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Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
A white sea dragon, within a black rectangle, on a gold background
Type of Government
Federal Republic, Monarchy
Great House

Historical information

FA 500
1,364,140 Km2
180 milion per year
"Kolodyyne is the wealthiest country in Amsnorth, both powerful and extremely educated. It rivals only Royalandüs in power and control, with each highborn lord holding more influence than most humans and elves put together. "
―About Kolodyyne

Kolodyyne is a country, consisting of a huge terrian land, and several small islands, including True Steel Islands, in the northern part of the Dwavern Kingdom it is the third largest country by total land, behind Ürsanthium and Royalandüs. It shares a border with Pātauna and Gihóir, and takes up more than half of the kingdom, and is the powerhouse throughout the entire region, if not the world. 

The land now called Kolodyyne has been inhabited for millennia by various peoples. Beginning in the late in the early stages of the Creation Period, around FA 500, dwarves and dark-elf colonies were established on the region's coast. As a consequence of various conflicts, the Dark-Elf Empire gained and lost Kolodyyne territories until left, in the late Golden Age period, FA 4500, with what mostly comprises Kolodyyne today. During the fall of the empire, the four countries joined to form the autonomous federal Dwavern Kingdom, into one major region, while still keeping their seprate countries, beginning the Dwavern Domain. This began an accretion of provinces and territories to the new self-governing Dominion. In SA 20 the dwarves held several governments within the kingdom, but were ruled completely by the Domain.

Kolodyyne is a federal republic and a slight constitutional monarchy, King Harken II being the current head of state, through being the King of Amsnorth. The Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom is the current ruler of the kingdom, but falls under the King. The country is officially bilingual at the federal level. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries, with a population of approximately 35 million, its highest immigration comes from humans, who take up around 14 milion of its overal population. Its advanced economy is the largest in the Amsnorth, relying chiefly upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks. Kolodyyne's long and complex relationship with Royalandüs has had a significant impact on its economy and culture, holding a very strong bond with the House Heartan royal family, mainly due to the friendship between Gormar Boulderrock and Harken II Heartan.

Kolodyyne is a developed country and the wealthiest in the world, with the highest income per year, more than 110 milion a year than Royalandüs. Its great wealth comes from the kingdom's natural resources, heavily populated gold mines, silver, bronze and copper, along with legions of areas filled with wildlife and thousands of miles underground caves that are teaming with oil. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. Kolodyyne is a part of the Human Royal Government, therefore a around three thirds of its total income going towards the government's wealfare.


The word Kolo means fortune in Dwarfik, with Dyyne being an unknown word. The country's true nature of the name is unknown, however many historians believe that it was named after its rich lands.


Ancient DwarvesEdit

The ancient dwarf peoples in present-day Kolodyyne migrated from their underground cities after an unknown
Dwarves settling

Dwarf settler scouting the ancient lands of Kolodyyne

problem caused the dwarves to evacuate their homelands, and fled out of the Great Fissure. The dwarves spread across the Dwavern Kingdom, migrating throughout these newly founded lands.

The kings of these tribes, decided to migrate into several regions of the kingdom, forming the countries that are now known to this day. However these kings formed a small civil war, which lasted around 20 years, until House Grazaxe came on top, making them the only Kings of the Dwavern Kingdom. Kolodyyne was the main hub of their operations, settling within the largest city in the kingdom, Golden Halls.

Dark-Elf colonization Edit

See major article: Dark-Elf Empire

The first known attempt at Dark-Elf Empire's colonization began when around 24,000 years ago, when the empire started to sail across the seas to find new settlements. The empire huge size made them instant threats to the dwarves and despite their massive wealth and resources, they could not defeat the empire. The king was forced to surrender to the empire before a war could take place, and relied on his smartest people to translate the language of the elves with the dwarves.

The dark-elves established additional colonies in the western, souther and northern regions of Kolodyyne, beginning in in FA 1300. The islands were founded soon after, by several ships sailing across the seas, discovering the True Steel Islands  
Dark-elf colonies

Formation of the villages and towns

, in which the empire used the dwarves' skills to harvest the powerful steel from the rocks. A series of several small civil wars broke out between the two races, with the dwarves being repelled and defeated each time.

