King Andriel is the first ever recorded Wood-Elf King

"The King of the Wood-Elves, possibly holds the second highest authority bellow the King of Amsnorth. The Wood-Elves have had the greatest rulers this land has ever seen, their immunity to corruption, and their love for living things makes them a greater monarch than any human king or queen."
―About the Wood-Elf Kings

King of the Wood-Elves also known as King of the Woodland Realms, is one of the highest points of authoirty within the lands of Amsnorth, and the chief rulers of the Woodland Realms. Below the King of Amsnorth, the King of the Wood-Elves holds the highest point of power and respect. The Elf King has complete commander over the Wood-Elf Monarchy and all of its governments, and rules over all the forests in the lands, as well as any minor elf village or town.

It is very. very rare to see a tyrant elf king, but there have been few. It is said that most are holey because they are raised to respect life, no matter who or what it is. They honour the fallen, and will love those with a pure heart, which makes the elf king seek out pure locations to reside. Unlike the King of Amsnorth, the elf king does not prefer to live within cities of rock buildings, but rather within the Woodland Realms. 

The Wood-Elf King does not have a house, nor a maiden name, but rather a bloodline. However a king or queen, are crowned from the population, or selected by the previous king. A son of a king is most likely crowned the next king, but it is not uncommon for a king to select another to rule after them instead of their own child. This has been seen many times, for example Safdraen. Safdraen was the son to a noble elf, Lvaeanal, he won the vote of the population at a young age, and was crowned king after the death of his predecessor, Amaragór.

Safdraen is possibly the direct decendent to King Andriel, the very first Wood-Elf King, which makes his bloodline after, pure.


The origins of the Wood-Elf King goes back around 25,000 BPD,  when the first events by mortals was recorded in books and drawings. The three first races to have appeared were the elves: Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves and Green-Elves. The three factions split themselves into different civilizations, and begun to elect their own leaders. 

King Andriel was the first elf king to have been elected for the Wood-Elf race, and the three elves went to war with each other, with Shalimal winning and declairing himself emperor. Andriel's legacy passed on and through thousands of years, his bloodline has ruled, but after a time it differed onto another. 

The Wood-Elves have been at war many times during their reign, and they are possibly the longest served kings of all time. Despite losing some wars, the Wood-Elf Monarchy has never lost its monarchy, and to this day remains one of the strongest in Amsnorth.

War of KingsEdit


Safdraen is possibly one of the well known elf kings

When Jafier Heartan took over the city Markwall, the other kings Dargorn Boulderarm, Jortham Grazaxe, and Saaelas declaired war against each other, with Queen Sinteal Ashstone joining soon after. Safdraen did not want to join the war, and decided to stay out of it, but had little choice when Saaelas burned down one of their villages.

The War of Kings begun, and Safdraen had to lead his people to victory. After years of battles, Safdraen eventually managed to form an alliance with Jafier Heartan, something that would later pay off in furture. When Saaelas was defeated, Safdraen and Jafier Heartan gathered to destory the other remanding kings, but Jafier Heartan turned on Safdraen, defeating all of them at once, without using any soldiers. But because of Safdraen's alliance, he forgave him, and allowed him to keep his titles.

Great Purge and Freedom WarsEdit

When the treacherous wizard named Azugon launched the Great Purge, all the Races of Amsnorth were plunged into a chaos state. Lands burned, cities fell, villages collapsed, and the people turned on each other. Safdraen saved his people by moving them into hiding.

For years the Wood-Elf King kept his people and legacy alive by moving from one place to another, never settling in one area for too long. This kept their attention averted, and Azugon was forced to look for others. This gave them time to form and create a new city, hidden from all. 

Hundreds of years later and still they survived, and Safdraen's child, Thurdan took over the title of king, and later his son, Melenki, who would later go on to participate in the Freedom Wars along with Tharik Heartan. The elements of the Great Purge still linger on the Monarchy, however the elves managed to survive through their kings.

Best known Elf KingsEdit

Current StatusEdit

There is not current Wood-Elf King, but the Queen of the Wood-Elves, Nymeria is possibly one of the most well known and loved monarchs of the entire Wood-Elf Monarchy. She has no sons, but it is likely at some point another elf king will rise.


  • Are the longest serving monarchs of any race
  • They are the second more powerful being, under the King of Amsnorth
  • Are rarely seen as being tyrants

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