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Isabella Mthendale

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Other names
Maid, Bartender
Date of birth
TA 9597
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Physical description

5.6 Feet
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Chocolate Brown
"Isabella Mthendale was a small female human with several dimples around her mouth, and a small button nose. Her lips were thin and bright red which concealed a set of bright white teeth. Her skin was pale and clear, which many claimed was the skin of an angel. She had long brown hair which was always shiny, and flowed down her back like brown waves. Her huge dark brown eyes glittered in the light like blinking stars"
―Description of Isabella

Isabella Mthendale is a human female from the village Seatown. She has lived a rather bland and uninteresting life, spending most of her times working within the village tavern. Isabella is the main protagonist of the World of Amsnorth novels, and is responsible for many upcoming events. She found and bonded with the baby dragon named Purple-eye. When the dragon was taken from her, she embarked on a quest to hunt across Amsnorth to find her.

Throught her quest to save her dragon, she encountered Queen Nymeria of the Wood-Elves, and bonded with the queen's youngest daughter, Lymeria. Isabella was trained how to fight during her time there, and the wood-elf queen later forged her a weapon during the Battle for the Hill, which she would name, Destiny

Isabella left Greatwood City with Glisterward a staff given to her by Nymeria, and set on a course to find the orcs, hoping they would assist her in travelling across the East to reach the Shard Mountains. Isabella was captured by the orcs, and brought before their cheif, Ki-Urik. The Ki accepted to take Isabella across the East, and through her jounry she bonded with the Ki's son, Yarik

As they crossed the Strands of the Axes, they were ambushed by dark creatures. During this battle, Isabella unleashed the power of Glisterward and managed to win the small battle. When they further crossed the lands, Urik decided to take Isabella to the Solar Mountains to craft her stardust armour forged atop the great mountains peak. 

When they reached back to camp, they were ambushed by spawn, led by Ezgoth. After a bloody battle, the orcs managed to repel the spawn forces, but Urik was left wounded. 

Isabella left the orcs to travel on her own as she reached the Eastern Territories. After passing more land she was captured by Ezgoth who interrogated her for the location of the orcs. After she refused to give him any information, and managed to escape. Ezgoth tested her mental abilities by placing her in one of his reknowned illusion mazes. Isabella managed to defeat Ezgoth and flee his lair before she arrived at the Shard Mountains.

Crossing the mountain, Isabella reached the center where she was again captured, but by goblins. After a nearly fatal escape, she was rescued by Moreusico. The old wizard treated her within his hut before taking her to Crystal-Glow where her dragon Purple-eye was being kept.

Isabella entered the cave and fought against the large dragon she believed to be Purple-eye's captive. When the dragon showed hesitant behaviour, Isabella used Glisterward to wound the dragon. But as she was about to deliver the death blow, she noticed it was in fact Purple-eye. She then noticed that she was too consumed by lust to find her dragon, that she had forgotten time itself. That she had spent 17 years trying to find the dragon. 

Purple-eye protected Isabella as the cave collapsed around them, dying in the process. Isabella was left broken, but her attention is gripped by another dragon that was Purple-eye's Child. Isabella takes the baby dragon and decides to head back home.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Isabella is a very kind woman, known to help others. She is smart, gentle and straightforward. Like her father Jon Mthendale, she puts others before herself, if she likes that person. Isabella is short tempered, and can snap if angered, but this is very rare. Isabella is also very intelligent. At a young age, her father taught her how to read, and it has become a hobby of hers. She had read countless books, and favours adventures above all.

She also has a deep love for family, as she cares for them above all. Her father Jon is who she cared for most of her life, and is always trying to help him when she can. When she met her dragon Purple-eye, Isabella considered her to be like a child to her, therefore acting like a mother. 

Isabella is very beautiful, and is described as being like an angel. She has long brown hair and dark chocolate eyes that glister in the light. Her skin is pale and very smooth, with almost perfect features. Her nose is button like, and her thin lips are always bright red. Like most middle-class beings, she dresses in normal, cotton, leather and sometimes rags. Isabella has never been overly fond of the way she looks, but will sometimes make an effort when required.


