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Jafier Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Gentle King, The Great Beauty, Mystic Dragon, Jafier the Bold, Jafier the Night Thief
Date of birth
SA 3350
TA 0 - TA 117
Date of death
TA 117 (157 years)

Physical description

6.2 Feet
Hair color
Brown, White (older)
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"The greatest king Amsnorth has ever seen. He cleansed these lands of corruption and evil, yet his blood line recreated that."
―Unknown source

Jafier Heartan, {SA 3350- TA 117) also known as King Jafier, was the King of Amsnorth after the events of the War of Kings. He was an ancient man, and is often regarded as being the greatest king in the history of Amsnorth. Jafier is the creator of House Heartan, and is the first human to sit on the Golden Throne. He is highly renowed, and is most notable for his participation in the historical war known as the War of Kings, a war in which he won. After fifteen years of the brutal war, Jafier became the first ever Magical Being, and eventually constructed the academy in which served as a school to all magically talented beings.

Jafier's birth is unknown as is his parents, and as a young boy he found himself within the capital city of Gran Sarathal. The young boy had no family, but spent most of his early years helping the weak and poor by stealing from the rich. He made a name for himself, and eventually he formed a small band of theives, and these people became freedom fighters and sellswords as their ages grew. Jafier was their leader and he assisted people from all across Amsnorth. They were named the Brotherhood of Justice, and were known for their kindness for the weak and poor.

They often kept their services to a minimum, however when King Edmund Undertongue of Markwall was killing his own people, Jafier decided to take action and remove him from the throne. After a succesful attack, Jafier was crowned King of Markwall by the people. 

His coronation brought the attention of the other kings, and the War of Kings broke out. Knowing that with his small numbers he would never win the war, Jafier formed an alliance with Sinteal Ashstone, the Queen of the Rocky Vale. With their combined forces they became the front runners for victory. And after fifteen years he eventually won.

Jafier ruled better than any king after or before him, his legacy had passed down for thousands of years, and he had been recognised as being one of the most powerful people of all time. Due to him being immortal, it was impossible for him to die from old age or any illness, so in order for him to pass on, and give his titles to his offspring, he used magic which stripped him of his own immortality. 

Jafier eventually died at the age of 157. His bloodline formed House Heartan which is still to this day the most powerful house. Even though the house has seen its bad and good rulers, each one has made their mark, but none have come close to the acheivements their ancestor has done.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Many believe that brute strength is the key to power, this is untrue. Wisdom can be as dangerous as any weapon, if only one knows how to use it."
―Jafier discussing power.

Jafier as King

In his youth Jafier was seen as a very kind and generious man, who love to help the eldery and poor, despite being poor himself. He held high self esteam and was often seen roaming the slums of Gran Sarathal trying to eradicate thugs and murderers.

As he grew older he became more wise, due to his high charisma he was able to influence many people to his causes, which is said to be how me masked an entire army. He has strong feelings to his close friends, and will go to long lengths to help them. However despite his kind side, if anyone possess a threat to him or the people of Amsnorth, Jafier can become very ruthless and highly dangerous.

As he became a teacher to younger Magical Beings, Jafier showed that he was very wise, and extremely educational. He held strong knoweladge, and understood all lifeforms. In his time as Grand Wizard, Jafier had read thousands of books, and made it law for all young to read as much books before they could hold the rank of Wizard or Witch. Jafier always slienced a room when he would enter it, and would gain respect by nearly everyone he passed by. His presence could keep even the most dangerous people in order.

He is known to be empathetic towards others, mainly the poor and weak. This has also become one of his weaknesses, as many of his enimes saw this and used it against Jafier, as on many occasions the poor have tried to kill him. On many occasions throughout his life, he has demonstrated many traits, raging from: arrogance, recklessness, willful and sometimes impatient. Jafier also holds a very strong love for his family, and cared greatly for his son, Nark I Heartan and was wounded deeply when his daughter, Lollin Heartan was killed. When his wife died, Jafier had her rested in his own tomb, so that when he followed, he can rest with her.


