Jewels of Úndar

The Jewels of Úndar are ancient gems that are said to be scales of the Mystic Dragon. Many believe these jewels to be mythical, however there have been many claims that it lingers somewhere hidden deep within the Green Mountains. 

Hundreds of people have attempted to find these gems, but none have managed to claim them. Few surviours who do return, claim that the treasure is guarded by a Griffon.


Hundreds of people claim that these jewels are the scales from the Mystic Dragon and that they will bring the person who finds them great fortune. However this fact is unproven.

The first time the jewels were mentioned was when a man named Stafford Crackhill, a famous storyteller, stated in one of his books that the Mystic Dragon had peeled his own scales off to grant people riches. After Stafford's book named Our God, Our Creator was released, countless people jumped to a sudden conclusion that these gems were actual and hidden somewhere deep within the magical places in Amsnorth

Stafford Crackhill did not deny any of these rumours, and sometimes said that they were located around the mountains. This later was proven to boost his sales, by having many travellers buy it to seek informtation.


Despite being claimed as being the scales of the Mystic Dragon, these gems do not actually resemble actual scales,  but instead take the appearance of gold, jewels, crystals and weapons. 

Most of them are gold in colour, but there are few with shades of blue, green and red. 

Griffon ProtectionEdit

From the stories that have come from the survived travellers, claim that the treasure is guarded by a powerful Griffon. Many people who have managed to find the treasure pit, have come back either wounded or terrified. 


An adult Griffon

It is likely that a griffon would protect such a horde of treasure, this is mainly because they are attracted to the sight of gold, and see them as being their property. 

For the adventurers who seek to claim the gold, they may have to fight and kill the griffon, but this is no easy task. An adult griffon can be on equal terms with a half-grown dragon. They are highly dangerous and are considered one of the strongest creatures in Amsnorth.

Rumoured LocationsEdit

There have been many locations that feature the tales of the jewels, but none of these have actually been proven to be the burial sight. But only one of these locations has had the rumours of the griffon protecting them, which had given thought that this may be the real sight of the treasures hideout.

  • Green Mountains - the place where the rumours about the griffon lay. Many have ventured to find these mountains and the treasure burried within them. However none have come back.
  • The Great Valour Islands - a place where Stafford Crackhill first wrote the novel.
  • Dragonbone Mountain
  • The Rockey Vale