Early LifeEdit

Isabella was born in the capital city, Gran Sarathal. Her father Jon Mthendale worked as a servant for King Robert V HeartanKing Gaston IV Heartan and King Harken II Heartan. When she was but a babe her mother handed her over to Jon, who had not idea of her existence. However Jon took her in, and raised for within the palace. It is not known what happened to her mother.

Isabella grew up for only a short period of time within the city, until her father had a fallen out with the king, and they were both cast from the city. To flee and find a place that would accept them, Jon hired a protector, to escort them to the village near the edge of the West, Seatown

During her time in Seatown, she grew up with many of the children and live a normal life. Her father was known around as the Useless Hunter, because of his terrible hunting skills. However he did bring back few meat for them. 

Working in the TavernEdit

"The only reason she stays is well ... nobody knows."
―Chapter 1, Seatown of Dust and Shadow

When she was but fourteen, her father approached the Barred-Maid in hopes of finding her a job within the tavern. Yimli Blackstone, the owner disliked Isabella for unknown reasons so was very resistant in hiring her, but Jon managed to convince him.

Isabella delivering to guests

Isabella was used to serving drunken men

Isabella hated her job in the tavern, but continued to work there none-the-less. Her pay was very poor, and she was mistreated throughout her time there. The dark-elf named Nyra despised her, and they often clashed with each other.

For years Isabella served within the tavern, and did not find one day that she enjoyed. However when the boss was feeling generous, she would ask her to assist Bison Throwstone in the kitchen. She was forced to take out trash, and clean rooms for newly arrived guests. 

At one point, shortly before she found the egg, Isabella showed Commander Tharin to a bedroom. And the Golden Knight handed her a large bonus, however Yimli took this for himself and she got nothing. Isabella was rather used to the impolite attitude of her boss, but would never let it wound or bother her. This did annoy her boss on many occasions, as she did not fall to his bait. 

Finding the EggEdit

"It was some kind of stone; it was a light cream colour and had a brownish tint in the centre, and it was the shape of a large egg. She moved her hand over it – it was smooth, like marble. She knocked on it; it was hard, so hard she heard her knuckles crack."
―Isabella's thoughts on the egg
Purple-eye egg

Purple-eye as an egg

While Isabella was taking a relaxing walk down to the Shardlake she encountered a mysterious egg. At first Isabella believed it to be a large stone, and worth a large amount of gold. She planed to investigate the stone, to find out how much she can get for it.

Isabella spent several days trying to figure out what this stone was, she considered selling it to traders, but after a while the interesting thing about it had her very attached to it.

So obtained a large book from the village library, from the elder Lyon the Bookeeper, and flickered through the pages. She found out many historical things within the pages, and it was at that moment the stone was revealed to be an egg as it begun to hatch.

Baby DragonEdit

Purple-eye baby


Once the egg burst, a small unusual creatures burst free. The young dragon staggered around the small hut, breaking mostly everything in his path. It grew very attached to Isabella, and managed to respond to her every command.

Isabella grew fond of the dragon (unknown what she was at the time) within moments, believing her to be the best thing she had ever seen. She loved her as if she was her own child and eventually named her Purple-eye, after her outstanding purple eyes.

She had tried to understand what the creature was but could not find any information about it. So she went to the library and asked Lyon for a book on mystic creatures. But as she arrived back home she discovered that Purple-eye was not there.

She found her father, Jon Mthendale attempting to kill her. After pleading with her father to spare the young beast's life, Jon began to search around for any idea of what the creature was, and agreed with Isabella that they would keep her from public sight.

Life with the DragonEdit

Isabella and her father both grew to love Purple-eye more and more every day, once they discovered what she really was they tried to keep her out of the sight of the public, fearing how they may react to a strange animal.

Living with the dragon grew to be difficult after she was exposed to the public after an incident in which Purple-eye killed Bison. The public grew to love this strange creature that they knew nothing about, although many were wary of her. Isabella feared for the safety of Purple-eye due to her quick temper and lashing out at anyone who she feels threatened by.