Jafier was a very handsome man, with chocolate brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He was pale, and had dazzling godlike features. He was considered a maiden's dream, and as king, thousands of people offered themselves to him. He stood around 6.2 feet tall, and was built in a very muscular way. Jafier did not like to show his authority over all, so whenever he was visiting the people he would don on worn or average clothings. He was fond of gems and jewels and had his fingers covered in golden rings. As a youth he had cropped brown locks, and a very handsome boylike
Teen Jafier

Teen Jafier

face. Even at such a young age he was very muscular and extremely agile. As he became older, he grew a light stubble around his mouth and neck, which made him further dazzling to look at. 

Throughout his middle years, he grew out his hair untill it passed his shoulders. Because of his magical talents, his appearance aged at a much slower pace than most humans. His beard became long enough to tie into a long tail, but was always kept brushed and kept. Whenever he held meetings, he would wear his royalty clothings, mainly deep reds and dark blues, with white furs and long cloaks. When Jafier was Grand Wizard, he favoured long silver robes, which were ribbed with gold and red.

Many said that Jafier kept his looks even as be became an old man. His hair became white, long and almost straw like, and his skin grew saggy and loose. However his eyes were still as bright as they always have been, and lit up his face like stars. Despite being over 150 years old, Jafier was still very active, and could ride, hunt and fight like he was in his early ages. 


"A young man with great ambitions, he thrived, even as a poor man. Jafier never showed his superiority over others and was loved by man."
―A quote about a young Jafier

Early LifeEdit

Jafier Heartan's origins is unknown, to both himself and legend. He was raised in the slums of Gran Sarathal where he served as a servant to the Pig's Den innkeeper. Jafier was treated rather unkindly and was often beaten by others of a higher class. This caused Jafier to rebel against cruelty and forced him to act out to form peace and justice. As a young boy, Jafier would steal food for starving people, and would cause disturbances for the wealthy whenever he found out they were mistreating their servants. While it was rare that Jafier would ever reveal his name to anyone, in order to keep himself safe, people could spot Jafier, so he adopted on long clothings and cloaks to mask his appearance. 

Jafier leading the Brotherhood of Justice

Jafier leading the Brotherhood of Justice

However Jafier was found out by King Figomar Boulderarm, who was the current King of Gran Sarathal. The king threatened Jafier to use his skills to find out if his son, Dargorn Boulderarm was plotting to take his throne. Jafier did 

as the king commanded, and found out that his thoughts were true. But before he could bring himself to inform the king, he was murdered. Many soldiers were sent out to find Jafier, and the city was placed on full alert. A bounty was placed, with many claiming that Jafier was responsible for the death of the king. Jafier managed to flee the capital, with the assistance of many guards who he had helped in the past.

When Jafier was but twelve years of age, he begun to form a small group within the villlages around Royalandüs and begun to hunt and kill those he belived to be cruel men and women. As his group grew in strength Jafier gave himself the title of Jafier Heartan, to symbol his kindess for those with a pure heart. The group moved out of the Western Territories, and travelled across the Main Lands, to the most dangerous places in Amsnorth

His group eventually became sellswords, and were hired throughout the Eastern Territories to eliminate potental threats. His group grew larger within only a few years and they were named the Brotherhood of Justice

Leader of SellswordsEdit

Jafier Heartan was a symbol for the people of Amsnorth, he was loved and respected and his name became global. At the age of thirteen, songs were written of him and his actions to save the poor and weak. The Brotherhood of Justice were also known, and were hired by lords and nobles to be sellswords for travellers or to protect goods and supplies while venturing down dangerous roads.

Jafier was their leader, and would undergo research on people and his clients. Jafier had very skilled spies and
Brotherhood of Justice

A banner of the Brotherhood of Justice, made by Jafier himself

assassins and would send them out on tasks to find missions. Even though they would not charge to save the weak or poor, but would charge great deals of gold when asked to assassinate someone important. Despite being younger than most of all of his fellow Brothers, he was more cunning and intelligent than them all. Not one person in his group ever believed in overthrowing him, or believed he was unable to lead them, even when things got tense for them.

With the gold that they possessed, Jafier bought a small cave from goblins and begun to set up a small base for his Brotherhood. It formed into an academy and headquarters for assassins, bounty hunters, spies and sellswords. From months their numbers reached 100, then 300. While some strangers were allowed into their headquarters, strict laws were in place, as no weapons were allowed within the safer areas of the cave. It also became a beacon and refuge for the homeless.

