Ki - an orc clan chief

Ki - an Orc clan chief

"A Ki is perhaps the strongest warriors in the whole of Amsnorth. They are raised in brutality and torture. Their immense strength and power can surpass almost everyone. A Ki is like a King to his people, they respect, honour and fear him, and the stronger the Ki, the greater his reputation increases. "
―Description of a Ki

Ki is the title given to an orc which shows their superiocity over the other memebers of their race. Only a male orc can gain this title, and those who do must undergo serious torture, to ensure they are the perfect one to rule over a clan. 

This title has been around for thousands of years, and a similar title was used back when the orc was known as the Mountain Men. A Ki usually becomes the leader through his father, by taking the title from either, killing his father, or the previous Ki dying. 

Orcs consider their Ki the King of their clan, and show them great deals of respect and honour. However there are many clans, and each have their own Ki. If another Ki encounters another, they must engage in a battle, and the winner takes control over the defeated clan. A Ki gains further respect and power by killing any Ki they can find. 

A Ki also drives to father a son, if he gains a daughter, he must marry her off to another Ki or a Ki Son. If a Ki cannot make any children, he must kill himself after he chooses another orc he believes to be worthy of the title.

There are hundreds of Ki currently in Amsnorth, Ki-Urik is widely considered the greatest and strongest of all of these, as he has killed and took control of over more than twenty clans.


The Ki is believed to have formed from the ancient Mountain Men titles. Like most leaders of people, the Ki ensures the safety of his people, and will go to great lengths to make sure their clan is safe and strong. Rules were put into place thousands of years ago to pitty a Ki against another, and for the winner to take control over the defeated clan, this is to grant the victor further power. The largest ever clan was over 2,000 in numbers. 

When the humans and elves moved against the increasing numbers of the orc, all of the Ki leaders formed a tempoary alliance to escape the slaughter of their people. They moved across all lands, never settling in one place for too long. They remained within mountains, woodlands and hills for hundreds of years, forming large clans to protect themselves. They scattered across the East and North, with the Ki guiding them.


A Ki can be spotted by their appearance, most orcs who have the title of Ki will have long hair and will grow their facial hair as long as possible. It is not uncommon for a Ki to shave both his hair and beard, but those who have are mainly orcs who have not been born to a Ki, but instead took the title through challenging the last one.

Claiming the TitleEdit

When an orc decides to challenge the previous Ki leader, he arrvies to comfront the Ki and challenges him to a fight in the Duruk. if the challenger prevails, he is elected the Ki by the other members of the clan. The title cannot be secured unless the blood of the last Ki is eliminated, hence the new Ki must kill the chiildren and wife of his successor.

Passing the title to a SonEdit

Orc faceoff

Orcs facing off

The son of a Ki must undergo sever training before he can claim the title from his father. This consists of brutal training, torture, murder, slaughter, and invasion. From the age of two an orc son is thrown into battle, and is taught to fight with a blade. At the age of five or six they are sent off to kill another son or sons of a Ki, to show their strengths over that clan. Is the son wins, the other clan must not take it seriously by starting a war, as it is a tradition for this to happen. 

When the son is believed to be ready, the Ki will give his son command over a portion of the clan, and send him out to claim his own titles and clan. If that son wins and becomes a Ki of his own, he is now offically a rival of his father. 

Another way a son can claim the title is if he challenges his father to the title. This is a rare form, but if the son wins he takes control over the clan, and it is also his duty to make sure he has no other rival, so if he has brothers he must kill them also. 

A death of a Ki can spark much trouble for a son, even more is a Ki is slain in combat. If this happens then the son must show his power of the clan, by taking in any challenges. If he wins he takes over the clan, but if his father dies of natural causes he takes the title without any challenge.

Duties of a KiEdit

A Ki is not an easy life, and his entire time as the leader is full of violance. A Ki must always show his dominace over the other members of his clan, and will kill any other who even speaks against his power. Perhaps the most imporant task of a Ki is to have a son, and if he does not have a son for a first child then he will have as many children as possible before he has one.

Every daughter of a Ki must either marry a Ki of another clan, or the son of one. This is to make sure the offspring of a Ki is married into great power. By marrying off his daughter, two clans can formed an alliance of sorts with each other. It is not a civil partnership, but it is against their honour and respect to kill a member of a clan that they have formed an alliance with. Commiting such an act will cause a war between the two clans.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

A Ki is regarded as being one of the most powerful people alive, while each Ki may be stronger than the next, the title itself grants great respect, from both another orc or another being of a different race. Every Race of Amsnorth knows of the status of a Ki.

Two powerful orcs fight

Two orc leaders facing each other in combat

Due to the brutal nature of a Ki, they are the greatest killing machine. They perfect swordplay and combat, and are masters at battle warfare. it is said that an orc clan with a powerful Ki are the best fighters in Amsnorth. In war a Ki will battle atop a horse of a geat stag, depending on which he thinks best of battle. They are the main target, but unlike a Lord or a King, a Ki enters the battle himself and will lead the front line. They are masters at fighting and not many can stand against them.

A Ki will challenge another Ki to battle to show who the stronger orc and clan in. A battle between two Ki is said to be some of the most brutal and intense fights held. A Ki will go to great lengths to kill his rival, but will always respect the man even after his victory. This is because an orc holds power in great regard, and will respect any being, no matter what their race for their power and strength.


  • Inspired by the title of Khal in A Song of Ice and Fire
  • They are widely considered the greatest fighters in all the lands
  • A Ki will have as many children possible before he has a son
  • Many of these leaders have long hair and beards