Book Series(s)
Tales of Amsnorth
First Book
Dust and Shadow
Last Book
Appeared in
Three Novels
An orc Ki
Also known as
Greatest orc in Amsnorth
40 BPD
Place of Birth
Eastern Territories
Current Status
Northern Territories
Clan of Ki-Urik
Ki-Basuruk - father
Shelba - mate
Yarik - son
"Another orc appeared twice the size of the last, with arms that looked like they could crush the skull of a giant. With eyes as black as night, Ki-Urik struck fear into all around him, even his own kin."
About Ki-Urik

Ki-Urik is a powerful orc and the leader of his clan. He is a famous orc among his people, and even the other races around Amsnorth. Urik is one of the greatest warriors in history, and is often held as being better than any person with a blade.


Ki-Urik is the son of Ki-Basuruk. At a young age his father often took him out into the wilds to kill dangerous animals and push him to his limit (a technique he eventaully passed to his son.) Urik was demanded high and was often pressed into dangerous matters. 

When he was but a child his father's general, Vargo begun to plot against Basuruk and claim the title of Ki. In order to lure Basuruk away from his clan, he kindnapped Urik and dragged him into the nearby woods. He tied the young orc up and rushed to Basuruk and claimed Urik was taken by bandits. 

Basuruk followed Vargo and backstapped him. Horrfied, Urik lashed out in rage and broke his binds. He fought against the orc, but he did not last long against the powerful orc. Vargo went to deliver the killing blow, but was interrupted by a Yargos. 

Urik escaped and was forced to retreat into the woods, where he was made to fend for himself. Urik spend months in the wilds, using his time and training under his father to stay alive. It was not until Queen Nymeria of the wood-elves found him that he saw any kind of future.

Time with the ElvesEdit

Urik was taken in by Nymeria who gave him shelter within her city. The orc was stunned by the elf, as elves are known to hunt and kill orcs. However Nymeria presented herself as being unlike her fellow kin. Urik however was not accepted by the queen's daughter, Mymera, who often bullied the orc. 

Nymeria eventually trained the orc, using speed and agression. The queen told him never to let go of his past, and use his anger to avenge his father's death.

As time past Urik grew into a powerful warrior, and it was in the training ring that he used his anger and defeated Mymera. The elf then later accepted the orc, and they both hunted and trained together around Greatwood, killing bandits and other treats.


When Uriik decided it was time to leave Greatwood, he ventured throughout the lands, often using his skills to sell himself to thoes seeking protection. It was during this point that his name was beginning to rise. 

During a slaughter of a bandit hold, Urik stumbled across a solid steel blade that was crafted twice as long as a normal sword. He killed its previous owner, and kept it for himself. 

As he travelled across the Shard Mountains, he came across an old wizard. The wizard saw something within the orc and decided to enchant his blade, giving it the ability to summon lightning. Also the wizard told Urik that when needed, he could summon lightning, but at a cost. Due to him not being a magical being, the magical spell could cause him to suffer greatly.

Claiming the Title of KiEdit

When he thought the time had come to reclaim his father's title and his destiny, he searched for his clan. As he stumbled upon it once again, he marched up to Ki-Vargo and challenged him to a fight. In front of his entire clan, Vargo could not refuse.

After a bloody and brutal fight, Urik eventually gained the upper hand aginst Vargo and defeated him. As the orc lay at his feet, he told him his true identity then killed him. Urik then found Vargo's own children and killed them too, to secure his place and to ensure Vargo's blood does not come back to challenge him.

Ruling as KiEdit

During his time as Ki Urik was held as being one of the best leader in recent times, often leading his people into great victories and treasures. It was during this period that he came aross another orc clan. He challenged their Ki to a fight, and defeated him with ease. But he did not kill him. He said in exchange for his life, he wanted his daughter. 

When Shelba joined Urik's clan, she was very hostile towards him and they often fought. She would refuse to mate with him, which caused him to take her without her permission. Due to their troubled relationship, they never bonded fully until she found out she was pregnant with his child. They eventually grew closer together and when Yarik was born they accepted one another.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ki-Urik is considered one of the greatest fighters in all Amsnorth, being as strong as a giant. He wields a deadly two-handed greatsword, and uses it in battle with brute force and speed. Being trained by both his father, and Nymeria, Urik is a master in both speed and agility as well as strenght. 


Regarded as one of the best, Urik uses brute force in battle, and often shifts into speed and agility. This confuses his foes greatly, which causes him to gain the upper hand greatly.

His father taught him to fight in brutal ways, by using anger and agression to fight. Nymeria trained him to use speed and agility, but also told him to use his anger to his advantage, which fuled the orc with a constent rage.

In the BooksEdit

Ki-Urik appears in the first novel, Dust and Shadow, as the escort to Isabella Mthendale in her quest to find her dragon in the Shard Mountains. He is first described as being deadly and fearsome. Throughout the novel, he is told in a sort of 'antihero' character.


  • His appearance was inspired by that of Khal-Drogo of a Song of Ice and Fire novels.
  • He is strong enough to knock out a giant.
  • He has eighteen tattoos