Mission to assassinate Dylon Dé ThuronEdit

A ravens appeared to Jafier Heartan from a mysterious client. The letter clutched between the raven's claws informed him that a rich lord required his attention. Jafier and his selected members met with this client, who kept his identity hidden from them. The lord informed them that he had a dangerous mission, for them to assassinate a notorious clanleader named Dylon Dé Thuron

Jafier had heard about this man before, and accepted the mission, however was very cautious of this lord's appearance, so had his spies follow him. The lord who was later known as Myke Wolfbane. Myke had a good reputation as a lord, but it was mysterious to Jafier why he wanted to keep his appearance hidden. 



The Brotherhood plotted their way to kill Dylon, so Jafier sent his best spies to locate and find the location of this clanleader. It was weeks before they came up with a location of him, and Jafier lead a group of sellswords to find him.

Located within the Eastern Territories, near the Shard Mountains, Jafier attacked the clansmen. After a brutal battle, they subdued Dylon. Jafier questioned him about Myke Wolfbane, and the clanleader informed him that it was a trap. Hundreds of soldiers appeared, lead by King Dargorn Boulderarm. The soldiers pincered them from both sides, and they were trapped in a powerful horde of soldiers on horseback. Jafier and his fellow brothers did not stand a chance, no so poorly armoured and armed. Jafier attempted to flee, pulling many of his brothers to his side, trying to find a weakness in the slaughter. Killing a rider, Jafier leaped atop the horse's back and sped off. As he disappeared, he noticed that fewer than three out of forty had made it out alive.

Great LossEdit

Jafier returned back to his headquarters with the news of his friends slaughter. This grief infuriated the other Brothers, and they plotted to assassinate Dargorn Boulderarm. Jafier however refused saying that revenge isn't their
Jafier after the slaughter

Jafier in grief after the slaughter

way. This did not go down well with the others and many opposed his leadership. Those loyal to him stood by him, but many left in anger. His numbers soon decreased as around a quarter his his friends left.

Jafier knew that this defeat would be known around and no one would want to hire them again, so he tried to find a way to bring himself back to full status. An idea came to his mind then, to expose Myke Wolfbane for being a traitor. With the left over spies he had, Jafier sent them out to the major cities to reveal Myke's treacherous activites towards the human race. 

Days later an uprising rose in the Western Territories, with legions of humans formed up in groups to bring down Wolfbane. This havok spread across the greater lands, with many noble lords being killed in mobs. Jafier then used this time to break into Gran Sarathal, with the dwarves distracted and the king too occupied trying to control them, he broke into the city bank. They cleared the vaults of gold, and made off with them. With the capital city now greatly low on gold, Dargorn Boulderarm increased the tax to make it back, which was not well received by his people.


With the humans seeking to bring down those who are treacherous, more and more people stepped up.
People turned on each other

Humans causing riots and fightings

Chaos erupted across the lands, with humans, elves and dwarves fighting each other and thier nobles. More riots appeared, now within villages, with human populated towns being ruled by dwarves. These dwarf lords and nobles were killed by their subjects. 

The humans outnumbered all the other races, and this strength rose as they bound together. Noble houses invaded the lesser to gain more power, and lesser joined stronger to gain protection. This chaos worked as Jafier Heartan planned, to cause trouble for Dargorn Boulderarm

Even though this went against what he stood for, Jafier had to bring the king to the brink of collapse if he were to rise his Brotherhood again. It worked. Riots reached Gran Sarathal, and across to the Dwavern Kingdom, where King Thorwin Grazaxe was killed in a riot. Amsnorth was in complete chaos, with the poor rising in wealth, and those who were born rich, becoming poor as their lands and wealth were taken from them. Many highborns fled the Main Lands, to seek refuge elsewhere.

It took nearly a year before the riots were calmed down, with the new kings forming legions of armies to counter the attacks. But they were still there. This time made Jafier Heartan rise back up to power, but decided to be more discrete with the people they meet.

Taking over MarkwallEdit

The PlanEdit

Everything was going well in the years that followed, with the Brotherhood of Justice being more careful than ever. A bounty was placed on every member of the Brotherhood, but their remote location made it difficult for any hunter to find them. 

