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Kevan I Heartan

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Other names
The Book Boy, The Weakling, Kevan the Gentle
Prince of Amsnorth
Date of birth
24 BPD
Date of death

Physical description

5.8 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Noble House

Prince Kevan I Heartan or also known as Kevan Heartan or Kevan the Gentle, is a Prince of Amsnorth and the son to King Harken II Heartan. He is the eldest son to the king, and the older brother to Melanie I Heartan and Lorell I Heartan. Kevan is heir to the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens, however his ill relationship with his father has caused much rumours that he was not be given the title of King of Amsnorth.

Kevan is known in Amsnorth for his gentle and kind personallity, which has drawn much negative response. This is mainly due to the reputation his father has. He is more like his uncle Gaston IV Heartan, and loves books more than he does swords or battle. This is not a bad thing, as Kevan is greatly educated, and with his great knowladge of books, he has become a great asset to many schools, and has written many books which have been placed in some of the greatest librarys in Amsnorth.

Character and AppearanceEdit

"Well unless you're my brother that is. He was always there to give me a bit of wise advice. Not much older than I, but a far greater man than my father is."
Lorell I Heartan talking about his brother

Kevan is a kind and gentle man, with love for the people and animals. He is caring and is always there for his younger brother and sister, and is seen wondering the Slums in Gran Sarathal, giving food to the poor. Kevan is the only person in over 100 years to have been able to visit the Slums and not been assulted in the process. He has a large reputation for his love for books, and does not think too much of swords. Although he does not completely disapprove of them as he has been seen to use them if threatened.

He is also very intelligent, cunning, wise and at times, hot tempered. He does not have a great sense of humour, but is known to enjoy a good joke now and again. Kevan also gives strong advice to his younger siblings, and is known to constently tell of Melanie I Heartan for her rather fierce reputation. It is unclear how he feels about his father, because of the brutal upbrining, and Kevan is not known to visit him, so it is implied that he does not get along too well with Harken.

He has long brown hair and the Heartan dark chocolate eyes. He is much slender than his father or younger brother, but has a slim musculer structure with thin features. Like his younger brother Lorell I Heartan he is loved for his dazzling looks.


Early LifeEdit

Kevan is the first born to Harken II Heartan and Queen Rhynei Lukie. During his early childhood, Harken had the boy train up until his hands grew sore. Harken wanted to make the perfect soldier out of Kevan so he would grow up to be a vicious king. However Kevan did not like swordplay, and in his spare time he visited the library and read dozens of books. The prince used to run around the gardens within Gran Sarathal and act like a magical being, pretending to cast spells upon the trees and weeds. This was discovered by Harken and he beat Kevan to the point the boy was
Young Kevan

Kevan as a young man

unstable for several days. It was said that Harken did not want his son and heir to be acting like a stableboy, and wanted a fierce warrior, cunning and brave to take his place. Kevan was neither of these, and the beating only made him crave wisdom over brute force.

When his younger sister Melanie I Heartan was born, Kevan no longer had the full attention, as Harken wanted to train her in swordplay, believing Kevan to be a failure. This did not bother Kevan as many would have thought, instead it pleased him. He was now able to do as he wished, and spend as much time within the library as he wanted.

One of his wishes was to travel to the Dwavern Kingdom and study within the great facilities, as his uncle did, Gaston IV Heartan. Kevan spent several months at the kingdom, wondering around, admiring the wilds and the greatness of the dwarves. And after he thought he had learned enough for a time, he decided to leave and head out to sea, and enjoy the life sailing across the beautiful seas of Amsnorth. Kevan became a wonder, adventurer, and his life at sea made him wiser and more patient.

Death of the QueenEdit

When his mother went into labour, Kevan was not present within the city. He was staying with his grandfather in

Young Kevan

Qhylen. But when the news reached him, Kevan left in haste. For one week he rode and rode, but by the time he reached Gran Sarathal his mother had died in childbirth. This devastated Kevan to the point he nearly fell into depression like his sister Melanie.

During one night, he decided to visit his baby brother, and when he did he found Melanie with a knife at the young boy's throat. This horrifed Kevan and he begged his sister to leave the boy. Melanie broke down in tears and he embraced her. 

The WondererEdit

When Kevan turned sixteen he ventured from Gran Sarathal and travelled into the wilderness. He first paid visit to Queen Nymeria of the Wood-Elves and spent more than two weeks there, before he went on towards the Dwavern Kingdom. Through his jounrey he gained a high reputation for helping many people along the way. He gained the name, Kevan the Gentle, which horrifed Harken II Heartan. Kevan visited more than eight villages and towns through his travels of Amsnorth, and many came to love and respect him.

Battle of PinewoodEdit

When Kevan was visiting Pinewood Forest, a group of goblins were spotted surrounding the forest's main grasslands. Retheli, the Pinewood City's lord, asked Kevan to assit her soldiers in trying to hold off the goblins until she sent word to Queen Nymeria. Kevan agreed and led a group of wood-elves into the forest to try and take as many goblins out as they could. Kevan demostrated rather outstanding skills with both the blade and bow, which shocked many. He managed to kill dozens of goblins and tick them out of Pinewood Forest. However as the attention was drawn from the forest, Kevan was chased across the East, where he was cornered at Fort Highfever. 

Kevan battling goblins

Kevan showing great combat skills, by fighting dozens of goblins alone

Kevan was trapped within the abandond fort, and had to use strategey to fend off the goblins until help arrived. However after four days, help had still not arrived. The goblins contiuned to bash at the fort doors, and Kevan was running out of arrows to fire at them.

Fearing that there was no end, Kevan rushed out of the fort, holding only a sword and sheild. He fought the goblins with skill and force, defending whenever he could and attempting to force them away from him. As he believed that it was all over, a horn blew and Queen Nymeria arrvied with a host of wood-elves, followed by his younger sister Melanie I Heartan. A large battle took place, and Kevan lead a portion of elves across the battlefield, swiping through their defences with great ease. His bravery was sung, and he danced across the battle like a bolt of thunder. The goblins started to back away, and rushed into the woods, where they started to move into another direction. Kevan ordered them to be followed and killed before they could spread further terror.

Kevan rode with his sister and the queen until they reached Pinewood Forest, where they engaged the goblins in a large battle. Kevan showed further bravery when he led a group of archers deep into the forest, in hopes of finding their leader. The prince managed to find them and he defeated the goblin leade in close combat.

Current StatusEdit

Kevan is still currently on bad terms with his father, despite his bravery in Pinewood. Harken does however approve of his son's courage and prowess in battle, but the two have still not seen eye to eye. The young prince contiunes to travel around Amsnorth, seeking a place to find in order to expand his study and knowlage.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Kevan was trained by his father to be the ultimate fighter, but the prince did not want anything to do with swordplay, so instead read books. This however did not prove the prince to be a terrible and weak fighter, but improved his skills. Kevan was known for a dance-like combat style, using speed and agility to fight his foes.


Kevan was highly skilled in swordplay, using a style different to most princes and princesses, and instead used a dancing style. This served him greatly as he was not physically stronger than most. He was very fast and agile with a sword and used confusing confusing footwork to trick his oppoinents.


Kevan trained himself how to use a bow, however it is possable that he was trained by Queen Nymeria on his visit to Greatwood City. Kevan demostrated his great skills with a bow during Pinewood, he managed to kill countless goblins and when he was cornered within Fort Highfever, he used his skills to fend off many goblins.


Kevan was great for understanding, he managed to trick his way out of many situations and planned many counter attacks within Pinewood. One of his best examples was when he was trapped in Fort Highfever and he used his skills to keep himself alive for four days during a goblin attack.

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