King of Amsnorth

King of Amsnorth

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Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom, Summer of Priest, Wizardear, Burnt Islands, Villanna Islands
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Queen of Amsnorth, Prince of Amsnorth, Princess of Amsnorth, Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom, Duke, Duchess
"The highest authority within the lands of Amsnorth. The High King or Queen are considered to be the most powerful figures in all the lands."
―About the King and Queen

King of Amsnorth or also formerly known as The High King, is the highest point in royalty within the politics of Amsnorth. They are regarded as being the most powerful person alive, and command and rule above all the kingdoms of Amsnorth, including islands. The King has a difficult position as they control everything and are in charge of many things.

There have been good and bad kings, with each person making a mark on the world. The King has seen many rulers from only the human and dwavern race, but it was not until the War of Kings were the dwarves' titles removed and only House Heartan were able to be crowned king.

The King of Amsnorth has been around for roughly 15,000 years, and has been ruled by the House Boulderarm Dynasty, but there have been many other kings from different bloodlines that have controled the lands. However at this time the High King was not in full control over the other lands, and had many other king and queen rivals. When the War of Kings begun and Jafier Heartan won the war, he removed the titles of all the other kings, except the Wood-Elves and the King of Amsnorth was the King over everyone and everything.


Before House Heartan took control over Amsnorth, the current kings and queens were House Boulderarm, the powerful dwavern house. During their rule, the lands were in the position of an industrail stage, and there was much child labour and poor. Many of the villages and cities crumbled and were in a state of collapse. 

The dwarves came into power after their rise from underground cities. They expanded and due to their vast wealth, managed to seal control over large amount of lands, and eventually became kings in both the Dwavern Kingdom and the main lands.

The King who sat on the Golden Throne ruled over much of their own lands, but did not have control over the other lands that belonged to their rival kings and queens. This however all changed as a young man named Jafier Heartan begun to climb up the ladder of power.

When the king of Markwall was killed by Jafier, many of the kings and queens begun to get very cautious of this new man calling himself a king. So within a short few months, they waged war on Jafier, and thus began to War of Kings.

War of KingsEdit

During the 9,000 BPD area, a great war known as the War of Kings took place to secure power and control over the whole of Amsnorth. King Daragorn Boulderarm was the one who sat in the Golden Throne within Gran Sarathal, while King Jortharm Grazaxe ruled the Golden Halls. Both the dwarf kings formed an alliance to wipe out the other kings and queens. 

The dwarves launched the first attack on Jafier Heartan, trying to take control over Markwall and then begin their domonace over the rest of Amsnorth. However they did not expect Jafier to have the amount of power he did, and they were both repelled. 

Jafier Heartan then formed an alliance with Queen Sinteal Ashstone, and they both rose their armies and launched a war against the dwarves. 

During this war, the Dark-Elves saw the chance to cripple the dwarves while they were fighting the humans and attacked them. This was unexpected to all, and the dark-elves gained the advantage within only a short few weeks, and King Saaelas begun to show his true powers.

As all the kings fought for power, one king kept his distance, the Wood-Elf king, King Safdraen. This surprised many as he showed no motive. King Saaelas saw this as treachery and assulted one of the woodland realms, which triggered the wood-elf to enter the war himself.

After over ten years of fighting, Jafier Heartan had managed to defeat all the kings, with the assistance of King Safdraen. To make sure that no other king or queen could rise up against him, he destoryed the lines of King Saaelas, King Jortharm and King Daragorn, so that they may never have a king or queen. However he did allow Safdraen to keep his titles for his assistance.

Rule of House HeartanEdit

As the years past House Heartan was the seat of power over Amsnorth and they ruled with an iron grip. They did have their share of terrible and great kings and queens, and the house managed to rule for over 1,000 yeas until the Great Purge and Freedom Wars begun.

The Kings who ruled before the Great Purge and Freedom Wars are as follows.

After the Destruction of House HeartanEdit

When the Great Purge forced House Heartan into caios, the kings and queens were forced into hiding while Azugon sat on the Golden Throne, ruling as king. Many of the Heartans trained and remained hidden for hundreds of years, each one planning to rise up against their new immortal king.

When the time came when King Tharik Heartan saw the chance to rise, he formed an alliance with the wood-elves, dwarves and hauket to create a massive army. However they were defeated by Azugon and House Heartan was yet again plunged back into hiding.

Rising back into PowerEdit

After Azugon vanished and the lands were free from his tainted grasp, House Heartan rose up again and managed to wipe out all the goblins, spawn and other dark creatures from the lands, and took over the throne. 

After years of a bloody battle to eradicate those who threatened the throne, House Heartan once again ruled over all, and remained in power ever since, and have ruled for nearly 6,000 years.