Jafier lead a small team into the village of Silverstead, where they stayed for the night. They used their gold to give to strangers and the poor, to make their names loved witin the village. But one night Jafier recived news from a troubled slave, that the King of Markwall was treating his fellow people with a brutal nature.

Such a thing would never be undertook by Jafier, as it was too big for his Brotherhood. He did however sent in spies to find out how bad this King was. It was horrifying. Edmund Undertongue was seen murdering his own family out of insanity, killing innocent people, fearing they were demons, and bunring sacred temples and trees. When the news was brought back to Jafier he knew he had to do something, this sort of dangerous behaviour was not what he wanted people to suffer. 

Afrana was not what they were worried about, as the country would fall without their leader, so he ignored all the villages, towns and other castles that stood in their way. Their intentions were not know, which came them ca great advantage.

Jafier begun to form a plot to take the city over. This was a major event for the Brotherhood, as they mainly fought evil throughout Amsnorth's small areas, and never went up against authority. But Jafier saw this as one of the major events in the brotherhood's laws. 

Attacking Markwall

Attacking Markwall

It took them several months to try and find away to overthrow the king, and in doing so, Jafier sent his most skilled assasins and actors into the city, to try and find out any information about the king and his defences. Learning that most of the king's soldiers were not loyal, he paid them off, giving him as easier entry into the city. But there were still those who were obedient to Edmund.

Attack on the CityEdit

The first attack came during the night, where spies and assassins climbed over the walls. They sneaked through the streets to get to the castle, but they were detected as sentries were placed around the city to find any tresspassers. The defences on the city were increased, and soldiers were placed around the walls. They spotted more spies trying to climb and they were shot down.

Jafier tried to find another way breach the city. He had his Brothers build a huge ram out of nearby trees, to serve as a distraction, while he and more people sneaked in through the water pipes and sewers.

Once they were inside Markwall they charged through the castle to attempt to defeat Edmund without further bloodshed. They succeeded and Jafier managed to hold Edmund. Later that day he presented the king to the people and they decided to have him killed as punishment. Jafier delt the swing of the sword personally.

As he beheaded Edmund Undertongue, the people of Markwall chanted his name, begging him to take Edmund's throne and lead their city as their new king. Jafier accepted without hesitation, passing down his Brotherhood of Justice title as leader to his allies.

New King of MarkwallEdit

During his time as king, Jafier ruled with kindness, and had several villiages and farms built around the city. This greatly increased his fame throughout his city and Amsnorth, which had several of the other kings grow wary of him.

Dargorn Boulderarm, the man who tried to kill him, arrived at Markwall furious, claiming to dismantle him from the throne. However the people of Markwall chased the dwarf king out of the city, stating that a dwarf has no right to judge humans.

The events that followed saw Jafier trying to rebuild the villages and town around Markwall, a serious blow that Edmund Undertongue had caused. However the new king had little gold, and Markwall was not a city for trade. To gain gold Jafier had to ask his former Brothers for their aid. Going back to his older ways for a time, Jafier Heartan bought spies to steal into banks and vaults to obtain gems and gold. This enabled Jafier to buy the builders and soliders to protect and rebuild villages and towns.

During time as king, Jafier was known to enjoy his status, and did so by sleeping with many girls. This hit him back, as one of these girls presented a child to him, a baby he later named Lollin Heartan. Fatherhood was something he was not expecting, and hired several wet nurses, maids, servants and squires to help raise the child, while he attempted to rule over Afrana.

War of KingsEdit


Dargorn Boulderarm sent a raven to Jafier during a long night, informing him that he knows of his steals of the gold. At this time, fire appeared over the West trees around Markwall were set ablaze, towns were invaded and countless were butchered during the night.

Jafier had the bells ring, and sent out soldiers to counter the attack. Thus the very beginning war began in the War of Kings. Days after the attack more of Amsnorth's kings took notice, and with the weaknesses in defences more kings joined the war.

Heartan knew that he could not win, nor stand a chance in this war with his little army. Sinteal Ashstone of the Rocky Vale was the only option for him. The Queen had a reputation of being a feirce ruler, and was highly powerful. It was a long shot to ask her aid, but to his surprise she accepted to meet him.