Dancing for a Prince Edit

One day Prince Lorell I Heartan wondered into the village in need of shelter, he stayed at the tavern during the duration of his stay. Isabella was at first concerned about the prince being there, as her father had a bad past with royalty.

Isabella was assigned by Yimli to dance for the prince whenever he required her, threatening her that of she did not do as he commanded she would lose her job. After a while Isabella grew tired of the prince ignoring the guests and stormed up to find him and get him to go outside. Once she convinced him she was surprised of how polite and generous the man was. 

Lorell took an instant liking to Isabella, and they enjoyed a kind chat with each other as they made their way
Isabella dancing

Isabella dancing

down into the village. The prince asked if she wanted to join him for dinner at his table, but she kindly refused, stating that she had to dance. Lorell was shocked by this, but also please and asked her if she would dance for him.

Isabella did not have time to respond, before her boss was shoving her onto the dance floor with several other girls. After dancing to a slow beat, Isabella changed the dance into something more erotic. it was at this time, when Purple-eye popped out from underneath several tables and leaped onto the stage.

Isabella did not want to alarm any people in the village so she kept dancing, and after a while the dragon eventually joined in, causing many in t he audience to gasp in shock.  The prince was intrigued by the dragon, and after Isabella fed him a lie she made up about the water near the Shardlake contaminating the egg, he grew more interested. 

The dance lasted for a while, and the whole village was up on their feet cheering and clapping at the weird dancing creature and Isabella. 

Eventually after the dance had finished the whole village decided to accept Purple-eye, as they knew she was not as harmful as they has thought her to be. 

Finding a Gold MineEdit

While Isabella was scouring the area with Purple-eye she encountered a cave like hut. The cave was hidden by a large shed, that seemed like it had once been a small royal home.

At the end of the hut, there was a very powerful door forged from Dwavern Steel. Isabella trying all she could to open it, failed and decided to head back, but Purple-eye used Dragonfire to burst through the door. Inside lay rivers of gold that were once the remains of a gold mine set up by Lord Oalson of Phylon

Isabella and Purple-eye both took as much gold pieces as they could collect, and took it back to Seatown where they stashed it under the bed.

Teaching a dragon how to fly and capturedEdit

After understanding that Purple-eye so desperately wanted to fly, Isabella decided to take it on herself and teach her how to fly. But she did not know the first idea in how to teach a dragon how to fly. Isabella had Purple-eye leap from box to box as a start to get her used to her wings, but after the dragon failed due to the enclosed area, Isabella decided to take her further out and into the open, where she would be able to use the world to her advantage. 

Dragon attack

Ninarheleon attacking Isabella and Purple-eye

Isabella took Purple-eye to the Ruby Ocean where she believed to be the perfect place to practice flight. When the young dragon failed to open her wings in time she splashed into the water. Isabella screamed as she thought the fall would have killed her, but the dragon proved her wrong after she burst from the red sea and flew through the air.

Purple-eye began to find it easy to fly after a short time, and forced an unwilling Isabella onto her back and took her into the air. Isabella hated it at first, but after she saw what was above the clouds her hearts stopped. It was beyond beautiful, and Isabella eventually loved to fly.

Suddenly their good day was ruined as a mysterious dragon appeared out of the air and attacked Isabella. The beast set the cliff in which Isabella stood on fire, and would have killed her if Purple-eye had not stepped in to prevent that from happening.

Once the dragon averted its attention from Isabella, it chased Purple-eye across the sea, until she caught her within her claws and took the screaming baby into the clouds until they disappeared.

Beginning the journeyEdit

After days of mourning she believed that Purple-eye was still alive and left her village to find her. Before she left, she used the gold she and just collected and traded it for gold pieces from the local blacksmith. With the gold she bought a sword, and a large horse from the stablemaster.

Isabella knew that the quest before her would be hard, but she cared little as all she wanted was to get her dragon back, without caring about the cost.

Her father Jon tried many times to get her to stay, but no matter how much love she had for him she could not abandon her dragon. She left the last words with her adopted father on the bad terms and has regretted them ever since.

Into the WildEdit

After several days of riding, Isabella eventually came to a large forked path. Resistant to which one she took, she took the darkness and most horrifying one. This one appeared to be the correct way as at the end she entered the The Plains. The large wilds that separated Seatown from the city Phylon.

