Writings by year is an attempt to chronologically list all published writings relating to Daniel Digman and his works (see also Writings by J.R.R. Tolkien). The list is focused on publication of books, but major journals and important newspaper articles will also be listed (non-scholarly journals and game book series will generally only be listed when they first appear).[1] Non-English titles will be added when these have a description in English on Tolkien Gateway.

2000s Edit

2007: Starts to write the rough drafts of the 'Dragon Chronicles' novels - as named at the time. A rough idea was of a dragon dancing within a village, while a prince looked on. 2008: Stardust chapter first written, with the main character forging stardust armour, Ki-Urik later added within the next few months. 2009: The first idea of the entire story comes into mind, but with many more plot points appearing in the later future.

2010s Edit

2010: The novel is now half way finished, with more characters, places and historical ideas coming to mind. The main antagonist is first appeared. 2011: The novel starts to become fuller, with thousands of words. New ideas for future novels come into place, and the title of the book is finally named - Dust and Shadow 2012: Novel is finished, and several chapters posted online, for a time before author took them down to neaten up the novel. Over the course of the year, the novel becomes more and more finished, with new chapters added, and new stories. Daniel also starts to write more entries into the novel, and finishes the story to the second novel. 2013: Daniel Digman sends out manuscripts to publishers. None replied. Daniel Digman writes half of the third novel, along with the prequels and renames the series, World of Amsnorth. 2014: Daniel Digman neatens novel further, increasing its history, creating new chapters, and expanding on the novel with further detail. Invented new characters, and created an online Wikipedia to serve as a base for historical events and characters. 2015: Novel is now nearly completed, with still several events and tidying needed. The outline, characters, events and locations are not complete.

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