Name Humans
Dominions Royalandüs, Üswana, Afrana, Ürsanthium, Seginthul, Albaia, Engadül, Daleigon, Castesene, Sçotinis, Great Valour Islands, Villanna Islands
Languages Rochillion, Gaenapease
Height 5-7 Feet
Skin Color White and Brown
Hair Color Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, Orange, White, Grey
Lifespan 90 years
Distinctions Mortality
Members Jafier Heartan, Harken II Heartan, Isabella Mthendale, Nark I Heartan, White Human

"The human race has seen its fare share of greed, corruption and power. They have climbed the ladder, won wars, become kings and queens."
―About humans

Humans also known as Munglasan in Elvish and Omeng'lar in Dwarfik, is the most populated out of all the other races, settling in every part of Amsnorth. They live in high cultures and set themselves into different societies. With a King being the head of the humans, followed by a Queen, a Prince or Princess, Duke, Lord and Lady.

The first humans were traced back FA 500, when they were nothing but small colonizes of little numbers. They were first found by the Dark-Elf Empire, who sought to enslave the race, but instead of doing so they studied them. 

Over time the race has expanded with great speed, and up until the Human War of Independence did the race finally become a major race. Dwarves, elves, hauket, even the nimidorians have grown to accept the race as they have shown their high intelligence. Humans have assisted the other beings in constructing, weapons, houses, roads, and farms. Humans are also the first race to have started to farm animals, and grow crops, making them allies to the other elves.

Even though they are a major race, and highly respected, they did not hold great power. They did have kings and queens within Markwall, but during the rule of Edmund Undertounge, Jafier Heartan rose up against his tyrant nature. Jafier who defeated the king, was then elected his new one. This sparked the events known as the War of Kings (SA 3385). The war pitted all the major races against each other, and after years of a bloody battle, Jafier won, and elected himself the new King of Amsnorth. He then disbanned the titles of all the other races, with the execption of the Wood-Elves, because of their alliance during the war.

Humans were in complete power since the end of War of Kings, and they ruled as the Human Royal Government for a few hundred years. Then the Great Purge saw about the destruction of human power. Azugon the Magical Being who turned corrupted, took the throne and enslaved all the races. It was not until thousands of years later, with Jafier's descendant Robert I Heartan restoring power and jutice to Amsnorth.

The race is also strongly related to the Magical Beings, and are often called the same. They are also related to the Mountain Men, who would later become known as the Orc, after a spell that deformed them.

Appearance and PersonallityEdit

Humans are fair-haired people, with skin colours ranging from white to black. Their eyes are varied, with shades of blue, green, grey, purple and brown. The average human standsaround 5,5 feet, but can reach the height of 7 feet and rarely 8.  

Human Chief

Human chief

Humans vary depending on their upbrining. Thousands of years ago males they were raised as hunters, while the females were forced to look after their young and keep the house. Some of the men were considered crule and sadistic, while the woman were gentle and kind. 

Humans are also very easy to corrupt, and find gold to be very valuable. They crave it greatly and will go to great lenghts to obtain it. This had caused much touble for them many times, as it can lead to war and conflicts. 

Some can also be kind and gentle, much like the other races, but it is often implied by their civilizations that the rich are arrogant, while the poor are less aggressive. This has been proven wrong on many occasions, and the humans are very versitile.



The legend behind the human creation has been told many times within different religions. But their true origins are long forgotten, as time was lost before FA 500 However historians have attempted to reveal the past of the race, and have come up with many tales. The religious humans believe that the first ever human to have walked Amsnorth, name us unknown, but many say that with this man several others were born through each time he urinated on soil. This fact is unclear however.

The first humans to be discovered was around FA 500, when Shalimal, Emperor of the Dark-Elf Empire, and proclaimed ruler of Amsnorth, found them by chance. The elves had created very small rafts and set sail into the sea. This brought them to the islands the humans called The Great Valour Islands

The New RaceEdit

The humans were approched by the Dark-Elves, who were all curious of this new strangely looking people. The Cheif of the Tribe tried to communicate with Shalimal, but their languages were different. So the human showed the first intelligence of his race, by using drawings, symbols and other things to speak with the emperor. Shalimal was highly interested in the race, so decided to take a handful of humans back with him to his kingdom, and keep some of his own there to study them.