A treaty was formed to force the dwarves into a truce, forbidden them from committing any illgeal actions against the empire. All beings who spoke up against the Dark-Elf Empire were killed instantly, without trial. This lasted for around 20 years, until a rebellion broke out across the Dwavern Kingdom, tyring to push the elves from their kingdom. This rebellon was thrawt yet again, when the empire sent in around 20,000 soldiers to keep peace, around 4,000 people were killed in the process, and the rebellion was calmed down slightly. The dwarves contiuned to hold a serious grudge against the empire, and slowly they plotted a war against them.

With the empire sidetracked, the dwarves decided to include the humans into their affairs, trying to make allies to wipe out the empire. However after years of plotting, the dwarves backedout and left the humans to fend for themselves. While the lords and kings of Kolodyyne did not expect the humans to even come close to succeeding, the humans managed to defeat the Dark-Elf Empire with the help of the Wood-Elf Monarchy and the Green-Elf Government.

With the empire in tatters, Kolodyyne quickly moved, sending hundreds of thousands of dwarves into Royalandüs to claim Gran Sarathal before the humans would get there first. However the humans had no intentions of claiming the capital city, as they only desired peace, which granted the dwarves an ever easier quest.

War of KingsEdit

See: War of Kings for more details

It began when Jafier Heartan attacked the city of Markwall after its king, Edmund Undertongue murdered innocent people. Jafier lead a rebellion, leading his group of freedom fighters known as the Brotherhood of Justice. After a successful attack on the city, Jafier was crowned king by the people of Markwall. Kolodyyne was soon notified by this by Dargorn Boulderarm, Jortharm Grazaxe did not think too much on this as he did not share the same worriesome of his cousin.

Dargorn Boulderarm, king on the Golden Throne, saw Jafier as a serious rival and sought to destory him. The events of the war began, but were not considered serious, as many saw it as a small civil affair between the human and dwarf. However after Dargorn attacked Jafier in a battle known as the First battle of the Dwarves, was the war
Jortharm Grazaxe

Jortharm Grazaxe, king of Kolodyyne

begun. Again Kolodyyne soon discovered about this war, but did not want to involve themselves, until Jortharm found out that Jafier had destroyed a great portion of the dwarves around Royalandüs.

The dwarves crushed the forces of Jafier in a battle that saw about the deaths of over 5,000 men. It was during this time, Saaelas, Kings of the Dark-Elves attacked the dwarves. Many farms and towns were assulted, and over 500 miles of lands were taken from the dwarves. This caused Jortharm Grazaxe of the Golden Halls to come to his kin's aid. 

With all the kings battling against each other, Saaelas assulted the Wood-Elves in the Battle of the Dead Marshes. King Safdraen, ruler of the Wood-Elves entered the war. An all out warfare took place, with each of the kings battling against each other. Jafier knew that his numbers did not match that of the others, so made an alliance with Queen Sinteal Ashstone, by marrying his daughter to her son, binding their houses together. Sinteal possessed one of the largest armies in Amsnorth at the time, which granted Jafier an army of over 40,000.

Drumnur Boulderrock, undercover at the time, entered Jortharm's circle of trust, and broke his allies and friendships from the inside. Kolodyyne started to love Drumnur, and its people even set riots to have him awarded a lordship. Many more battles were fought, with King Saaelas coming on top, and was considered the most dangerous out of them all. The Green-Elves under the leadership of Carynmil, attacked Saaelas, burning down many of his castles and farms. With the green-elves and wood-elves forming a friendship and deal, the dark-elves were forced to flee and leave the war for several months.

When Saaelas entered the battle again, and attacked the Rocky Vale , capturing Sinteal Ashstone, and taking control over her forces. He took the queen back to his home of Gourlay, where he raped and tortured her. Jafier who had been fighting against Jortharm Grazaxe, gathered his forces to try and rescue Sinteal, but later discovered that Sinteal's son had murdered his daughter after coming to an agreement with Saaelas . Jafier out of rage killed him, and gathered his troops to attack Saaelas.

Dwarves in battle

Dwarf in battle

Dargorn and Jortharm both gathered their armies, and started to march of Jafier as he crossed the lands to Gourlay . The massive battle, often regarded as being one of the largest battles ever fought took place, the Great Battles of the Yumpi Plains. This massive battle in which Jafier, Dargorn, Jortharm, and eventually Carynmil all attacked each other. The battle lasted six days, with Jafier retreating his armies and fleeing to Gourlay, while the others remained to fight each other. It was not untill the last day did the other kings notice Jafier was missing.