Isabella passing through the wild

Isabella going through the Plains

Isabella saw her first giant at that point, and was shocked that they did not attack her. She moved her horse down the Plains, where she came to a small pond to freshen herself and the horse up. After a pride of lions was attacked by a wolf, Isabella saved the lion cubs by killing a loose wolf. The lions then handed her over some of the deer that they had killed.

Isabella spent several more days trying to get to Phylon, desperate to use the city to stock up on supplies. She felt like a fool leaving Seatown without even bringing food nor water to help her along the way.

Meeting Wayla within a dreaded cityEdit

As Phylon came into sight, Isabella was warned by human soldiers for her to be careful within the city's walls, as humans were not greatly liked, unless they had the right gold. Even though Isabella carried a great deal of gold on her, her clothing attracted much unwanted attention.

She arrived at the local inn, and asked for a bed and a nice meal for the night, also for her horse to be treated and for supplies to take the following day. After a very hesitant innkeeper accepted, she was shown around by the young wood-elf named Wayla.

Isabella liked the elf almost upon seeing her, as she reminded her of herself. Once the elf showed her to her room, Isabella sneaked a small amount of gold to her. The young elf was very grateful and eventually began to follow and keep a close eye on Isabella.

Serving a LordEdit

After she left the inn, she travelled to the temple. It was home to the Ice-Breathing Dragon. Isabella was
Isabella suffering under the dwarves

Isabella serving as a maid to the Dwarves

intreguied by this, as she only thought there was one kind of dragon. Isabella was greeted by a priest, who gave her a blue ice orb as a blessing.

Once she left the temple, she found several city guards waiting for her, led by Galson Thrash. The dwarf lord took her to the castle, where she met the lord of the city, Lord Oalson Thrash. The lord mistreated her greatly, and forced her to work witin the city as a slave.

Galson was horrible towards her, and often beat her bloody if she refused to do anything right. However after what only seemed like a few days, Isabella started to plan her escape, but could not finish it as she was thrown into a cell for snapping at a fellow dwarf.

Isabella remined in the cell for as long as she could remember and was freed by Wayla who had sneaked past the guards. Wayla and Isabella both fled the city, and collected the horse, gold and weapons that Wayla had stolen from the lockers bellow the castle. However before they managed to escape the city, Isabella killed two city guards, and accidently murdered Galson. 

Acorss the WestEdit

After escaping Phylon, Isabella and Wayla travelled together across the West, where they made camp within an abandoned hut, wrestling a bear to obtain it. While staying within the hut for the night, Isabella got to know Wayla a little, and started to grow fond of her. 

To Greatwood ForestEdit

To get to the East Isabella and Wayla decided to pass through Greatwood Forest, however trying to cross Gran Sarathal's borders without being seen would have proven difficult. Since Isabella murdered Galson, many cities would be too dangerous for her to venture to.

Since bandits patrole the northern areas of Greatwood, they had to pass Greatwood River and cross the Gorge. The travel would take several days, so they made several stops along the way. However events turned as Ninatheleon appeared to them again, taking the horse from them. 

Isabella and Wayla rushed out of sight, trying hard to escape the dragon as it shattered the woodlands around them, and burning half of the forest. During the escape, Wayla was burnt and killed and the dragon toyed with Isabella before she managed to escape.

Broken by the death of Wayla, Isabella collapsed and was then approched by wood-elf soldiers, led by Mymera. The elf princess took Isabella deep within Greatwood Forest and into Greatwood City. The elf queen, Nymeria greeted Isabella and welcomed her into the city.

Accepting helpEdit

After staying at Greatwood City for a short few days, Nymeria proposed a gift to Isabella, offering to train her in both swordplay and archery, so that she would be protected while she ventured out on her quest. Isabella gratefully accepted, but knew thay she would have to leave soon as her dragon desperatly needed her help.

Life in GreatwoodEdit

Swordplay TrainingEdit

Isabella's first day of training was to learn under Mymera, however after a short session Mymera beat Isabella after she humiliated her in front of a large amount of elves. Nymeria halted the lesson and decided to teach Isabella herself.