Jafier met with Sinteal, and this meeting was rather intense. But after a long conversation Sinteal came to an agreement to marry Jafier's daughter off to her eldest son. 

Bloodless SchemeEdit

Many of Jafier's loyal servants and allies, all agreed to serve as undercover people, and investigate the plots and plans of the other kings. 

After the WarEdit

Old Jafier Heartan

Old Jafier

Now the King of all Amsnorth, Jafier married again to Annalyn Uwnu, and had another child named Nark I Heartan. As the child grows Jafier noticed that the child possesses the same magical skills as he does. So had him sent to the Academy of Magical Beings while he contiuned to serve as king. 

Throughout his reign as king, Jafier spent years at Wizardear, being the Grand Wizard of the Academy, she trained many students that would eventually go on to become some of the greatest of the order.

However during a period, Jafier fell into depression when his wife died of an illness. Knowing he would live forever, he could not allow himself to lose many wives to old age, so decided to remove his own magic, so he would later die in peace. Only three years after the death of his wife, Jafier passed away. He was buried at the Kings' Mountains, and has one of the two largest statues built at the mountain. The othe being his decendent, Alton I Heartan.


Jafier is considered the greatest king Amsnorth has ever seen. He is a known warrior and magical being, and is said to be the most powerful man to have existed.

After his death many claimed that he was in fact the Mystic Dragon , only in human form as to settle peace and wisom across the lands. However this has not been proven.

A giant statue was crafted to honour his name in Gran Sarathal, and a great tomb in the Kings' Mountain was built and his body was laid at peace there. His armour was also burried there, which is said to be the best armour, forged by dragon scales. Many of the kings and queens after him have attemted to break into his tomb to take the armour, but they have been unable to.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jafier is considered the strongest and most powerful man to have lived. Many say that if he were alive during the time Azugon launched his war, Jafier would have put an end to him. He was both a master in swordplay, strategy, magic and archery.

Jafier was also able to transform into a dragon, something only one person has been able to do, Azugon. It is said that the king was born with the talent, only that he did not know how to use it, which is one of the many sayings that he was the Mystic Dragon.


Jafier was one of the best swordmasters in history, being able to kill dozens of skilled and deadly foes. He fought and killed King Dargorn in battle, who was also claimed to be one of the best. He only ever sustained one wound throughout his entire time at war.


The sword that the king crafted and enchanted himself is the strongest of all. It can possess many magical abilties, but its main feature is fire. When called upon, the blade will become lit up in flames, making its power ever more great. 

The sword eventually became House Heartan's ancesteral sword, and the kings and queens after him all wielded the great blade.


Jafier was a legend in magic, been able to wipe out entire armies with his power. He mastered all magical stages, and was the Grand Wizard of Wizardear until his son, Nark I Heartan took his place after his death.

The king mastered all of these magical abilties:

  • Elements: Fire, water, earth, wind
  • Spititual Magic: All Kinds
  • Shapeshifting: being the inventor of the sill
  • Lightening
  • Dark Magic: Only few
  • Blood Magic


Jafier was very skilled with the bow, being trained by thugs and thieves. Due to being the leader of the Brotherhood of Jutice, he would have been a master at stealth, as they were known assassins. 

The king used his bow many times during combat, been seen firing dozens of arrows within seconds. He was both quick and agile when using his bow, and could quickly pull his sword out whenever his enemies drew close.


Jafier was amazing at planning attacks, and has only ever lost few battles. He managed to plan hundreds of battles by himself, and used his mind to spot hidden enemies.

Dragon FormEdit

Jafier was extremly skilled in all kinds of magic, and because of his great knowelage, he was able to understand the physical form of many beasts and creatures. He learned at a very early period of his magical talents, to understand the dragons.

Jafier transformed into a huge dragon, without using any dark magic, and was massive. He was one of the largest dragons of all time, and his scales were gold and would sparkle in any kind of light. This also further put forward the mythical accusations that he was infact the Great God.


  • Is the creator of the Magical Beings
  • His decendent Harken II Heartan is said to be his lookalike
  • Has never been defeated in a duel
  • Is said to be stronger that Azugon

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