Jafier crossed the sea, where he later revealed his power to the world. His magical talents made him nearly an unstoppable machine. He transformed into a dragon and laid waste to Gourlay. It was then revealed that Safdraen had already assulted the city. The humans and wood-elves formed their first alliance in hundreds of years, and defeated Saaelas, with the dark-elf king dying in the proccess. 

Jafier Heartan then found out that Sinteal had been on Saaelas' side this entire time, and that she had been plotting against Jafier. He out of rage killed Sinteal, and took control over her armies and lands. Drumnur Boulderrock had killed and murdered Jortharm Grazaxe , causing their ships to sink at sea. Drumnur then swam to the Dwavern Kingdom, entered Golden Halls and took control over the city, using his influence to gather their support and be crown the new king. 

Drumnur then formed a friendship with Dargorn Boulderarm , while Jafier and Safdraen teamed up. They all fought against each other in the Final Battle of Kings. Jafier then showed his true power and defeated Drumnur and Dargorn using his magic, and not wasting any life of his soldiers. The two kings died, and Jafier then defeated Safdraen. The new king then declaired that only his family, now the great House Heartan may only rule as kings and queens. However due to Safdraen's assistance, Jafier permitted him to keep his monarchy, but he would still fall under the King or Queen of Amsnorth

Great PurgeEdit

See main article for more details: Great Purge

The Great Purge or also known as The War That Changed the World was a massive war that took place between TA 473 - TA 483. It is the most brutal war in history as more than two million innocent people were slaughtered, as well as over 200,000 soldiers from all races. The war consisted of several battles fought across the lands of Amsnorth, and included many lords, nobles and high born beings that all fought to keep, or claim titles. 

Oaklands trees

Oaklands was a massive battlefield during the Great Purge

The War was started by the Dark Lord Azugon when he set out a quest to destroy the dragons, but it soon expanded as Azugon wanted more power. He took the war to King Nark III Heartan and lust to take over the throne. Houses: House Heartan, House Boulderrock, House Merryband and House Wolfbane  were all the main participants within the war, while the Wood-Elf Monarchy also entered weeks later, and the Dwavern Domain shortly after. 

Kolodyyne was one of the first places hit by the dark lord, hundreds of places were invaded, countless slaughtered. Many cities and countries submitted to the dark lord, bending the knee to his power. Kolodyyne decided to fight back, not giving up, however after only several months the country fell and the Golden Halls invaded.

The war has been told many times through history, with legions of books and poems been written to tell the events. The victory went to Azugon and his Army of Darkness, who nearly destroyed House Heartan , and enslaved the Races of Amsnorth. Azugon took the throne, and declaired himself King of Amsnorth


Kolodyyne occupies most of the continent of the Dwavern Kingdom, sharing land borders with two of the four countries. Kolodyyne stretches from the Golden Sea in the west to the Black Sea in the east. The Main Lands is around 500 miles east of the country.

The country is the third largest country in the world, and has the largest area in Amsnorth for total hill areas and

Beautiful Dragonfalls

grasslands. A great deal of its areas are shrouded in trees. Since the end of the last glacial period, Kolodyyne has consisted of eight unamed distinct forest regions, most of these trees were cut down, to make room for more villages and towns. Kolodyyne has around 20,000 lakes and streams that are not mapped, more than any other country, containing much of the world's fresh water. 

Average winter and summer high temperatures across Kolodyyne vary from region to region. Winters can be harsh in many parts of the country, particularly in the interior provinces, which experience a continental climate, where daily average temperatures are near − a cool heat, and can become very, very cold in the winter times.

Governments and PoliticsEdit

Kolodyyne has a parliamentary system within the context of a constitutional monarchy , and lordship, the monarchy of Kolodyyne being the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. However while there are no dwarf kings or queens, the monarchy belongs to the humans, House Heartan. The sovereign is King Harken II, who also serves as head of state to all the kingdoms and countries throughout Amsnorth. As such, the King's representative, the Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom (Gormar Boulderrock) serves as leader of Kolodyyne as well as the Dwavern Kingdom itself.

Dwarf council

Dwarf council meeting

The direct participation of the royal and viceroyal figures in areas of governance is limited. In practice, their use of the executive powers is directed by the Human Royal Government, a committee of nobles and highborn of the Crown responsible to the elected Senate, who choose a group of wealthy beings to serve as advisors to either the lord or the king. The Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom may, though, in certain crisis situations exercise their power without ministerial advice, or the king. To ensure the stability of government, the Lord will usually appoint a lesser person who is the current leader of a Great House that can obtain the confidence of a plurality in the governments.