Nymeria and Isabella trained for days, and with that she managed to repel a good few number of elf soldiers, which stunned all the elve watching. Isabella even managed to disarm Nymeria and trick her during their short battle. 

Archery TrainingEdit

Mymera also taught Isabella in archery. Isabella did not prefer the use of the bow and arrow, but she did learn very quickly, managing to strick few straw dummies,

Dining with ElvesEdit

After her training lessons were over, Nymeria invited Isabella to a dinner, where many elves from all over Amsnorth would be attending. Isabella accepted, and was given a brillant dress to wear for the evening. 

Isabella met ancient elves such as Retheli and Moskumotto, and both these elves gave her several usefull information concerning the Shard Mountains. Isabella enjoyed the meeting, and finally got on good terms with Mymera

Beauty of the ForestEdit

During her stay within Greatwood Forest Nymeria took Isabella to one of the most sacred places in Amsnorth. There she went to the Magic Poo l and seen for herself what the beauty and life of the forest was like. She encountered many beasts from Water Creatures, Grasstrotts, Fairies, Pure Animals and a Unicorn

The Unircorn froze time, and showed Isabella how bright her future was, and that despite all the horror that awaited her, there was light, and that she was the one that would led it to glory. 

Battle for the HillEdit

Greatwood Forest became to the first battle in over 400 years, when a lone werewolf scout entered the city's borders, and was killed by Lymeria. The death set in motion the goblin army that was awaiting not far from the city. 

Battle for the Hill

Battle for the Hill

When the goblins attacked, Nymeria led a small force of elvin soldiers to hold them off, but underestimated the goblins as their numbers were far greater than her own. Nymeria sent word to Greatwood City, summoning her army to assist her.

The army led by Mymera, with the help of Isabella attacked the goblins. The battle seemed evenly sides, untill ogres and screechers entered the battle. Nymeria and the others knew that this horde of goblins were not mere thugs, seeking riches, but led by something greater. Isabella held her own against the goblins, proving that the training given to her by Nymeria and Mymera was effective. She defeated countless goblins, and even an ogre, something very skilled beings have trouble trying to do.

The battle eventually came onto the elves side after Lymeria entered the battle, using her enchanted bow and arrows to explode the ground around them. The goblins sought to take Lymeria out, as she was picking the screechers out of the sky like flies, and Isabella arrvied to help her as goblins closed in around her.

Leavons also entered the battle, using their magical abilities to enchant the forest to their side. The trees, weeds, and thorns all came to the elves' side as the leavons summond the forest. The battle was then one sided, and the goblins were defeated.

Nymeria intent on finding out why these goblins attacked the city, sent out her daughter, Mymera to find out why. Mymera left the city with a group of 50 of the elves best soldiers. Isabella knew that her time had come to leave also, and informed the queen that she must leave to contiune her mission.

Glisterward and DestinyEdit

Before Isabella left Greatwood City, Nymeria gave her a map of Amsnorth so that she knew where she was going in the direction of the Shard Mountains . Also the queen gave Isabella important information, concerning the Eastern Territories, that it was almost covered in the dark creatures known as Spawn. In order to pass through without being slaughtered, she would require the assistance of the orcs. However the orcs were no friends to humans, so Nymeria presented Isabella with a Stoneheart, to barter her way across the lands to the Shard Mountains.

Nymeria also handed Isabella a sword, crafted by a skilld blacksmith, from gems and strong Woodland Steel. Isabella named the sword Destiny. Also the queen knew that trying to battle a dragon would be next ti impossible for Isabella, handed her another gift. The staff Glisterward that was weilded by the ancient Jafier Heartan and regared as being the most powerful staff of all time. 

Finding the OrcsEdit

Isabella left Greatwood Forest to seek the orc leader named Ki-Urik. While the days that it took her were dreadful, as the weather was horribly to her disadvantage, Isabella was also attacked by an assassin. She learned that the assasin was sent to bring her back to Phylon for her murder of Galson. After a brutal battle, Isabella managed to kill the assassin, taking his gold. 

