles.

Jafier's power and influence was then expanding, and the events that became the War of Kings took place. Jafier marched thousands of men into war, leading them himself, and battled against the Wood-Elf Monarchy, Dark-Elf Supermacy and the Dwavern Domain, both within Gran Sarathal and the Golden Halls.

Many of Jafier's loyal friends managed to bring down his rival governments within their own cities, and eventually there was little for him to face, as the Wood-Elves allied their selves with the humans. When Jafier discovered his magical abilities, he demostrated his mass power by single-handlely defeating the armies of the dwarves with waves of powerful magic. It was then did the king win the war and name himself the King of Amsnorth and created the Human Royal Government.

Ruling as LeadersEdit

After the war, many kings and queens ruled Amsnorth as the High Kings and Queens. All other lords were called upon by them to serve with utter obedience, however there were small rebellions and civil wars to try and slowly take the humans out of power.

Many kings have attemtped to try and bring something different to the throne, for example some have invented new taxes, while others have thought of ways to make the lives better for thoes living in Amsnorth.

The last king before the Great Purge, Nark III Heartan was largely respected in many ways, and was hailed as being a great leader. He brought peace across the lands for many years, and managed to resolve many outbreaks and rebellions that took place. He reduced taxes, invented the first public schools which enabled all children, rich or poor to gain access, without needing to pay.

However Nark III died along side millions of people during the Great Purge, and the Human Royal Government slowly crumbled back into nothing.

Great PurgeEdit

When the wizard Moreusico rushed into Gran Sarathal with several children, claiming that Azugon had gone made and slaughter hundreds of magical beings, Nark III Heartan ordered for his houses to bring the wizard to justice.

After several months of coming up with nothing, Azugon showed himself to the world again and this time led
Great Purge

The Great Purge, where dragons, humans, dwarves, hauket and elves all suffered greatly.

an army of goblins, trolls, orges and spawn. They managed to take control over most of the lands within a short few years. Nark III begun to fea greatly as he lost half the lands that he owned, and all of the cities had fallen under control of the Dark Lord.

When the attack came to the capital, Nark sent the woman and children away from the city to protect them, but the city was taken and he was slain. The woman and children were then killed on the road by waiting goblins and trolls.

After that day the government plunged into caios, but before the city was taken over Nark managed to smuggle his children out of the city, where they were taken into hiding. These children would then become the ancestors to those who take back the world of Amsnorth.

Rising back againEdit

When the Freedom Wars took place, many saw this as the begining of the Royal Government's rising, however the government had nothing to do with the war, as it was disbanned before these events. However House Heartan was the main leaders behind the attack.

When Azugon vanished from the lands, House Heartan rose again to defeat the remaining armies that the Dark Lord possessed. After these events, the other human lords formed once more to assist Robert I Heartan. It was at this point the Royal Government rose again.

After taking back the lands, Robert had hundreds of soldiers chase the Army of Darkness back into the shadows, and the lands were once again free from a dark taint. It took several years for the government took be place back on tracks, but after that day it has remained the leading government.

Current StatusEdit

The Royal Government is still currently in tact, and rules across the seas to the Dwavern Kingdom. Even though most of these lands serve under their local government, the Royal still holds power over them and all the lords must answer to the king or queen without question. 

The crown rules the government from a higher power, and the current ruler is King Harken II Heartan

Government and PoliticsEdit

The Royal Government uses many political tatics to hold power over the lands, one of which is to select a noble or lord within each village, castle or lands to make order among the people residing there. These beings are in charge with using their own ways to bring government to the lands.

There are several people that are within the Crowns' Council that also assist in these matters. These people are named for their certian roles in politics, the Master of Coin, Master of Ships, Master of Education, The Master of Logic, Master of Justice and the Lord of Wisdom. All these answer to the king or queen, and they rule and own their own lands across Amsnorth


The Royal Government holds the largest army in Amsnorth, while House Heartan is the main operations behind the government, while the combined forces of all the lords and nobles, add the forces up to the total of 170,200: these are foot soldiers, archers, heavy cavalry, catipults and ships.


The Royal Government is the second richest government in Amsnorth, behind only the Dwavern Domain. They bring in over 450,000 gold pieces per year, and each household is taxed depending on how much that person earns. 

The use of gold within the government changes depending on which ruler has control over the money. However many rulers have used the gold to keep the public happen, while some have used it for their own personal goals.