King Andriel
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History of Amsnorth
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King of the Wood-Elves
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The Bold King
Around 25,000 BPD
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The Western Territories
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Menelras - son
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King Andriel was an ancient wood-elf king that was one of the three lords in the War of the First. He is the first recorded wood-elf king, and was responsible for the foundation of the Wood-Elf culture. Little is known about the history of the old king, but many suspect that he was the first of the wood-elf race, however this has not been proven.

During the War of the First, Andriel was the one who begun the start of the war, as his jealousy over Shalimal increased. His troops were the very first mortal beings to have invented the bow and arrow, to which served as the primary weapon to the wood-elves as history went on. 

Unfortunatlly, Andriel did not survive the war and was beheaded by Shalimal.

It is also highly likely that Andriel is the ancestor to legends such as, Safdraen, Melenki and Nymeria

Character and AppearanceEdit

Andriel looked much like most Wood-Elves, he was small, thin, pointy features and had a lock of long brown hair. He was always seen wearing a set of bronze clothing, either armoured or silk. Unlike most future kings, Andriel did not wear a crown.

The elf king was known for his stubborn nature, and was often in tumbles with his people with his foolish actions. He was not highly intelligent which caused his later downfall. However depite this, Andriel was a outstanding fighter, and is often remarked as being one of the most skilled swordmasters of all time. He had a good sight for battle, and during the war he won most of his battles.



Like most ancient king, little is known about their own history as events were only recorded during this period, which was named the Creation Period. Andriel was the first recorded king of the elves, and many have suspected he was selected by the gods to serve as their leader. However debates over this theory have changed for thousands of years. 

Many have stated that Andriel was raised within the forests of Amsnorth, brought up by the magical beasts known as Leavons. The future king spent over three hundred years trying to perfect his combat and survival skills, toying with the woodland surroundings. It is said that during this time he invented the first ever bow and arrow.

At some point he discovered more of his kin and was later elected to become their king and leader. However his other rivals, Shalimal and Soliman were at debates about the newly elected king. To ensure that they would no longer face serious rivalary they split their race into three groups, based on their skin colour: Wood-Elves, Dark-Elves and Green-Elves.

Beginning of the WarEdit

As time passed, Andriel increased his power and his peoples' lands by expanding upon the Western
Andriel bending the knee

King Andriel defeated by Emperor Shalimal

Territories, however was forbidden to move elsewhere other than these lands. The Dark-Elves ruled the North while the Green-Elves the East. 

Andriel had several settlements built around the lands of Greatwood Forest, one of which was named Y'ieuln. As more years passed, news was brought to the king by his spies that Shalimal had dishonoured their agreement by expanding his lands further across the sea. Andriel demanded answers to had a council meeting with his rival. After seeing that Shalimal had declaired himself emperor and that his people were forming the first ever empire, Andriel attacked him. The wood-elf king fell and was forced to surrender to the emperor. However instead of killing him, Shalimal sent Andriel home, but warned him never to attack his people again.


After his defeat of the emperor, Andriel was forced to return home to face the outrage of his people. The new wood-elf king reasoned with his people and convinced them that he would going to take the emperor down, but they needed time to build there own empire, thus creating the Wood-Elf Monarchy.

To ensure that his people had high advantage over the Dark-Elves and their emense skills in swordplay, he shared his knowlage of the bow and arrow with his people, and trained them in the arts of hunting and archery. 

Over the next 100 years, Andriel planed further, and expanded his own borders across most of the West, and founded the small village named Markwall, which thousands of years later would become one of the largest cities in Amsnorth.

War of the FirstEdit

When he believed that his people were finally ready to face the Dark-Elves, Andriel sent more of his spies out to locate the new emperor, who had also been expanding his lands. With Shalimal's empire increasing, more places had begun to fall under him. 

Andriel launched the first attack that begun to war, and managed to destroy one of the Dark-Elf Empire's strongholds. This was brought before Shalimal who announced the beginning of the war.

As the war waged, Andriel was responsible for sending out his troops to locate and hunt down any Dark-Elf they came across. With their new skills in archery, their skills suprassed the dark-elves own, and forced them to retreat and think of a way to counter the attack.

Andriel seemed to be getting the upper hand for several months, up until both Andriel and Shalimal were attacked by Soliman, who also had begun to create his own goverment. They were both neuturlized by the unexpected attack by the Green-Elves, and were sent back to their homelands.

Shalimal in combat

Shalimal battling King Andriel

The three leaders all fought, with each of them coming out on top after many battles. However after the Battle of the Claws, Andriel was defeated by Shalimal and brought before the emperor and held captive. Soliman had heard about this and he also attacked the emperor as his forces were sent forth to fight off the rest of the wood-elf army. Soliman managed to resuce Andriel and they formed an alliance.

Andriel and Soliman both came up with the agreement that Shalimal must be defeated, and they also agreed to split half the lands with each other after the destruction of the Dark-Elf Empire. Both the Wood-Elves and Green-Elves combined their forces and both attacked the Empire. After many battles it seemed that they were about to defeat the emperor.

During the Sacking of Greatwood, Andriel came head to head with Shalimal and after a bloody battle, he defeated the emperor until he was close to death, however the dark-elf managed to throw a knife which wounded the king.

After the Invasion of of the Un'hugar, a secret army of which Shalimal had been training for over 50 years had assulted them by surprise, and with its mass strengh atop horses, Andriel was crushed. Soliman abandoned Andriel and retreated home. This stunned Andriel and his people were forced to swear under the new emperor. 

After begging, Andriel was then beheaded by the emperor himself.


Andriel is regarded as being the first ever Wood-Elf Monarch. His skills in combat were more praised than that of his leadership skills. Many times records have stated that his mastery over archery and swordplay was greater than any living being at that time. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Andriel was a highly skilled combat artist, and due to being the first person to have ever used a bow and arrow before, it is likely that he suprassed any other being in that art. He had fought in many battles and it was rare that he ever lost one. 


Andriel was a master at swordplay, althought he used a bow, he often weilding a long axe, of which he used with mass amounts of power and speed. It is said that he was so fast and powerful that often his strikes would shatter other swords to pieces. 

He defeated Shalimal in close-combat, and would have slain the emperor if he had not thrown a knife that wounded him greatly. 


Due to being the inventor of wuch a weapon, Andriel was a master at using the bow. He could use it with such grace that he would take out 5 people within only a short few seconds, something few have been able to do before.


  • Is likely the ancestor to Nymeria
  • Was the first ever elf king, which also makes it likely that he was the first ever king, which also means that he invented the title itself