Just before her encounter with the orcs, Isabella was captured by a troll. The troll sought to kill her for his past years of torture from humans. Isabella managed to confuse the beast, toying with a troll's lust for gold and gems to her advantage. Once she troll freed her, Isabella killed him and escaped its lair before being knocked out by Norik Stonefist and Orik.

Isabella was taken into the orc camp, where she met the leader, the gigantic Ki-Urik. After showing him the stoneheart, the Ki accepted to help her across the lands. Isabella was given a tent, and allowed to keep her weapons, but all of her food, water and gold were taken from her by Orik.

Travelling with the orcsEdit

Life with the orcs was not plesant for Isabella, as they treated her with disrespect, and often looked down at her. This was not fully unexpected from Isabella as she knew Orcs did not like humans due to their past history with each other. Orcs were often hunted by humans for bounties and gold, which casued a serious hatred between the two races.

Isabella was given a horse to ride on while she rode with the orc clan, and they passed across lands upon
Orcs trave;

Isabella travelling with the Orcs

lands, until they came to the dreaded Strands of the Axes . Isabella was hesitant to enter such a place, but had little choice as it was one of the few ways to pass into the Eastern Territories

The ride through the Strands was horrible, the scorching heat caused much problems not only for her but for the horses. While the orcs' skin was tough and made to endure the heat from such weather, Isabella found it almost unbareable. 

What made it more worse, was that they were also attacked one night by dark creatures. Isabella and the orcs managed to defeat the creatures, and Isabella finally unleashed the power of Glisterward. After the battle, the orcs showed a little respect towards her due to her prowess as a fighter, but they still were hostile towards her.

Stardust ArmourEdit

After the left the Strands it was not far for them before they entered the East. Isabella was asked for by the
Isabella and Stadust

Isabella wearing Stardust armour

Ki, who had intentions for her due to her support when the clan was attacked within the desert. The Ki proposed that they venture on a side quest to obtain a powerful armour that would be both light and strong for Isabella throughout her quest.

The two left the camp and arrived at the Solar Mountains after fighting their way through a bandit infected fort. While their dangerous climb to the top was trecherous, Isabella and Urik managed to reach the top, and the orc leader crafted a strong armour from a fallen star. Once the armour was complete, Isabella donned it on and found it to be very comfortable. 

Battle with DarknessEdit

When they arrvied back at camp, they were ambushed by an army of Spawn, led by a powerful necromancer. The battle was not in favour of the orcs, as they did not know how to face an enemy that could not be slew by a quick slash. However Isabella managed to notice their weakness to fire, and included the orcs in using it against them.

With her sword and the powerful Glisterward, Isabella held the spawn off, but the Ki was mortally wounded after he used his enchanted sword to summon thunder to try and defeat the spawn. Yarik tried to help his father, but he was only but a child and could not hold the spawn off for long. Isabella helped the young orc, until the others managed to arrive to push their Ki to safety.

The orcs contiuned to battle the spawn, but the battle was not fully won as a huge darkness arrived overhead. The darkness killed several orcs, and targeted Urik. Isabella could not get to him in time, but saw Yarik leap in front of an attack that would have killed the Ki. Seeing his son almost die made the Ki furious beyond control and he charged through the battle, defeated the darkness and managed to push the spawn back.

The Ki was the taken to safety by Kiket and several other orcs, while the rest of his clan fought off the rest of the spawn as they begun to scatter across the mountains.

Leaving the clanEdit

Isabella left the orc clan shortly after the battle. She left on good terms with Ki-Urik and his orc followers. The young Yarik had took a great bond with Isabella during her stay, believing her to be a true friend. She left with a horse and map, and headed off into the Eastern Territories.


Isabella was caught by a necromancer shortly after she left the clan. However the being did not kill her, but instead held her captive to get information out of her. The man showed himself to be Ezgoth, an ancient and powerful Magical Being that has been around for thousands of years. 

Ezgoth tortured Isabella after she refused to give him any information. Isabella managed to escape, and collected her armour, and weapons. But Ezgoth tricked her mind, and used his magical illusions to test her within of his reknowned mazes. Isabella passed each of these, using her lust to find her dragon as fuel. She passed the horrors of the puzzels, and defeated all the froces that Ezgoth sent after her. Until she came face to face with the necromancer and defeated him barely.