As time past, the human language, which would later become the primary speech for all beings, was very difficult for these elves to understand. So they began to note down the very first books of Elvish and Rochillion

Different CommunitiesEdit

As the years went by, humans were often launching wars on each other for power and control. They elected their own leaders, which were named the Cheif. These humans battled for control and expantion,  and were known back then to have been very brutal.

Humans were the lowest of all races, and were considered children, by the other races, mainly because of their much lower lifespan. Since elves can live roughly upn until the age of 8,000, humans can only live around the age of 90 years. However their great intelligence assisted them greatly in the long run, when they became the first people to build the very first longboats. They used this to transport their goods, books, armours, food, and people from one place to the other.


Human battle for power

They were often the ones that dragons were rather fond of, with many humans bonding with a dragons. Dragons also lived around the Great Valour Islands, which made them neighbours to them. Often dragons would arrive outside of human farms, and would pay the humans with their protection for their livestock. 

Each of the human settlements were under the influence of someone higher, and each of those chiefs were under control of the Empire. It was not for another four hundred years did the human migrate across the lands, and begin to build their own facilities in other places. This caused the race to seperate, and form different cultures and socities. 

When more races appeared, the hauket, ogres and trolls, the humans were in constent problems with them, mainly for lands. When the humans showed the Empire of their superiour powers over these other races, they allowed them to elect their own rulers, one that would control all humans, a King.

The king was first elected, when all chiefs from across all Amsnorth arrived at Gran SarathalEmperor Erandur forced them all to three days of combat to test which one posssessed the greatest talents. The first human king, Markgon Undertongue was elected.

Kings and QueensEdit

Now that humans had secured their place as main people, they began to expand further. With the average family consisting of around 6 children. They migarted further across the seas, and a distant cousin of House Undertongue, House Ashstone settled in the Rocky Vale, and named called their own king.

This sparked much rivarly among the humans, and a small civil war began between House Undertongue and Ashstone. It only lasted several months before the Dark-Elf Empire stopped it. Ashstone were allowed to keep their monarchy, but like Undertongue they were forced to serve under the command of the empire.

Rising StatusEdit

Humans were not highly regarded by the other races and were often shunned upon. But as the humans
War of kings

War of Kings

grew more intelligent and wise, they began to climb up the ladder of power.

It was not until three hundred thousand years ago when the humans were first crowned rulers. While many of the other races still consider them weak and foolish, humans have still held the main power over all living things. 

Humans won the War of Kings and are with the exception of the wood-elves, are the only people with a monarch and authotity.

Current StatusEdit

Humans are now the rulers of all the other races, with their own leader severing as high king or queen. Humans are not the most populated while they were once the least. With their people spreading far across lands, they have established all kinds of places. 

Known MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jafier Heartan

Humans are not as fast as elves or not as strong as dwarves or orcs, but they are balanced between the both. They have large weaknesses with their major one being their mortal lifespan. Humans are often knights and heroes, and have a quick understanding of combat, making them the second best fighters behind only the orcs.


Being the ones that invented the first sword, humans are the best skilled with the longsword. They are very talented and often the ones that serve as knights and soldiers within cities and villiages. 

Several of the best swordfighters have been humans.


While not better than the wood-elves, humans are skill very talented in marksmenship. 

In the BooksEdit

Humans are the main characters in all the upcoming novels, with the primary protagonist being a human - Isabella Mthendale

They are often seen throughout the entier series, and are the race of several of the main characters that are seen in the novels.


  • They are the only ones that can become magical beings
  • Humans are based off from Americans, British, African, and Russian people.
  • They are one of the smartest of all races.
  • They are the ones that invented the basic language, which is now spoken by all races.