Each of the 20 members of the Senate in the Human Royal Government and the Dwavern Domain is elected by the ruler of the country. Elections must be called by the Lord or the King of Amsnorth, to elect several members of their governments, and usually elect memebers that have an high esteem in the public eye, and are well respected in order to gain a larger support of followers.

Kolodyyne's federal structure divides government responsibilities between the federal government and the other countries. Provincial legislatures are unicameral and operate in parliamentary fashion similar to the [[Human Royal Government|Human Royal
Dwarf politics

Dwarf politics, don't usually work out well

Government]]. Kolodyynes three territories also have legislatures, but these are not sovereign and have fewer constitutional responsibilities than the provinces. The territorial legislatures also differ structurally from their provincial counterparts.

The Golden Bank is the central bank of the country, and is the largest bank in Amsnorth. It brings in more gold than any other bank in the world, with more than half of its income going straight into the bank.


The laws of Kolodyyne is the supreme law of the country, and consists of written text and unwritten conventions. The Dwavern Domain holds the full control over the laws and justice within the Dwavern Kingdom and Kolodyyne. Their laws are very similar to that of any other country, even within the Main Lands. They are split into several categories, all of which have their own penatles or crimes. 

Various treaties and case laws were established to mediate relations between Humans and the Hauket peoples. Most notably, a series of several treaties, were signed between Humans in Kolodyyne and the reigning Monarch of Amsnorth. After the War of Kings a truce was signed by the current lord at the time, along with lords and nobles across Amsnorth, where they were forced to give up their titles after their defeat by Jafier Heartan.

Kolodyyne's judiciary plays an important role in interpreting laws and has the power to strike down acts that violate the constitution. The Senate is the highest court and final arbiter and has been led by whatever elected lord. Here in the Senate, where they decide on all kinds of matters.

Average dwarf soldier

Dwarf soldier

Common law prevails everywhere except in the True Steel Island, where no law predominates as it does not feature any civilization, other than the worker and farmers who crop its fully resourced lands. Criminal law is solely a federal responsibility and is uniform throughout Kolodyyne. Law enforcement, including criminal courts, is officially a provincial responsibility, conducted by soldiers and guards, that patrol nearly every area in the country, they are permitted to kill, or subdue any force they believe to be committing a crime.

Foreign relations and militaryEdit

Kolodyyne currently employs a professional, volunteer military force of around 40,000 in total, excluding its fleet, which is a further 30,000, the largest in Amsnorth. It has the second largest army in the world, behind only Royalandüs and features some of the greatest war machines and siege weapons.

Kolodyyne and Royalandüs share the world's longest relationship, co-operate on military campaigns and exercises, and are each other's largest trading partner. Kolodyyne nevertheless has an independent foreign policy, most notably maintaining full relations with a great deal of countries and kingdoms.

Noble HousesEdit

Kolodyyne is a federation composed of eleven provinces, each which are owned and ruled by a Noble House. In turn, these may be grouped into one main region: Kolodyyne. Provinces have more autonomy than the islands around it, having responsibility for social programs such as health care, education, and welfare. Together, the provinces collect more revenue than the federal government, an almost unique structure among federations in the world. Using its spending powers, the federal government can initiate national policies in provincial areas, such as health; the provinces can opt out of these, but rarely do so in practice. Equalization payments are made by the federal government to ensure that reasonably uniform standards of services and taxation are kept between the richer and poorer provinces.

A map of Kolodyyne exhibiting its noble houses (not including Great House)


Kolodyyne is the world's largest economy, with a nominal GDP of approximately 180milion Golden Dwarf. It is a member of the Human Royal Government and the Dwavern Domain , and is one of the world's top trading nation, with a highly globalized economy. Kolodyyne is a great economy, ranking above the every country in the Main Lands and all the other nations and kingdoms. The country's average household disposable income per capita is over 1,000. Furthermore, the dwarf trading companies are the largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, listing over 10,000 trading companies, all of which have different goods. Kolodyyne's exports totalled over 20milion each year, while its imported goods were worth over 35milion. Since their formation, Kolodyyne's manufacturing, mining, and service sectors has transformed the nation from a largely rural economy to an power house. Like many other developed nations, the Kolodyyne's economy is dominated by the service industry, which employs about three-quarters of the country's workforce.

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