Into the MountainsEdit

Isabella arrived at the Shard Mountains, the place she had waited to get to for so long. The travel through the mountain was as dreadful as she knew it would be. The cold was a great problem for her, the Stardust Armour prevented much of the cold on her body and legs, but did little to help her face.

Isabella then remembered that she had an orb from her time witin Phylon, and used the blessing to temporarily halt the cold from freezing her to death. She passed through countless snow covered peaks, and climbed up and up the mountain. 

Goblin VillageEdit

As she reached near the end of the mountains, the ground bellow her cracked and she fell into a large cave. Inside the cave she was captured again by a group of goblins, led by a leader, who remarkably knew common tongue and was much more intelligent than his kin.

Goblin cave

Isabella was captured by goblins within a dark and deep cave

The leader sought to steal all Isabella had and eat her along with the Nimidorian prisoner. Isabella was not going to let herself die now that she had come so far, and fought against the goblins, freeing the prisoner to assist her against them.

They battled far across the caves, but the prisoner was killed by the leader. Isabella used all her training to fight off the goblins and defeated the leader, but was knocked to the ground. The goblins beat her, cracking her head off the ground. As she thought all was at an end, a flaming eagle burst into the cave and destroyed the goblins before they could kill her.

An old legendEdit

Isabella woke from her sleep and found herself within a mysterious place. She found hersrlf being treated by an old man who looked like someone from the Slums. The man revealed himself to be Moreusico, one of the oldest and most powerful people in history.

The old man informed her of where the dragon may be, but warned her not to be driven by lust too much as it could have dangerous consequences. Isabella ignored these and collected her things to leave. Moreusico agreed to show her where the cave is located. The cave named Crystal-Glow had been the home to many dragons in the past.

Moreusico asked Isabella to find him once she collects her dragon, and gave her words of wisdom. To use her fear as a tool to help her rescue her dragon.

The BattleEdit

Isabella entered the cave, and found two dragons, once sleeping within a large pit and the othe munching on the bones of a mammoth. Isabella slowly tried to sneak around the beast to the pit where she believed Purple-eye to be resting. The young dragon grew startled by the sudden voice and fled into the cave. This
Isabella vs Purple-eye

Isabella Mthendal came face to face with Purple-eye, not knowing who she was

attracted the attention of the large dragon who unleashed a snake of flames at her.

Isabella danced around the cave, using her small size and speed to envade the dragon. However after her battle, the cave begun to shake, throwing crystals across the place. The dragon proved to be more of a probelm than she thought, as she did not get a direct shot into its belly. 

When the beast threw her to the ground, it slammed its feet onto her back. But as the beast went to kill her, it stopped and started to sniff at her. This gave Isabella time to grab Glisterward and fire the staff into its stomach, wounding its greatly.

When Isabella went to deliver the final blow, she was stopped when she noticed it had purple eyes. Then it donned on her that through her jounry she had been so caputred by lust that she had forgotten time itself and had passed 17 years in time.

Isabella tried to stop the bleeding but was unable to and the cave started to collapsed around them. Purple-eye forced Isabella away desperate to get her out of the cave. However the cave collapsed around the, and the dragon used her body to sheild Isabella, dying in the process.

A New BabyEdit

After Purple-eye's death Isabella was left in shock, broken and crippled. She left the cave with nothing but loss, but as she left her attention was gripped by another thing. The baby thay she thought was Purple-eye was in fact her child.

Isabella took the dragon fearing that the same thing may happen to him if she were to leave him there. She then headed off, decding to travel back home, after she lost everything.

Personallity and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to Isabella being raised within a village, she knows little about combat or fighting. However throughout her quest, her powers grow, until eventually she becomes a skilled swordsman. Because she actually spent several years, instead of weeks training, Isabella eventually came a very skilled fighter, and managed to defeat countless foes, from a skilled assassin, to a goblin leader


Isabella is at first poor with a blade, her instincts with a sword on the other hand are highly skilled. She is very fast and agile, and can move quickly. She managed to kill two Phylon soldiers with no experience within the arts.

When she entered Greatwood City, she was trained by Queen Nymeria and Mymera, two of the greatest swordmasters of their generation. Isabella quickly became an expert at swordplay, and managed to defeat many foes including an ogre and several goblins. Isabella also defeated an skilled assassin, several vampires, Giant Spiders, and countless spawn.


Isabella was a novice at archery, but did grow in skill. However she did not prefer the use of a bow, and refused to take one with her.


The most powerful magic staff named Glisterward was given as a gift to Isabella. When she recived it she only managed to use the spiritual spells from it, and even with that she managed to slaughter countless foes with it. Despite not having magic, Isabella was one of the very few people who were able to use Glisterward.


Jon MthendaleEdit

Isabella loves her father as very child does their own, but they have found sever points where they have come
Jon Mthendale1

Jon Mthendale her father

at many disagreements. Isabella was very rivial agaist her father during a time, which caused for him to punish her greatly. She was locked in her house with no contact with the other children. This put a dent in their relationship for a time, but they soon made peace later on. 

As time past and Purple-eye was taken, Isabella ignored all the warnings Jon tried to throw at her, as she was too consumed by sadness, and with excitment in finding her dragon.

Isabella later came to hate the point when she left her father they way she did. They did not leave on euqal terms and that has since haunted her.


"She's my child."
―Isabella on Purple-eye

Isabella instantly took to the young dragon. They bonded very quickly and Isabella sometimes refered her as her own child, something Purple-eye also thought.

When she was just a baby out of egg, Isabella found it difficult to be away from the dragon. She was captured
Purple-eye baby


by her enormous purple eyes, and used them to give her the name.

When the dragon was taken from her, Isabella went into depression and did not speak nor eat for days. She ignored many who tried to communicate with her, because her mind was on her baby.

Isabella put herself in risk as she ventured out into the wilds to find her dragon.

Yimli BlackstoneEdit

Her boss and owner of the Barred-Maid , Yimli Blackstone and Isabella are not friends. They both occasionally moan and complain about each other, (never to one's face) and argue often.

When Yimli was convinced to let her work within the tavern, she at first ordered her around more than he did the rest, which angered both Isabella and Jon. Jon later spoke with the dwarf and he was less mean towards her after that.


"There stood the one person Isabella despised."
―Chapter 1, Seatown, Dust and Shadow

The one person Isabella hated more than all, was the dark-elf Nyra. She was greedy, stubborn, rude and cruel. However it was not just Isabella the elf antagonized, it was many other workers within the tavern.

Nyra was on good terms with Yimli, and many times she tried to persuade him to sack her, but somehow he never got around to doing it.


Isabella saw this old man as a grandfather figure. Many times during her childhood she would pay him a visit within his bookstore, and help him with cleaning, gardening and organizing the bookstore. Lyon in return handed her many gifts, including gold and books to keep.

When Isabella travelled to his house every night, the old man would tell her tails of his past, and she would love them greatly. She used to spend hours a day sitting in front of his fire while he rocked back and forth on his old hair, forever listening to his stories.

Prince LorellEdit

Isabella did not know much about the prince, but her first thoughts were of hate. She knew that her father was

Lorell I Heartan

kicked out from Gran Sarathal because of King Harken , and she instantly disliked any kind of royal blood.

When Lorell arrived at the village, Isabella was furious at him and went to confront him in his quarters. When she arrvied the prince did not take her aggressive attitude on the wrong foot, and actually like her for it. Isabella begun to warm up to him slightly, but still thought him to be insane.

Queen NymeriaEdit

Isabella was a friend to Nymeria , this was because the elf queen treated her with respect and was a kind woman. Nymeria trained her within swordplay, and the two grew closer as time passed.

Isabella considers her to be a great friend.

Prince KenruEdit

On their first encounter, Isabella did not take a liking to Prince Kenru as she thought him to be a little bossy, and this grew into hate as Kenru beat her during their training. However over time they became friends.


  • She is loved by most humans who meet her
  • Has striking brown chocolate eyes
  • Is the first human to have seen a dragon in over 6 thousand years